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Sketch Fest #129 will run March 26-28! (Today's date: 2021-03-05 14:27:49)

Sketch Fest #129 starts in: 20 days 21 hours and 32 minutes! Join the Facebook Event

Work by: Sylvia Heidewald

This artist has left the following prompts:

rat race ;)
Look Honey, a Bee!
Along For the Ride
Fire and Rain
puppy love
chicks and bunnies
Gone in one second....:p
Singing Skies and Dancing Waters
The Flower That Shattered the Stone
Red velvet and chocolate
A country dance
I'm Gonna Be (500 miles) , song by The Proclaimers
Tumbleweed Roundup
A Minx
AAHH, The Goat Ate It !
Another Planet and a Space Babe training her octopus type pet to.....
The rabbit and the Hops vine
A Tangled up Frog ;D
Toad Stool
Arabian Knight's Babe
A Stary Night and a Camel Race
The Little Red Hen (a children's book)
Angel wings and fluffy things
EEEK. Stomp!
Dust of the Black Tornado
Rainbow Dreams
Moonbeams and Stardust in a Knight's Dark Forest
Rapunzel Eaking a Bubble Bath ;()
Goats Who Stare at Trees....
Steam Punk Woman Hermit
There Was a Flash and Her Hair Was Curled !
Road Warrior Woman and Her Alpocolyptic Horse
Heaven Sent... With Postage Due..
Fairy Carpet Color Helpers
Just floating by on a Autumn leaf
Eve deciding what color Autumn attire to wear.
Never start your broom before you get on!
Acorn squash....
Little Dragon romping in the Autumn leaves.
Space aliens seeing trick or treating for the first time...;D
Put the lime in the coconut.
The Highwayman
If I get there before the snow flies...
Turkey Run!
Holiday faries' stocking party
Dragonzies helping with the holiday cookies
Under the weather
Saucy Centaur
Four New Shoes and Stepping Out for a Bite to Eat
Centaur of the Universe
"El Paso" song by Marty Robbins
"My sled goes faster! WEEEEEE!"
Cat snow fight
A nice warm bear hug
Eye of the Storm
Roses Are Not Always Red, My Love
The Genisis of Spirit, Flying Free
Frosty Petals of the First Flowers, Poking Through the Snow
A Cat's Delight, Listening to the Birdies Sing
Tis a Bit Nippy Out, Alaska Style....
Ice Castles and Their Knights of Old
Steering Your Life Through the Oceans of Time
The Winds of Change
Skiing Red-headed Snow Bunny
Oh where could those dust bunnies be hiding?
Here Comes The Sun.
Happy Cat in the Catnip Patch
Chocolate Kisses
Cactus Rose
Invasion of the Creeping Vines
Snowflake Flowers
Cat Listening to a Humming Bird
The Cowgirl and the Dragon
What Happened to the Book on How To Fly Your Dragon
Miss Steps and Her New Gown
How fare thee fine maiden with your silks and bows?
Steam punk rats running a steam punk car
Meet my pet tumbleweed
Putting on a mules brakes
How to tangle up or untangle up a brave dragon
Celtic garter snake belt
"I will ride, I will fly, chase the wind and touch the sky" 'Brave'
Fairy umbrella
Bear Race
Space goats trying to blend in with Earth goats herd
Cat, singing in the rain
They should have sent a Jeep
Martian trying to figure out his new car
Rover and the curious kitty
Cloud Fairies
Hold on Tightly
Sparky the Dragon
Popcorn fairies
Strawberry Delight
Athena and her owl
Moods of Light
Fairy Love
A Shocking Redhead
One Date at a Time
Two Moons and a Quirgle
How to Flag Down a Train at Petticoat Junction
Knitting Pearls
Goats in Space (or Spaced out Goats)
Cabooses All in a Row
Sailing on a Breeze
There's a Bear in the Daisy Patch!
Baby Dragon Eating Ice Cream
Turbo Broom
Wild Wolf Woman
Snow Kitty
Dance With Me, Oh Ice Maiden
Fairy Lighthouse
Wrapped From Head To Toes In Ribbons and Bows
Why Dragons Are Not Allowed on The Ski Slopes
Candy Cane Tobogon, Zoom Zoom Zoom
That's a Pretty Sketchy Dress
Feather Dancer
Snow Belle
Forest of Ice
Slip Sliding Away
Icecicle Fencing
An Elmore Girl in Winter
"You Need More Goats"
The Girl With the Ruby Red Lips and Dress of Sunshine
Sking Down the Bunny Slope
Peace Meal
An Angel's Quest
Like Diamonds in the Sky
Mud Puppies
AHHH, Look What's in the Tree!
