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Sketch Fest #129 will run March 26-28! (Today's date: 2021-02-26 22:13:07)

Sketch Fest #129 starts in: 27 days 13 hours and 46 minutes! Join the Facebook Event

Work by: Christine G

Sorry, no art to show here!

This artist has left the following prompts:

funny bones
Skeletal Bliss
i put a spell on you
ghoulish delight
genie in a bottle/demon in a bottle
Haunted Pumpkin Mansion
Dark Queen of Halloween
Apple Bobbing the Fairy Way
Witchy Woman
Goblins, Witches & Scares-- Oh My!
magical gnome
hallowed halls
Rudy's Revenge
the lost pine cone
elf dreams
new age frosty
Ice Castle in the Sky
King of the Misfit Toys
train of presents
reindeer rider
Santa Baby ..hurry down the chimney
sleigh ride with you
hearts on fire
love child
lovely lily ladies
friends in life sisters in heart
baby unicorn by the sea
love hangover
mystical love
magical steed
morning madness
best of friends
forest dweller
Spring Fairy waiting to come out
A different Easter basket
Morning surprise
Rain Goddess
Angry Mother Nature
Waves of Spring
Raining on my Parade
baby' s first kiss
tree dweller
moring dew
years of love
hearts afire
20 yrs later.... is that you?
First Kiss..
eternal flame
love's embrace
sunflower fairy
butterfly morning
dog days
faery friends forever
beach blanket baby
bulldog smiles
mermaid tears
fish tales
earth angel
walking on sunshine
Lightning Strikes Twice!
mermaid shores
smiling from above
I can see you..
silent anguish
wishing well guardian
pigtail glory
turn over a new leaf
field of fairies
puppy love
do these wings make me look fat?
fairy school dayz
sunshine where are you?
parade of stars
river keeper
time traveller
keeper of the secrets
sole survivor
mirror images
surprise cave dweller
raven hair and ruby lips, sparks fly from her finger tips....witchy woma
into the fire
Smoke on the Water
Trick or Treat
Alone Again
Mums the word
midnight rendezvous
happy hearts
fairy leaf quee
pirate ghost
Knight in Shining Armor
angel of darkness
sky rider
pumpkins, black cats & witches....oh my!
Midnight Madness
A Knight and his Steed
Hilltop Warrior
powerful eyes
lifelong soldier
Storm Goddesss
special whiskers
itsybitsy spider
A Fairy Merry Christmas
Santa's helper
morning glory
her eyes have a mist from from the smoke of a distant fire
lonely winter morning
tears of a clown
pinecone fairy
ice castles glistening in the night
puppy under the tree
portrait in blue
mermaid staring at waterfall in the distance
reflections of youth
smiling faces
fire fairy
lurking in the shadows
ice queen
love in a box
cupid's nightmare
Prince Charming and Lady Love
Shadow of fears
hidden treasure
wedding blues
appointment with the love doctor?
baby bath time
rapunzel's wedding hairdo
two hearts as one
a fairy prom
cupcake faces
secret message
Love hurts
Valentine Fairy
snow angels
a different kind of school teacher
a dragon's type of love
my funny valentine
Higher Ground
under the radar....never saw it comin
leather fairy
beauty of prayer
icy mermaid
turtle vs hare
bittersweet love
chipmunks trail
alone but not lonely
lily fairy
twin pixies
hop hop hop to it!
eskimo kisses
