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Sketch Fest #129 will run March 26-28! (Today's date: 2021-03-06 02:12:16)

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Work by: Erich Heidewald

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This artist has left the following prompts:

Whoops! Painted Lady
Swan sails
Toadstool farm, fairy labor
A musing princess and her pet
Whimsical Daisy Fairy
In the Hall of the Peacock Queen
Pollera Passion!
the clouds were her gown and the wind, ribbons in her hair,,,
Nereids amoungst the dune grass
Do you like my hat?
Shipwrecked Gnomes
Surfing Mermaid(s)
Bamboo Dancer
Another Frog Day...
Tumbleweed Witch
Dust Devil
It was the strangest dream...
She paused...Something wasn't quite right.
Heat Wave: Tales of the Chocolate Kingdom
Ribbons and Bows: Tangled up Tangos
Dirt Devil!
Pirates of the Carob Bean
Something moved... Thyme stood still, waiting.
The Arctic Mermaid
Cattle Guard
Fairy Race!
Everyday things and the wings they grow. (Or, where did I put my keys?)
Girl's Day Out -- Flight to the Moon, Steampunk Style!
Guardians of a Secret Castle
Among the waterfalls she walks
Mmmmm! Mushroom Pie!
Swimming Gear
Model T
Raising the Moon
Fairy Duster
Pick Me Up
Moon Beams Make Good Fairy Houses
Drawing on the Moon
Modeling Clay
Fairy Fabrication
Petal Power
Poppy Fields
Lilac Lady
Sunny Brooks
Steampunk Number Crunchers
Sailing the Jovian Seas
Sir! She was in the Hold!
Portside Promenading
A Lantern on the Bow Lights the Way
Rat's Raft
Water Lily Parade
High-Speed Fantasy Flyby
Cattail Fluff Fairies
Flower Nectar Cafe
Water Buggy
Steampunk Nanobots
Steampunk Snowflake Machine
Steamy Stockings
Steampunk Sleigh Ride
Shopping Centaur
Centaur of Gravity
Centaur Guard
In the Belfry She Waits
Chile Pepper Dance!
Red Sky in Morning...
Calm on the Surface
Feeling Transparent
In the Tall Grass
Marsh Moss Munchkins
Victorian Conservatory
Deep Within Fern Grotto
Bubble Dance
Juniper Fairies
Desert Bluebelle
Mariposa of the Desert
Confused Plants
Saguaro Dance
Miss Nightshade
Fairy Trapping
Sacred Datura
Lady Fern
Fairy Fig Festival!
Oasis Maiden
Sand Witch
Mermaid's View of the Moon
Reflecting Time
Enchanted Mirror Trap
Light as a Feather
Sailor's Delight
Carrion Luggage
Cocoa Fairy
Beach Bums
Lillion Tigertree
Persephone's Pet
Rippling Waters
Sun Fish
Beautiful Blossom
Cave of the Grecian Pillars
Steampunk Rocket Pack
There's a Crab in your Hair!
Lots of Lace
Animal Illusion
Sunflower Festival
Pearl in an unlikely place
It Shall be a Fantastic Fabric of the Finest Pearls
Under the Rhubarb Leaf
Jungle Nights, Jungle Lights
Schrodinger's Cat
Wizard's Woe
Dewdrop Fairy at Work
Fairy Massage
Meadow Maiden
Invisible Witch and Her Invisible Cat
Snowflake Sails
Shadows in the Mist
In the Barley Field
Stupendous Headdress
Ice Bridge to the Future
Outrageous Prices at the Local Martian Cafe
Flight of the Mermaids
Velcro Boots
Phoney Express
Shadow of a Doubt
Wanted Goats
There is Something in your Eye.
Grandma's Rocket Chair
Wilderness Picnic
Rug of a different sort
Red Dwarf
The real story behind sunspots
Star webs
Foxy Boots
Red Cherry Dress
Shaina says: Tropical Banana Girl!
Surfing the Solar Flare
Rumba on the Rooftops!
Sand Angels
Serenity's Secret
Dragon Flambee
Irrepressible Urge to Dance
Cha Cha Charmer
Blue Velvet
Shaina says: Chunky Funky Monkey
Steamy Things
Steampunk Steamroller + Gnomes + Pizza Dough
Mermaid in a Rowboat
Iridescent Moonbeam
Dragon Hairpin
For Lack of a Hairpin
Subway Pirates!
Water Hazards
In classic pinup style: Girl + Her Favorite High Heels + Her Favorite Dress + Her (Uh-oh) Broken Pearl Necklace!
