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Sketch Fest #60:
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Sketch Fest #61 starts in: 13 days 4 hours and 8 minutes! (March 13-15)
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Coconut Crab
Love Bugs
Love is in the Water
Broken hearted
The Repudiated Immortals
Purple Rain
The Heart of The Ocean
Baking buddies
Love hangover
Passionate kisses
Snowflakes on eyelashes
Snow tomorrow
My love is your love
Almost there
One more day
You were right Mom
Love with no ending
A frown is a smile turned upside down
Yesterday I was smiling
Today's Sunshine
Tomorrow's Sorrow
End of Day
Field of flowers
The Dark Tower
Kiss me!
The love in his eyes
The Reflection
Fievel the Mouse
Elsa and Anna
The Diamond Halo Angel
Hands of the Bleeding Heart Rosary
The Longing Heart
The Shy Little Cherub
Heal my brokenness
The boy with the Cuckoo Clock Heart
Gatherer of Hearts
The angel's feather
Tears of The Bleeding heart Angel
My Soul's Embrace
Angel Boy Roses of White
Angel Soldier boy
Roses and celtic knots
"Oops" moment
sharpie adventures(what can you do with sharpies?)
lemon,lime time!
weaved waves
peek aboo,i see ewe!
valentine bee bop
Bran Stark as Cupid
Jenny from Bucky O'Hare
Heart shaped glasses
I love Spring
Girl with a heart shaped balloon
Adorable Elf
Animal with a mustache
Cute little dinosaur
Snowman cutie
The perfect dress
Book fairy
Lucy charm
Kitty in socks
Valentine Teddy Bear
Valentine Tree
Valentine fairy with freckles
Bohemian Rhapsody
Is she human?
Run or you will rust
Blue suede Shoes!
Stranger in the Night
The Gorillas are eating Celery
Queen of the Fairies
mushroom head
The devil lies in the detail
We sure are cute for two ugly people
Bloody nose
Jigsaw puzzle madness
I'm not an addict
What's in the box?
Chubby hug
Dance with a stranger
Romance & Danger
troll puffing dandelions
French toast alert system
Axolotl Escapade
Last dance
bee mine
Multi-colored hair
High kick
Frozen forest
Towering above the clouds
Hearts in her hair
Mushroom Grove
Heart of Pearls
Garland strand of flowers
Hearts on Fire
Celtic Spring
Dance With Me
Blue Eyes
Mermaid Easter
Dance of The Spring Flowers
easter egg hunt
Daryl Dixon
Frozen Moon
Twisted Fate
Bunny Love
hello darkness my old friend
Cold furry kitty
angel and fairy couple
enchanted carnival
celtic princess
Mouse in the House..
Fluttering Wings
Poured Into Purple
Goddess sized
Born of the moon
Lil Artiste
My brain is fried !!
Everlasting Love
Little Bird
Puppy Love
prince and squire
parliament of dreams
the left hand of darkness
Rose Gold
White Cabbage Rose
Fairy Water
Snow Hite and Rose Red
Whit and Red Rose Dress
Fantasy Wedding Gown
Pink Dress
Giveaway Hearts
Hide and seek
Tribal fox tattoo design
where the heck did THAT come from
banana slug warriors !!!
penguins riding a polar bear
I told you not to lick that !!!!
it's way too cold for that sort of thing !!!!
looks like the line fairy threw up.
hey !!!! where did those pencils go ????
you can't sketch in a bathtub !!
Scary dragon
Mermaid Hula Dancers (people I am pet sitting for are in Hawaii)
Larry/Barry and Mary/Carrie - couples
Valentines Day Gift.... for a Vampire! Or for a fairy, mermaid, witch, werewolf, ghost, etc.
Hearts and Flowers
Red Hot Heart
50 shades of pencils
Longing for the Tropicals
Trying to forget
What would you do in a dream/Lucid dream?
Winter sunset
Can't I have just a bite...?
Feeling lonely
Miss January
Better Than A Dream
Valentine Bat
Valentine Owl
New Beginning
Magic Beans
Don't make me get my flying monkeys
Superhero Princess
The door
Givng away the best that I have
Original Sin
The first bloom
Turtle tower
Bubblelicious Mermaid
In flames
White Rose Fairy
Lips as Red as the Rose
All you see is gone
Chocolate Fairy
Red Velvet Cake Fairy
Unspoken words
Perfectly imperfect
Shaman's Necklace
Ancient Egypt
Midnight Visitor
Happy trolls and goblins
Roses are blue.. violets are..... red?
Milady de Winter
Costumed Couple
Chinese New Year
Mermaid's Nightmare
Make a Wish
My Best Friend is a Mythical Creature
Little Fairy's First Flying Lesson
Elven Beauty
The fairie`s gift
"Reading Rainbow" theme song (http://youtu.be/vwrybM6tL-8)
Broken hearted fool
Magic comes in all colors
Ivy and Roses
A twinkle in her eye
Dragon love
Moonlight Sweethearts
A Mystical Love
Chocolate heaven
Red red rose
Draw Me Again (recreation of an old sketch)
Jekyll and Hyde
Spring Flowers

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