a polar wonder
blowing bubbles makes me smile
martinis after midnight
do you hear me?
ring of fire
a wing and a prayer
misty meeting
mermaid homecoming
steampunk roller derby jammer
double dare you
what lies beneath
tree toppers
summertime blues
birds eye view
shadows in the gras
fairy queen
Lady of the Night
Starlight Princess
Winged Warrior
Night Warrior
bubbles, bangles & beads
circle of life
bathing birds
catch me if you can
the owl guardian
washed ashore
steampunk pinup
purple passion flower
wings of faith
a child's view
domestic goddess
above the clouds
the last teardrop
beauty within
more than a horse
garden of dreams
a hero's welcome
magic at sea
the protector
first steps
wings of love
smiling eyes
Angel of the morning
Horsing around
tears of joy
a knight's tale
fairy lovers
man's best friend
summer ride
victorian steampunk pinup
devil eyes
circus fairy
toys in the attic
award winning moment
underwater fantasy
chocolate defender
behind the door
a flower for you
will you marry me?/perfect proposal
sheer joy
into the garden I go
a kiss and some fairy dust will make it alll better!
a lasting impression
sultry eyes
a gondola ride of love
lost memories
mermaid's wish
tipsy fairy
a leaf just for you
friends no more
boy no more
ribbons of love
end of a journey
sailor's delight
candlelight dinner
moonlight and you
ageless love
a little pixie dust goes a long way
haunting eyes
jackie o'lantern
rider of the storm
first response- heartbreak
eyes of sorrow
mama's love
stolen kisses
sparkling bubbly
bear hugs
Christmas spirit
best present ever
tail wagging good time
lights, camera....action
angel topper
angels watching over me
lost on this planet
butterfly kisses
tears of love
wishing well where wishes come true
neither here nor there
joy through sorrow
garden fairy and gnome - what a cute couple! :)
daughter holding Dad's hand..."it'll be alright Daddy"
fairy bride
a swan in a pond beyond the tress
a swan in a pond beyond the trees
cougar love
a valentine mermaid
purple pixie painting pink flowers
calm before the storm
walking on sunshine
fairy footprints
flowers for love
leather and lace
best buds
only have eyes for you
alone in a crow
alone in a crowd
hungry eyes
love- fairy style
hot italian mama!
purple iris home
infinity heart
healing hearts
power of prayer
Surprise! I love you
garden of love
united we stand
spring affair
bleeding hearts
helping hands
more than just friends
one moment in time
draw whatever you'd like for Earth Day- 4/22/13
rain drops on roses
light at the end of the tunnel
hair of flowers
wedded bliss
river of dreams
my prince is here
till death do us part
behind the veil
a love song
unbroken vows
fairy music
cinderella bride
Queen for a Day
firefly fairy
fairytale dreams
dancing the night away
celebrate love
bountiful fruit party
end of summer haze
clouds in my eyes
sunshine on my shoulder
flowering pixie dust
a day's gaze
a lifetime look
stormy eyes
pinup style mermaid
angel's lost wing
skeleton in closet
hot for teacher
Star Crossed
Secret Garden
summertime blues
Castles in the Sand
Sailing Away
Ladybug Ladybug Fly Away
A Prince and his ride
Pumpkin Pinup