Migratory Bikinis
Your Favorite Holiday of the Year
Fantastic Snowmelter
Fantasy Trompe l'oeil
Snowprint Maker
Gypsy Warrior
Little Secrets
Mayan Dentist
Soda Pop Dragon
Jinglebell Outfit
Bashful Braids
Greek Dancer
Warm Fuzzies by the Fireplace
Pink Pillow Fight!
Life on the Seas of Titan
'Tis the Season for...BubbleWrap!
Sketch-O-Matic - Insert Two Chocolate Bars to Begin
Steampunk Space Pirates
Toasted Mushrooms
Tag Along
Mind Sprouts
Frog Suit
The sound made when McBean lept from the castle parapet into a hay wagon with hoards of roaring Vikings in hot pursuit whilst not missing a note on his bagpipe!
Snow Flowers
Horse Buggy
In the Blackberry Patch
Mouse in Your Armour!
Fairies in Space!
Sunflowers - on the Sun!
Moonflowers - on the Moon!
cafe society / jet set
Calamity in the Cake Factory
Standing Stones
Someplace Green:
GPS (Galaxy Positioning System) error
Foot-Stomping Boots!
Dragon Airlines
Mermaid Cruises
False Shamrock
Spring Takes a Break
Dinosaur Steamship
Fantasy Foreigner
Mr. Quixotic
Mermaid(s) of the Five Seas
Tying Knots
Under the Water Wheel
Night Things
Table Knights
Mermaid Power
Seaweed Secret
Questionable Mythological Creature
Robot Powered Gnome Ship
Rat Race!
Sumptuous Sunbonnet
Hammock Time
Milk Maid and her Moon Cows
Maypole Mayhem
Black Velvet Band
Irish Rover
Fields of Gold
Witch's Closet
A Little Higher
Ditch Digger
Classic Rock
Rock Music
Right Diner, Wrong Planet
Dwarf Planet
Strawberry Meadows
Vernal Voyager
Bridges of Venice
Steampunk Chimney Sweep
Buxom Burglar
Light as Air
Arabian Nights
Mermaid Bait
Earth Rover
Fantasy Safari Tours
Coral Queen
Lemonade Stand
Paintbrush Fairy
Gecko Prints
Gecko Princess
Evil Little Beasties
Cute Little Things
May Dance
Your Favorite Joke
Venus Mantrap
Polynesian Dreamer
Beady-eyed Buggers
Dryad on Vacation
Cinnamon Buns!
Dragons in the Cookie Tree
Priestess of the Oracle
Ninjas on Ice Skates
Fairy Flying Lessons
Flower Girls ( Petunia, Rose, Poppy, Daisy, Lilly, Aster, Lilac, Mallow, Iris, etc.)
Magic Carpet Ride
Broken Bridge
Leaf Eater
Pour Out the Water
Pepper Corn
Fuzzy Pink Things
Daisy in Her Garden
Falling Water
Door Number Three
Cool and Shady
Hot Rocks!
Simple Pleasures
Anti-gravity high heels on overload
Herding Cats
Fairy Petroglyph/Pictograph
Gone Swimming
Goats in Trees!
Lily Walker
Grass Skirt Fashion Show
The Scent of Lilacs in the Spring Air
Canyon Shadows
Wee Wizard
Witch Hunt
Daffodil Damsel
Morning Glory/Night Owl
A Perfect Knight
Beaded Dragon
Spring Awakens
War Millipedes
Old Cedar Chest
Tree Bunnies
Little Beady Eyes
In the Fields of Barley She Walked
Blushing Rose
Floating Along
Under My Umbrella
Bad Hair Day!
Squeaky Wheel
Garden path, go where you may, I'll happily wander every day!
Hold on Tightly
Things with Suction Cups
A Memorable Dream
Glowing Creatures
Splendid Hat Pinup
Moon Cow
Daisies for Unicorns
Swinging in the Falling Leaves
Butterfly Collector
In the Sea Foam
Faces in the Dunes
Life of a Statue
Hall of Past Times
Dancing in the Puddles at the End of the Rainbow!
And Lightning Flashed!
Garden Penguins
Cattail Fairy
Cloud Dreamer
Art Deco Girl
Eats Butterflies
Etch A Sketch
Mouse Pad
Lion Tails
On a Tropical Island
Looking Glass Tree
The Parting
Fabulous Daydream
Silver Thread
French Hens
Icy Tendrils
Sculptor of Ice
Bird Play
Horse Drawn Dune Buggy
Grappling Hook - For Catching the Elusive Grapple
Wanted: One Small Mo to Start my Mohair Farm
Flaming Sumac
Dwarf's Subway
Flower Picker
Sea Legs
Snow Flakes for Breakfast
Tribal Chickens
Nesting Dolls
Into the Lightness
Frogs IN Umbrellas
Penguins in Shorts
Creatures of the Art Box
Mountain Gate
Her name shall be Ever -- Ever Moore
Blue Ribbon Girl
And then there were Nuns!
