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Sketch Fest #129 will run March 26-28! (Today's date: 2021-03-03 21:31:42)

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Work by: Maigan Lynn

Hi! My name is Maigan and I'm a fantasy artist! I LOVE sketchfest so I try to participate in it as often as possible. You'll probably come to notice that one of my signatures is to give all my ladies ridiculously long eyelashes! A lot of my sketches do end up becoming paintings as well as prints and other merchandise. But here is where the ideas happen!
My most preferred medium is watercolour. You won't get to see that here as I sketch in pencil first.
If you'd like to see more of my paintings and merchandise please feel free to check out my website link or my Facebook Fan Page:
Thanks for stopping by! :)
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This artist has left the following prompts:

Monster Mash
Halloween Kitties
Something wicked, this way comes
Floating on a cloud
Pirate Airship
Mermaid Halloween
Peony Princess
Victorian Punk
Fairy Festival
Carnival Queen
Sparkle and Shine
filigree fairy
Sugarplum Mermaid
Steampunk Mermaid
Come Josephine in my flying machine...and it's up she goes...
Unicorn Ballet
Little Red
You Sexy Devil!
"Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree..."
Dancing in the snow
A Mermaids Christmas
Santa's toy shop
For all of those she left behind....
Snowflakes and fireflies
Ice Queen
Fairy Frogs
Where the Wild Things Are
Fantasy Castle
Winter Mist
The Badger Family Holiday
Christmas in the forest
Holiday Unicorn
Jack Frost Nipping at your Toes
There's mice living in the Christmas tree!!!
Holiday Tree
The most awkward sleigh ride....
Christmas in Ireland
There's something funny about this eggnog
Christmas Kitties
Classic old style Santa
Arctic Mermaid
Ivory Tower
Luck of the Irish
Whimsical Valentine
The lost city
Dragon Love
Unconventional Valentine
Clover Mermaid
My Gothic Valentine
Zombie Mermaid
The Fairy Harp
Gypsy's gotta gun
The 4 seasons
Mermaid and turles
Swan Princess
Patchwork Heart
Silly Love Games
The most fantastical shoes
Fairy Puppies
The enchanted outhouse! (I know a few of you will have fun with this!)
At Last.....
Fly Me to the Moon
Magic Toadstools
The most fantastical extravagant mouse door
Evil Queen/stepmother
dragon ring
Tangled mess of hair
Fantasy Village
Sea Turtles
Space Fairy
Crustacean Band
Cloak of stars
Penguin Parade
Mother Goose
Orion's Nebula
The lovely fox and lady
Wizards and Witches
Hocus Pocus
Black Magic cat
Fall leaves
Preparing for Harvest
The Monster Mash
Wake up Mr. Frost!
Halloween Dance
Autumn Queen
The last days of summer
The crooked house
A Halloween Witch from the Capital (Hunger Games referance)
lady zombie
mechanical mermaid
Circus Freaks
Holiday Ball
Cat Fairy
Poisonous Apple
Just around the corner....
Snaggle Tooth
Shining lights
The sea is calling me home...
Narwhal's have feelings too!
This years Holiday card
Magical Christmas/Holiday
A little bit of bad
Tattooed Dragon
Faux Hawk and tattooed cranium
When Irish Eyes are Smilin'
Celtic Heart
My heart bleeds through my chest
Supernatural Love
Clover Leaf Fairy
Ladybugs St. Patrick's Day
First signs of spring
Mr. Hatter
Sometimes the most beautiful things come from the darkest of times...
Take care of her...
Fresh Fruit
An abundance of pearls!
A single wish
The sweetest little baby
My little secret
New Life
Fantasy Flowers
...but I'm not sleepy!....*yawnz*....
Down by the bay
Mermaid with some unusual objects
This Octopus is my best friend!
The dragonfly and the seahorse
Salt Water Lillies
City of Diamonds
critters in rain boots
Dark Minx
Winter remnants
The Goblin City
A mothers heart
Itty Bitty Shoes!
An abundance of pearls!
One wild ride!
The biggest stretch
Springtime Rain
Galloping Unicorn
Through the chaos and soot, there is still hope
Some funky glasses
The Crocus's are coming! The Crocus's are coming!
The swamp princess
Slowly peeling back the blanket of winter
Petal wings
What a day....
Scratch sketch flowers
Sea Urchin
Nothin' but trouble!
The cutest thing
Pretty Pegasus
Don't poke the bear!
Baby bump
The most beautiful kaleidoscopic of vibrant spring colours
Witch making potions with her tea in a coffee shop
My pet dragon
In her garden of Peonies and Lillies
Cute Forest Animals
Cute Meadow Animals
The Greatest Love of All!
My favorite thing about May
The Mermaid and the Swan
Your favorite fairy tale
Your favorite nursery rhyme
The fairy and his/her dragon
The pond
There's a Hedgehog in the bathtub!
A stack of turtles
Sleeping with the fishes
The mermaid and the pirate
Water Wonderland
A celebration of spring!
Peonies, Tulips, and Lillies
She kept all kinds of wonderful things in her hair
Mythical fashion week
The black bear and the squirrel
The boy and his owl
The rolling clouds
The fairies crown
Playing with the Dolphins
Sea Grass
A Unicorn at the edge of the ocean
Forest Kittens on the roof
The Sorceress and her spell book
Leader of the wild things
Raspberries and Hydrangeas
Mermaids Cove
Pirate Map
The Mermaid and the Unicorn
Expecting something wonderful