color me fall
under a blanket of leaves
my broom of colors
apple picking time!
campfire fun
fall into me
witches, bats & black cats.... oh my!!
leaf me alone
on the weigh to freedom
crystal clear path
alone again...naturally
a smile is a frown turned upside down
hands of steel
eyes of wisdom
purple lover
a dragon's love tale
chrysanthemum fairy
eyes of citrine
rainbow kisses
sunshine smiles
skate queen
martini with a twist
garden of gnomes
lollipop fairy
pinup style steampunk
my heart will go on
mustache king
someone watching over you
first love
lurking in the shadows
vintage valentine
tattoo vixen
owl love
moonlight dancing
secret world
purple haze
black heart
one with nature
where the water meets the sky
waiting for time
baby fairy
everyday is blue
friends at sea
always in my heart
man's best friend...forever!
a walk in the park
secrets uncovered
lucky in love
a mother's knowing eye
rebirth after the storm
enough is enough
pretty please.. may I?
your favorite toy
tree of life
favorite movie character
garden of fairies
dress of poppies
daisy halo
are my wings big enough?
the stallion is mine!
Birthday Fairy!
freckles and more freckles
private moment
hidden love
secret garden
Grandma Fairy
old is new again
secret garden of love
a world turned upside down
aging can be beautiful
flowers of happiness
home is where the heart is
distant look in your eyes
hair no more
sunshine smiles
love 25 yrs later
curls curls curls
loving curves
eye wonder
a smile is just a frown turned upside down
End of Day
Tomorrow's Sorrow
Today's Sunshine
Yesterday I was smiling
A frown is a smile turned upside down
Love with no ending
You were right Mom
One more day
Almost there
My love is your love
Snow tomorrow
Snowflakes on eyelashes
Passionate kisses
Love hangover
Lost in Thought
Mother's Love Unspoken
Dream Weaver
Her Secret Place
Good vs Evil
A flower for you
Last day together
New beginnings
Steampunk Rapunzel
Daisy Dweller
Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows
Feather Dress
Mermaid's Cove
Puppy dreams
Distant memories
Blank eyes
Ladybug Leaves
Rainy Day Friends
Birdbath Fun
lazy summer day
Another day without you
Field of purple flowers
Mountain sunset
Snail mail
Bulldog Angel
Waterfall Gardens
Hide and Seek
Your favorite flower
In the heat of the night
Up, Up and Away!
Red Hot Sunset
Desert walker
Raven Hair
Fishing by the Sea
Star Gazing
Graveyard Christmas
On Angel's Wings
Family Love
Last Supper
Shining Star
Christmas Wish
Snow trail
Wreath of your choice
Christmas Clydesdale
puppy kisses
wave on wave
tears of a clown
garden gnome
Sibling Rivalry
Fairy Door
Butterfly Lady
Dancing Mushroom
Hilltop Home
Family matters
The Outsider
Rolling Rocks
Beneath the Water
Fishing Lure
Rainbow Trout
IceCream Sprinkles
Flower Power
Spring Fever
Wine and Dine
Love you with my last breath
Wind tested
Cloudy Picture
Doggy kisses
Bulldog Love
Tutu Fun
On Pointe
Musical Whimsy
Basket of Bunnies
Family Ties
Falling Rain
Ghost Rider
Horse Feather
Three Crosses
Rainbow Bridge
Crocus on the Hill
The Hills have eyes
Magical River
Grass of Hearts
Tiny Door
Sunset love
Fairy Kingdom
Alone on a Hill
Lonely Hearts Club
Lakeness Monster
Fighter of Evil
Deaths Door
Dancing Queen
Purple Flowers
Healing Prayers
Dream Catcher
Fools Gold
Forget Me Not!
Purple Pain
Moonlight Madness
Dark shadows
Fairy Outlines
Witches Brew
Heart of a Devil
The perfect pumpkin
Falling Leaves
Leaf Fairy Princess
Steampunk Witch
Mandala Spiderweb
Angels Among Us
Puppy Love
Leaf Pile Surprise
Peeking through the Snow
Snowy Owl gazing below
Winds of Change
Winter roses
Longing for Spring
Child sledding down the hill...
Where did the time go?
Lost in the trees
Motherly Love
A house becomes a home
A moment in time
Too real
The music of the night
Seeds of sorrow
Your favorite thing about fall
Purple Chrysanthemum
Gondolier in the mist
Sisterly love
My favorite hiding place
Things look different from up here
Harvest Moon
lonely without you
missing you from afar
worlds apart but close at heart
forever connected
holiday magic
today i choose love
Winter Sun
Yellow roses in the snow
New Year New Home
Sunshine Sisters
Long Distance Love
Sisters no matter where
Snow Angels in the sky
Puppies and babies
Your favorite animal
First blossoms
arch rivals
best friends
hidden treasures
favorite flower
lifetime of love
Little Stinker
Long distance love
First cry
Can I keep him?
Sibling rivalry
Heart Art
Hope eternal
First bloom
You're not old
Purple love
small creatures
mystery guest
earth angel
fly high
hidden emotion
across the sea
worlds apart
empty heart
Fall into me
acorn princess
King Scarecrow
darkness covers me
mystery name
hearts afire
dreaming of love
long distance love
distant family
sunshine glow
Spooky Garden
Skeleton Fairy
Witches Brew
Falling Leaves
Last Rose
Broken hearted Scarecrow
Pumpkin Patches

This artist has comments on the following prompts for Sketch Fest #129:

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