Art of Fairies
Tropical Fairies
Light the Path
Shadow Painter
Coal-Fired Dragon
Mammoth Dance
Don't Feed the Dragon!
Cloud Bunnies
Cat in a Bag
Amnesian Tribe
Desert Oasis Fairy
Cloud Cleaner
Little Gremlins
I dreamed there were bunnies. Lots of bunnies.
Daisy Powered
Hand Cranked
Forward Looking Back
A Fairy Tale -- Cave Art Style
Ice Fleet
River of Sunshine
Pumpkin Pirates!
Ghosts of the Spanish Courtyard
On the wings of birds spring is ushered in.
Glorious Golden Goggles!
Frogs in the Morning
Popular drinking song at the local zombie bar: 99 bottles of BRAINS on the wall, 99 bottles of BRAINS. If one of those bottles should happen to fall, 98 bottles of BRAINS on the wall...
Cute Machines
Forbidden Hall
Night Light
Numbat Moon
Numbat: Trick or Termite?
Song from Fairport Convention - The Hiring Fair
Melting Warmth
Work of the old masters in a new light
Professional Chocolate Taster
Moat Meal
Summon the Crickets!
Brace yourself! I see the Eye of the storm!
Rabbit in the Rhubarb
Chicken Soup
Love is in the Water
Love Bugs
Coconut Crab
Easter Unicorn
Saint Patrick meets Medusa
Sweeping Time
On a Beach Somewhere Far Away
Little Green Unicorns!
Frogs Down a Well
Figment of Time
Eskimo Couple in Florida: "I said to take a left at the iceberg!"
The headhunters discover coins
Frogs Down a Well
Reflecting Eyes
In the Style of Renoir
Mermaid in the Style of John Singer Sargent
Walking the Path
Flight of the False Shamrock
Checkered Goats of Chessland
Space Mermaids
Rainbow Falls
Fish Scales
Humming Bears
Itchy Sweater
Boojum Tree
A Fairy for Every Spice
The Moon and Stars in Little Jars
The Sea Darkly Washes Over Timeless Ruins on a Far Distant Shore
Pandora's Movers
Candy Sprinkles on Top
In the Style of a Wall Tapestry
Reflected in Her Eyes
My Wooden Spaceship
Sea Forest
Fan of Feathers
Moon Bow
Bad Hare Day in the Carrot Fields
Younger and Wiser went for a walk
Curious Little Things
Flying Purple...
Reflections of a Memory Pool
Killer Butterflies!!!
Unicorn Tree
Bad Dragon!
Caveman Books
Cat in a Box on a Stump Under an Umbrella
Strange Spider
Dewdrop Fairy
Shakespearean Steampunk
Spring Bunnies
Water Clock
Candycorn Tracks
Patchwork Dragon
Draw the Little Creatures Near
Painting Chickens
Mermaid Games
Unicorn Trap
Little Lampposts
Bird Boots
Dragon Butterfly
Unicorn Shells
Fairy Planet
Tracking the Elusive Mythological Beast
Ratworks Glassblowers
Pouring Rain
Laughing Flowers
Bunny Feathers
Saber-Toothed Zucchini
Giraffe in Flight
Silent Space
Vegetable Planets
Lemur Lollipop
Royal Rabbit
Oasis Mermaids
Pith Helmet
Migratory Trees
Candy Cane Train
Winged Gifts
By Candlelight
Honeycomb Fairy
Steampunk Snow Shoveler
Yarn Explosion!
Snow Cat
Yoga for Mermaids
The Things We Did When We Were Kids
Golfcourse Wormholes and Other Hazards
Ink Imp
Santa Hired Butterflies One Year...
Octopus on the Ice!
Snow Scorpion!
Singing Skies
Dancing Waters
Country Girl in Paris
I'm Flying Again
Never a Doubt
Ripplin' Waters
Row the Boat!
Hanging Moss
Bunny Blanket
Frog Races!
Unicorns in the corn patch again!
Dunicorns of the Desert
Nottingham Cave
Fairy Duster
Ice Mermaid
Farm Dragons
Blind Venetian
Barn Birds
Ring Fairies of Saturn
Crabs and Macaws
Shells and Flowers
Tree Hyrax
Oriental Fire-Bellied Toad
Wishing for Fishes at the Wishing Well
Marmalade Jellyfish
Northern Light Monkey
Weeping Willow
Autumn Drapery
Maidenhair Tree
Fairy Scrolls
Jingle Fairy
Jingle Fairy Emergency Towing Service
Jingle Fairy Snow Day!