Monsters Ball
Lady Dark and Dreary
Tiptoe in the forest
The Dragonfly Lagoon
The Swamp Cafe
'Draw me like one of your French girls!'
Mermaids Ritual
Mermaid Migration
Sugary sweet magical cupcake
Travelling to a magical place
Pelican Cove
Little Halloween Pretty
Candy Spiders
The sweetest forest creatures
I'll love you no matter what
You're such a toad
I look for you every night
Lighthouse Maiden
Red shoes
I'm going to bake you a cake!
Baby dragons
Goth sisters
Black Unicorn
lurkingin the shadows
Floating in the pond on my lilypad boat
The hobit hole
The seamstress
Magic Masque
One little lie...
What you might find in Marianas Trench
Pretty things with glowing wings
Mermaid Headdress
Barrel of Monkeys
Lazy days of summer
A girl and her dog
Christmas Miracle
Night wish
Miss Marilyn
Dragon Rider
Fantasy Hair
Hunger Games inspired - draw a character from The Capitol
Shadow trees
A lady/fairy/mermaid etc. in a pose you wouldn't normally consider
Hatter and March
Speckled frog
Fairy home
Ruby city
will-o' the wisp
The Queens gems
Heart strings
Land ridden sea friends
City of Hearts
An owl, a fox, and a mouse
Fantasy monogram art piece
Wild and free
Inspired by your favorite colour
Heart Wreath
New beginnings
A variety of black flowers
Haunted Heart
monsters and rockets
Genie in a bottle
Whale's lullaby
Mushrooms on tree trunks
The cutest troll
Hobit home
Lady of Cats
Poison pretty
Roses a plenty
dark and handsome
Rockabilly mermaid
The cutest robot
Poisonous water nymph
The Pout
Reptilian Fairy
Vitorian Portrait
Your favorite song lyric
Bittersweet memories
Book fairy
The sparrow tattoo
The witches portrait
This seat is Octopied!
watercolour flowers
Harp playing Octopus
Flight of the Bumblebee
Your favorite fantasy creature
pop of colour
Lovely goth
The Mermaids Headdress
A stack of animals
You're absolutely bonkers
Staring right through you
The most beautiful exotic woman
Your favorite literary character
Patchwork Princess
Mr. Mouses House
Mermaid with some unusual friends
Dragonfly lagoon
A bit of lace
Somebody's hero
Dark horse
My favorite hat
Lady of the lillies
glass heart
Crocus, Tulip, and Daffodil
I am an artiste!
Little flower petal
Just keep swimming
Pink Moon
Nothing but trouble!
Mermaid moon
Unicorn in a forest
dewdrop in a spiders web
Monster blowing bubbles
Watercolour roses
buckles and lace
a stack of teacups
Your favorite villain
A day with Mr. Fox
Moon sisters
The Muse
My dragon companion
country angel
Born of Pearls
The mermaids magnificent rays of ocean light
Deep blue
From the soul
Shedding the skin
Peacock Petunia
Made of stars
shards of glass
The mermaids friends
Fairy be so quiet and still
Up, up, and away!
Frost and Dew
From summer to fall
happy birthday baby
monsters delight
extreme closeup
electric avenue
The fairy circus
Underwater circus
somebody's eyes are watching....
rustic motorcycle
when he wakes
Little Miss Mischief and Sass
Halloween parade
Smells like Autumn
New beginnings
Muse awakening
Bring on the pumpkins!
Indian Summer
steampunk and lace
an unlikely match
something wicked this way comes
hocus pocus
Halloween wish
goblin circus
Pretty as a statue
fairy princess
your favorite word in a fantasy font
rainbow socks
Haunted Unicorn
forest guide
bleeding broken heart
mermaid stained glass
dont close your eyes
Good morning, Frost
Winter wish
Fairy Dragon
Snow berries
The coldest heart
Fairies, books, and cats
Winter magic
Fashion sketch
Fantasy trees
Poodle in a bubble bath
Kittens in mittens with pie
The sweetest face
The deepest sorrow
Half past shoe and quarter to slipper
The mermaids secret
What lies beneath
Dance of the fantail goldfish
We're all mad here
Alice and her flamingo
Goth Alice
Mariana's Trench
Speckled frog(s)
Fantasy space scene
In the forest
Red's house
Your favorite fairytale
A stack of books and the creatures within them
Sarah's ballgown
You remind me of the babe
Ludo and Sarah
The darkest dark
Fantastic flamingo
Pelican with flowers
Fairy light
Reach for the stars
Octopus friend
Jellyfish parade
Your favorite sweet
The tiniest creature
The Queen
The fanciest lady
Floral tattoo
The witches
The prettiest little witch
Teacup mermaid
Mermaid in a fishbowl
Mermaid portrait
Painted face
Llama with a flower headress
Flamingo with a d
Flamingo with a flower headdress
Favorite myth/legend/lore
Mermaid and Loch Ness
Portrait of a mermaid
First snow
Peppermint all the things
Peppermint fairy
Fancy tea
Steampunk adventure
Long legs
Goth wedding
Trying on pants
Crystal ball
Crooked back
Pandemic of Sadness
Apocalyptic Punk
Not just another pretty face
Self portrait
Be brave
Soothe your heart
From the window
So long, sweetheart
Fancy stripes
Mixing patterns
Ocean lights
Patchwork airship
Paper flowers
At the fair
At the circus
Weight of the world
Spooky Season
Pumpkin Spice
Room on the broom
Shaggy ink cap
At the beach
Sea glass
Mermaid and her familiar
Goodbye summer
Across the Universe
Techno swing
Mermaid portrait
Spooky queen
Making tea
Stack of teacups

This artist has comments on the following prompts for Sketch Fest #129:

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