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Sketch Fest #129 will run March 26-28! (Today's date: 2021-03-03 21:33:45)

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Work by: mikka

My inner six-year-old thinks playing with mud is the best hobby ever.

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This artist has left the following prompts:

Crossing the threshhold
unfortunate typo
Don't wait for me
On the shelf
Distilled poetry
Needs more foxglove
Out of the blue
A change of plans
experimental breakfast
playing the game
top hat and tails
high noon
Bear in the blackberries. Context (story):
Breaking barriers

Last minute panic
Stay on the path
Interstitial spaces
A frog, long and skinny with a big head, yellow with red and green spots
In the clock tower
News flash!
Death's Raiments
passage fare
Window shopping
crossing zebras
At the workbench
Connect the dots
Toy octopus
Don't pet the cactus
What color shall we make this one?
Buttoned up
Nap attack!
Down by the banks of the River Charles
the cult of the silver flame
Daughter of the Third Dawn
Going out for a ride
Broken trap
Afternoon nap
Visiting Coral Castle
Stuck in cyberspace
When i have a moment
Hedgehog serenade
gathering wild greens
Peaches and cream
Guerilla urban gardening
Modern urban fantasy fairy tale (Optional: illustrating this such retelling:
The new orange diggy truck invited its friend the yellow dog to come and play.
the call of the wild blue yonder
through borrowed eyes
Exploring the ruins
feed the house (before it eats you)
hesitating at the door
In his delirium, the anteater king though the ants were escaped data bytes that needed to be herded back into the tubes of the internet.
Digging up the garden
When last I wore feathers
Hear ye, hear ye!
One last page
with the patchwork cat
entertaining out of town guests
a native guide to the big apple
my favorite sunbeam
"Wander for three days in the Maze, then take the next fourteen lefts and enter under the sign of the yellow flower."
wings of steel and glass
I dream of fish
standing on my own three feet
the temple of the broken plate
a very busy dryad
sock monkey to the rescue!
the dregs
and a glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice
a gift for the hostess
In transit
the necessity of speed
displayed over the mantle
the blue porcelain cow
twelfth in line
double rainbow
the gift of a feather
reference librarian
pressed flat
jump-rope rhyme
take the third left
unexpected postcard
magnetic attraction
excited squiggles
watts towers (google images:
forging a key
postcard from the fallen
thunder calls to me
"The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears, or the sea" -- Isak Dinesen
titles and responsibilities
bees in the clover
salt of the earth
with flute and drum
purple and gold
We, the brain-fried Mystery Hunters, salute you. (
a star to steer by
on the third note, step forward
nines over queens
Well, one of us is not helping, but I'm not sure which one.
four-hand reel
Librarian on a mission
Dead man's hand
Atop a skyscraper
Half-forgotten dream
Troll nose attack!
update and reconfigure
foppier than thou
clockwork panda
the first scene of a novel
an unlikely place to sprout
A new song for the new season
Maple syrup
Spring cleaning
bees at work
Meet your vegetables
Harvest of moonlight
Under a rock
Lost in a story
The compass rose blooms with unexplored directions
Any other prompt done in the style of a mosaic
Squirrel invasion
Highly qualified minion
A model city
puzzle me this
Mariners' star
Reading the cards
Bonsai dryad
Urban rainbow
Mischief & Mayhem
the sorceror's tower
pruning the apple tree
flight of the sock monkey
look, then leap
an untimely rescue
grasshopper at work
jade and starshine
knit two, purl two
Happy unbirthday to you!
Sergeant Deadeye, 22nd Draconic Regiment
In the apple tree
Hedgehog instrumental
Seasonal hitchhikers
Toddler Sketchfest (macaroni art?)
A letter to the Jack
saffron crocus
Improbable architecture
your graffiti tag
Fig dryad
the urban sorceror
The maw of the city
Hanukkah lights
My finest hat
Fox and magpie
Joy and grapes
Reading the cards
Fortess of the Green Flame
Bake sale
Negotiating the price
Cocoa by the fire
Piping hot
Thawing toes
Hopscotch mosaic
Planning for planting
Spiral chaos
Purple and gold
Cephalopod evening attire
Forgotten stronghold
Lord of the Nearly Forgotten
Panda witch
Hedgehog hunter
nearly empty botle
For an old flame
Mosaic storm
To be, or not to be --
the pyramid crumbles
Under the peach tree
Poisoned well
hidden treasure
whistling along
The language of ants, or aunts
Joy and grapes
Reading the cards
Urban Rainbow
Our lady of the glass
Hedgehog pride
Goat dance
Lamb on the loose
Death in the family
Rabbit carousel
Send in the guineas!
a break in the hedge
Follow the magpie
charms and chains
Minotaur at work
Princess in a dragon costume
Valley of Forgotten Dreams
Thirteen masks of the Fox
Ellen's Escape
Shake the box
Designing the moon
Seastars Falling (
Minotaur at work
Piggies at play
Feast or famine
Airship crisis
Cuttlefish conundrum
Storytime with Aunt Pattern
Sleeping 'till spring
Dragon at work
That Which You See In The Smoke
the citadel of the lost afternoon
Hedgehog Holiday
Goat and Troll
Axolotl Escapade
French toast alert system
troll puffing dandelions
Baking buddies
Giraffe jamboree
Rhinoceros assassin
When we sang together
Garden gate
Seven silver pins to anchor the threads of a dream to the fabric of the night
Unravel the dream