Southern Jingle Fairy
Tropical Jingle Fairy Snow Import Service
Forested Eyes
Stray Not Off the Path
Candle Dragon
Butterfly Chameleon
Fluff Dragon
Robo Hamster
First Spring Garden Catalog - Fairy Edition
Jingle Jangle Through the Sands!
Mermaid Bubble Vortex
Spanish Dancer
Sea Unicorn
Mermaid Flamenco
Swan Lake
Fern Grotto
Schrodinger's Cat Escapes the Box
On a World Far Far Away
Dinosaur Rides! Step Right Up!
Queen of the Coral
Elvish Chickens
Her Irish Charms
Sea Cave of Ireland
Moonlit Waters
Lady Burglar
Lantern on a Bridge
Royal Mermaid
Mermaid Catching Butterfly Shrimp
Sea Triffid vs. Sea Unicorn
Country Mermaid
Milky Way Mermaid
Mermaid Mocha
Moonshine Mermaid
Mermaid's Moose
Mermaid of Many Colors
Mimosa Mermaid
Unicorn in a Boat
Centipede Riders
Under my Umbrella
Cats Ruled Egypt for 1000 Years
Chicken Family Tree
Blue Dune Mice
Midsummer Bonfire Ritual
Cowgirls like Ranch Dressing
Lady of the White Peacock
Terpsichore, Goddess of Dance and Chorus
Art Nouveau Unicorn Meets Mermaid
Amazon Warrier Mermaid
Brave Braids
Snowy Heron
007 Numbat
Helpful Librarian Dragons
Queen of Ancient Sri Lanka
Pleasant Peasant and her Pheasant
Lilies and Lace
Calypso, the Nymph, among the Trailing Grape Vines at the Entrance to Her Cave on the Island of Ogygia
Belly Dance Bangles
Purple Paradise Ptarmigan
Daisy Dress
Melted Ice Queen
Mountain Maid
Those Boots!
Moon Earring
Palm Tree Pinup
Polka Dots
Tree Grotto
Silver Fish, Golden Fish
Pumpkin Patch Dragon
Butterflies on Bicycles
Deep Sea Creatures Exploring Everest
Calico Mermaid
Chicken Wars
Ripple on the Water
Sea Elves
Otter Space Vortex
Neutron Numbat!
She Would Wear a Shawl
Jungle Drummer
Rose of the Garden
The Highwayman
Island of the Blue Dolphins (children's novel)
By Light of the Fireflies
Christmas Mouse
Christmas Cactus
Nutty Fairy
Mermaid Christmas Traditions
Walk (your cat) Like an Egyptian
Book Bug
Fireside Fuzzy Furry
Still Life in the Forest
Sand, Sun, Seagulls
Shoes for Mermaids and other Fantasyland Failures
Rum Sipper
The Flock
Book Birds
Romantic Landscape
A Bird Nest
Maiden of the Night
Inchworm & CentiPeter
At Planet's End
Petal Drifts
Bird in Paradise
Pretty Pebbles
Musical Mermaid
Mermaid of the Mountain
Merfolk Moving
Shipwreck on Black Rock
Seashell Castle
Secluded Sunshine
Gemcutter Bees
Unicorn Gloaming
A Man, a Goat, a Cabbage, a Boat. Also, a Dragon.
Star Mermaid
Geyser Dragon
Desert Unicorn
Gnomes Do Not Dance!!!
Guardian of the Cookie Jar
Amazons take to the Sea
Unicorn Jewel
Sherlock and the Tribbles
Fairy Camouflage
Forest Silhouette
Little Star
Collecting Butterflies
What Has the Ancient Tree Seen?
Going for a Swim
On a Bed of Seafoam
Bird on a Boat
Woven Flowers
Eclipse Earrings
Ritual of the Sea
October is for Octopus
Nesting Sheep
Purple Fog
Prairie Periscope
Feather Forest
Roaring Twenties!
Alien Fairy Tale
Bright Young Things
Purple Puddles
March of the Ants
Wind in the Woodlands
Mermaid Dreaming
Pool Unicorns!
Papyrus, a Paddle and a Parasol
Rustic Windmill
The Perfect Pebble
Use Your Longest, Loneliest Colored Pencil!
Reptile Path
Chickens in the Belfry
Space Coaster
Gibson Girl Halloween
Snowflake Flowers
Forest Bells
Snowflakes for Breakfast
Saturn with his son Jupiter
Kitty in Your Telescope
Birds on a Windmill
Strange Snow Tracks

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