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Sketch Fest #49:
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Sketch Fest #50 starts in: 1 days 14 hours and 9 minutes! (April 25-27! 72 hours long!)
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What Big Eyes You Have
Liar Liar Pants on Fire
Bitter and Twisted
True Colours
The other side of the looking glass
Snow Flakes for Breakfast
i love spring
lollypop fairy
mirror mirror on the wall
Why don't they like me?
Silver Tears
I need a hug
Isaac Hempstead Wright in his glasses! :)
Winged Rose
cute girl with freckles and pigtails
puppy love
my little friend
tree climber
cute monster
odd toy
cute girly clown
a girl and her cat looking out a window
Dandelion Prince
Daffodil Fairy
Purplewinged angel
The beauty of spring
Portrait of your soul
Kill your heroes
synesthesia of sound
personalized jewelry
Celestial Tantrums
True forms
Stardust Tears
Only for the Stars in Your Eyes
Without You
The Last Dance
My Heart Is Broken
Moonlight and Silver Tears
An unusual pet makes a mess
Goblin King
fire rain
burning sky
spirit wolf and horse in the night
native american warrior
Birthday Party
tribal wolf dream catcher and eagle
You found a door, in the strangest of places!
My well is on a floating island
Lies of the mind
My house is a stump
Witch's cat
Weaponised Cupids
Feels like pins and needles in my heart
dance of the fairy cats
Numbat Party
whistling along
hidden treasure
Eden 2.0
Hatchling troubles
From Sorrow to Joy
Demon's Craft
Power to create, Power to destroy
Dragons, wolves, and lions, oh my!
the pyramid crumbles
Poisoned well
Under the peach tree
my shadow, my only companion
Lotus flower kimono maiden koi pond
Falling to oblivion
Tears in heaven
Lady of the lillies
My favorite hat
Dark horse
Somebody's hero
A bit of lace
Dragonfly lagoon
Mermaid with some unusual friends
Mr. Mouses House
Patchwork Princess
Your favorite literary character
The most beautiful exotic woman
Staring right through you
You're absolutely bonkers
A stack of animals
The Mermaids Headdress
Lovely goth
pop of colour
Your favorite fantasy creature
Flight of the Bumblebee
Harp playing Octopus
watercolour flowers
the bear's unexpected adventure
roller coaster
Lady of Whispers
Steampunk Rainbow
And the waves washed it all away
A walk in the woods
Try to catch a falling star
Buried alive
biker rabbit
Troll bridge
fairyland wheel of fortune
mother nature
Merpeople wedding
secret garden
hidden love
private moment
freckles and more freckles
Birthday Fairy!
A warm fireplace on a cold wintery night
Surviving Chaos
Double sword hot chickie
Sexy barmaid
dinosaurs in love
Give me a hug!
kitty parade
Easter "Bunny"
Where the $#@%$# is spring ?????
Hiding my killer instinct...
Waffel warrior !!!!!
Angel of Justice
Love (divine virtue)
The chosen one
The power of three
Soaring high (with you)
Nothing left but us
into the wild
vampire butterfly
cherry blossom
keep it cool
hidden message
bad taste
leaf fairy
I did not come to mourn you
Buried in bunnies
Hair like knives
Bad Hair Day
Dream Flower
Snake Off
Golden Butterfly
Ninja Street Art
Midweek Break!
berrylicious fairy
a sylph on the breeze
colourful creek
umbrella elevator
happy spring birds
happy spring bunnies
Picasso Fairy
Aren't you just a fun filled little lollipop triple dipped in psycho?
unlikely love
all those pearls!
hidden treasures
twisted fairy tale
circus burlesque
and not a single f**k was given that day
A candle goes out
Easter Egg Party
Tumble weed fairy
Spring time flowers
Midnight fairy
Harebell lanterns
Sailing away
Little gnome wearing colourful , patterned patchwork clothes
dragons crawling out of patterned easter eggs
a hop and a skip through tulip garden
Catch a falling star
Daffodil Hoppers
Sex appeal
The fairy that does your taxes for you
All the pretty girls get cut in half
Stained glass
Wings of dreams
Soul on fire
Cheeky little fairy
Moon basing mermaid
Mirror, mirror...
Dedicate this sketch to someone you care about
A party for introverts
Air Conditioning
Attempted Murder
Wing Studies
Not done yet
Great Adventure
Celestial calamity
Empty marker
Moebius dream
The prettiest turtle
Something Worth Celebrating!
Dressed for a party
Dreams of faeryland
Blue star
Time for all the monsters to come out and play!
Big nose
bad faeries
Ivy woman
Hootenanny in the Forest
secret path to faeryland
Upside down world
Birthday Bird
A family of a mother, father and two sons.
Hidden in the basement
Under Sea Celebration
Chameleon Totem
Fairies and Thorns
A boy called Little Bird
Birthday Kitty
The Pacifist Warrior
Happy Birthday!

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