Goat in a velvet smoking jacket
koi and clouds
Swans in the fountain
Super Squirrel!
as unlike as could be
hummingbird guide
giggles in the garden
in Grandfather's chair
Rooftop garden
Your castle
like two whales in a pod
I dream of goats
Unraveling the storm
Fishing for stars
The Western Watchtower
The City of Chimes
Sing the Purples
A Fancy Breed
Abstracting the Meadow
Harvest King
The City of Chimes
Jack of Sparrows
Ace of Hedgehogs
Pair of Slugs
Drum down the walls
something Seussian
bestowing a name
Dance down the walls
Forest as Poetry
A fair trade
Goat on a boat
That smells fabulous
Newly titled
Paved in gold
Ace of bells
Goat aloft
Spear fishing
Spear phishing
Distracted by mustard seeds
Gleaming in the firelight
King of Goats
Temple of the Spork
Wishing Ellen a speedy recovery
Jack of Goats
Five of hedgehogs
Seven of weasels
Queen of Foxes
Beguiling Joker
Deuce of donkeys
Watering day
Ashes, ashes, we all fall down
Meliae, the nymphs of ash trees
Grumpy chickadee
Suspicious gazebo
Ibex alert
Suave hedgehog
Sassy fruit
Opinionated vegetables
Unexpected familiar
Banana slug needs a hug
Launch the battlebots!
The big day
Sailing across the pond
Industrial revolution, fantasy style
mismatched buttons
goat in a coat with a stoat on a boat
Cybernetic dryad
Cheerful pooka
Tuxedo demon
Punk naiad
Recently read
We need more chairs
Iridescent scales
Cult of the Goat
Spring planting
Winter pruning
A symphony in lace
Snapdragon story
Glowing review
Impractical furniture
Starfish sunrise
Ferret adventure
Given a title
Baubles and buttons
I want one! / Do you want one?
Twists and turns
Perfect timing
It's looking at me?!
Nibble, nibble, like a mouse ...
Snacks for picky eaters
When I was six, my favorite ...
Honorary hedgehog
Gleeful goat
Found object art
Light a candle
To honor your ghosts
Harvest treasures
the cover of a coffeetable book of your art
a poster for your biopic
A wish regretted
Lost in the witchwood
Goat-herding ranger dealing with invasive plants
Dryad pruning the (poison?) ivy growing on her tree
Gargole gardener checking the church windowboxes
Ferrets have no sense of personal space
Salt and Pepper
Cuckoo cocoa
Tailcoat goat
Cinnamon: a love affair
Catastrophic snowball failure
Unlatched gate
Sweet talk
Ocean view
In the confines of the balloon basket, kept aloft by false promises
Cherry lip balm and pine smoke
the shoggoth in the kitchen
door to door unicorn salesman
tilting at windmills
a basket on the doorstep
Sweet talk
With bells on
Graffiti dragon
Dinner for six
You're expecting to hatch what, exactly?
Security perimeter
Sci-fi farmers' market
Pea shoots
Duckling daredevil
exotic seeds
squirrel of considerable sass
music box
Up to your elbows
All tucked in
Our journey
Time and/or Space
Fallen by the wayside
Against the grain
Fire in the hole!
The Onion Queen
The Rhubarb King
The Lavender Knave
The Swan Page
classical meets power metal
Escapees in the museum
Caught in the storm
The turnip truck
Chicken in transit
Chimera on the carousel
Instead of a parade
The handy hedgehog
Ani's Clankshop
Dragon, Blacksmith
Summer steps down
Brownie surprise
Merry mischief
Sleepy hatchling
Cast a net
Tie a knot
Amazing eggs
Word salad
Piping hot
With sprinkles on top
Apple and _______ pie
Ice castle
Snow fort
Toy soldier
Sealed up tight
In custody
Each night, the owls polish and refill the lamp
Spring mosaic
Herb garden
Fool me once ...
Storm tide
the goat climbed over the mountain
Warthog poet
Ferret jester
Dragon engineer
Robot librarian
Frog baker
Goat programmer
Troll tailor
mix and match
stick in the mud
stuck in the mud
playing in the mud
three seasons: winter, mud, and road construction
knotwork garden
community garden
claiming space to grow
Rolls like thunder
Hot city night
Cavern of wonders
Partners in crime
May I have an hour of your time?
Redo / Redraw
Wave your hands in the air
Regarding reflection
the last of the tomatoes
Hot cocoa
Raining, pouring
Chilly breeze
After the snow stopped falling
Sunlight and shadows
Treats please!
On the runway
Not in fashion
Stripes and spots
It's not easy being green
Breakfast surprise
Ready for takeoff
Peeking outside
Last one hatched
Built like a brick wall
Romping in the meadow
Response to another sketchfest piece
In need of a good scrubbing
Maybe if I only take one ...?
A tale of the tide
On the fire escape
Lyre, Liar
Gateway gambol
Misplaced troll
Queen of the Mountain
Inner six-year-old
When she touched the sky
His first star
Our last story
Making a home
Response (to another sketchfest piece)
Turtle trek
Troll treats
Hedgehog hopes
Goat gymble
Duck dance
Garden design
Charming and deadly
Poison arrow frog
Goat folly
In my pocket
Knight of the Crimson Sky
Keeper of Toadstools and Fairy Rings
Rainy day games
Geocaching (or letterboxing)
On the roof
Attic surprise
Best in the basement
With three copper pins
Climbing to the clouds
In her penumbra
Scattered seeds
Unlabeled box
I did not want to find that
End-of-season maintenance
Final fall fruits
From a box in the attic
A noise in the basement
At the back of the broom closet
Behind the radiator
Stashed under the bed
Hedgehog assistant
Corvid navigator
Caprine smith
Cephalopod cartographer
Feline decorator
Goblin driver
Troll mason
unexpected glee
a package on the doorstep
a sliver of history
through the gap under the door
at the back of the kitchen junk drawer

This artist has comments on the following prompts for Sketch Fest #129:

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