The Silver Dolphins Dance
On the Wings of a Dream
House of Colored Glass
Whoo, Whoo and Whom
Slowing Time Down
Snow Birds
Tuxedoed Cat Calling for a Date
Purples & Pinks & Sunny Golds
Bummble Bee Paradise
Lace, Leather, Feathers and Fur
Time Stretcher
Electrical Shorts
Crazy Mule Race
Fair Weather Girl
Erich's Birthday Wish Come True.
Cake Surprise
AHH, The First Snowflakes of Spring
Spring Goat
In The Arms of The Angels
Egad, Time is Running Out
Brain Storm
Mar's Rodent With Pockets
Numb Bat
Wind Fairy
Wind Stockings
Dandy Lion
Blue Sky Sailing
Dragon Star
It's Always Cutest Just Before It Bites
Brown Eyed Hawaiian Star Dancer
A Steampunking Mr. Depp
Numbat Star Gazing
Celtic Princess Dancing
Kangaroo Grin
Star Falls
The Bodhran Girl
"My Sweet Lady"
In Her Dreams "She Rides Wild Horses"
"The Dance" We Shared Beneath the Stars
The Ghost of Love
Fuzzy Tree Hugger
Kangaroo and Goat Meet For the First Time
Girl Yodeling To Her Goats
Hair Enough to Lasso Stars
Hot Sand, Bare Feet
Beautiful Dress, Cold Running Feet
She Wore a Yellow Bonnet
Caterpillar Cuddles
A Bit Windy For a Parasol
Owl Trio Concert
Stretched Out Asleep in the Daisy Patch
Tiptoe Through the Tulips
Flying Frog Carpet
Erie Night Storm
Rain Sizzle
A Knight in the Rain
So Cosy Under the Leaf
In a Dark Cave
Willows and Swans
I Awoke With This, a Flower in my Hand
Watch Out, Kangaroo Race!
Goat Ballons
Fairy on a Leaf, surfing in the Wind
Star Dancing
Wolf Song
Bamboo Beavers
Bat Hat
Girl with a pink parasol waiting by the tracks that go to forever.
Splashing in the Rain
Fog Lights
Ghost of the Bell Tower
Sun Rose
Hidden in the Storm
Furry Bandit
Snow Boots
The Cat Who Took a Tumble/Roll Down a Snowy Slope
Dance of the Candy Cane Maiden
Holiday Hoots
Run Snowman Run! The Rabbits are Coming!
It's Morning Already?
Soft as a Downy Chick
Little Bunny Foo Foo
Tangled Tree
How Many Princesses Fit in a Pumpkin Carriage?
Just Floating Along
Hairy Carrie
Creature Comforts
Rolling in the Daisies
Wild and Handsome
Blue Eyed Belle
Horses of Fire
Race With the Wind
Banana Boat
Time Flies
Reverse Cat and Mouse Game
Such Cute Chickies
Plants Picking up Roots and Running From a Grim Reaper
A Knight's Re-pose
Pepper Was Her Name and She Was Hot!
Pie Princess
EKK, I Just Saw a Fruit Fly!
Gypsy Girl Dancing in the Fallen Autumn Leaves
Songbirds Rehearsing
Cats going Through a Pile of Leaves
Gold He Was, The Sun His Coat, The Moon His Mane
Storm Clouds Gather as the Wind Racers Ride
Wee Ones Floating on Autumn Leaves
Numb Bat
Sing Me a Song of a Love That is Gone, Sing Me a Song of He
Black Cat Chasing a Pumpkin Down Hill
Witch Wind Surfing on a Broom
The Ferret Did It!
Bobsledding Otters
Puppy Playing in the Snow
Ice Sledding Downhill
Snow Flowers
Why Numbats Shouldn't Eat Frozen Ants (Don't Slick Your Tongue on That!)
UFO Dudes Attempt to Land on a Snowy Mountain Without Their Landin Gear
Fairyland Festival in the Snow
A Knight in Frozen Armor
Snow Butterflies
Winter Rainbow or Snowbow
I See Spots!
Fuzzy Warm Fluff
Ghost of the Snowy Island Lighthouse, Beckons...
I See Spots in the Bush
Shamrock Umbrella
Spring in the Air
Misty Rains
A Knight in Creaking Armor
Cinnamon Bun Girl
Dancing Through the Rain
Teapot Dragon
Unicorns Knitting
Duck Weather
Haystack House
Racoon Raiding Party
Racing the Storm
Garden's Delight
Wild Rose
A Knight's Pet Dragon
Cat Tree
Horse Dreams
Fitting the Perfect Shoe
Snow Furries
Snow Bowling
Snowman on Skies, Being Chased by Bunnies
Angel of Light and Peace
Sipping the Hot Cider
Castles of Ice and Snow
Poof, and the Tree was Lit !
Autumn Leaves Tell a Story, Sing a Song
Nutty Squirrels in the Colorful Fallen Leaves
Pumpkin Moon
Painting the Leaves
Santa and His Dog Sleigh
Rudolph The Chihuahua
Penguin Delivery
The Heat is On
Termite Shield
Post Mortem
Time Tracker
Spring Babies
Fairy Yarn

This artist has comments on the following prompts for Sketch Fest #129:

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