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Sketch Fest #128 will run January 22-24! (Today's date: 2021-01-21 03:29:49)

Sketch Fest #128 starts in: 1 days 9 hours and 30 minutes! Join the Facebook Event

Work by: Kerrie Rusk

This artist has left the following prompts:

Photo prompts here
Photo prompts here This month I've re-prompted the Rocky Point, and new prompts: Barn Owl, Marigolds and Niagara Falls with Rainbow.
Photo prompts here This month it is a dragonfly, cat behind asters and echinacea (purple cone flowers).
Photo prompts by KerStitch: 1) hawk and 2) cat.
Cat attacking/playing with dragon
The Destroyer
God[dess] for Indecisive People
I didn't get a chance to get up new photo prompts, so the hawk and cat from last time are still available here.
headache demons (the ones trying to work their way out/in of my head right now. :) )
massage therapy fairies
Just a reminder about my stock account loopyker-stock on deviantART . No restrictions for traditional artists except link to my account.
Photo prompts: A dog and a cat photo this time.
Fantasy creature as massage therapist or chiropractor.
trickle down effect
jet boots
Photo prompts: 2 cat photos and a heron photo
Photo prompts: 2 cat photos and a heron photo from last month. Sorry, didn't get time to put up new ones.
Photo prompts: 2 cat photos - a sleeping cat and a cat with an interesting looking upwards pose.
creation of a summer storm
To build a land
Beetles everywhere!
White Lilies
Long lost friends reunited.
alien parasite
Kitty in rocket ship.
Spider Bite
Kitty wants out.
Sailing around the world.
Homeless finds a home.
Saving a friend.
Rain barrels
Mr. Cat photo prompts here.
The wrong restaurant.
Need to do laundry.
Noise on the stairs.
cold hands
helping sick kitty
Photo prompts: 2 of Mr. Cat and one little bluette flowers
Making Jewellery
The new deck.
Making new friends
Cat/kitten in the daisies
Sunbathing dragon
white cat with spring flowers
time/calendar moving too fast
How do fantasy creatures do income tax?
flying fur
fantasy creature doing needlework
Dirty Kitty
Looky Lous
Trampled Flowers
sharp claws
oblivious cat
Mr. Cat and an orange cat photos:
Where did Spring go?
Tired eyes
Funny brain tumor
Housecleaning Help
Fantasy nurse/doctor/hospital
Mother-daughter friendship
Paperwork overload
Unique brain tumour
Wasp invasion
Dead tree
Kitty wants
I will be there for you.
Unique brain tumour
Candy wrappers
Fantasy bus
The Doctor
A Pain in the Neck
Happy kitty in the sun
Snow melt adventure
Frozen Falls
Your friendly fantasy creature optometrist
Cat meets fox
Fox family
Forget-me-not (flower or otherwise)
A new house!
Dinner invitation
Wedding plans
The proposal
The ring
Wedding party
Cleaning cobwebs
Bride in red dress
Territorial hummingbird
Wedding rings
Mr. Cat is on the move
Do fairies do dishes?
Hummingbird migrationi
Is that a brain tumour?
Fantasy stitching/needlework class
Sweeping spider webs
New world
Late husband
Lots of cat toys
Going to the movies

This artist has comments on the following prompts for Sketch Fest #128:

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