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Sketch Fest #58:
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Crazy Cat Lady ;)
Melting Warmth
Christmas songs
Sister mine
Artistic encounter
Secret magic for just you and me
Beautiful monster
A Knight in Frozen Armor
Fairyland Festival in the Snow
UFO Dudes Attempt to Land on a Snowy Mountain Without Their Landin Gear
Why Numbats Shouldn't Eat Frozen Ants (Don't Slick Your Tongue on That!)
Snow Flowers
Ice Sledding Downhill
Puppy Playing in the Snow
I was only trying to help
Bobsledding Otters
The Ferret Did It!
harbinger of ruin
wicked princess
Winter Dress
Tea Time!
The Grump
Dark Prince
Toxic Fairy
The Greatest Joy
three Christmas Ghosts
Christmas Ruby Tears
colorful snow
Snow Bunnies!!!
Some trees grow strange fruit......
Red Cardinals in the snow
multicolored hairstyle
midnight moonlight
Golden Eyes
Love at first Bite
clockwork Seahorse
Winter Dance
November winds
December dreams
fighting cancer
donut fairy
alone at christmas.......again
cute elf
christmas stocking fairies
bunny riders
i love christmas!
reindeer ride
Girl with Headphones
A Baby Badger
A Beast of Burden
This Lion needs a Shave
A brown Bear in the Gallery!
Elk Prince
Frozen Memories
Winter Prince
In the wind
Darkness falls
Glittering Rain
Love at first sight
Hawaiian christmas
Winter Mermaid
Magical Candy Land
Dragon's First Christmas
Yule Mermaid
O Christmas Tree
Christmas magic
Australian Bush Christmas
Dogs with bees in their mouths and when they bark they shoot bees at you
Loaded baked potato
ice elemental pangolin
the cutest christmas tree
adorable elf girl
christmas puppy
christmas house
the cutest snowman
wrapped up in lights
my Christmas stocking
Christmas kitty
the perfect Christmas present
polar bear with a scarf
Christmas dress
Frost Extravaganza
Hopeful, always hopeful
Lost in her Dreams
The Last Arrow
Let it go!
Termite Control
Bum Gnats
Blood on the snow
Tentacle hair
Fluffy rat pile
Fairy Rat
winter sweets
snow bird
Christmas unicorn
seashells and mermaid
fairy mandala
Star Empress
Moon Empress
Sun Empress
Ice Wind
Miracle all around us
A touch of cold
Frosted Stars
Steaming mug of hot chocolate
Cute elf's magical hat
Mischievous Snow Fairy
Woodland elf in a winter outfit
reflections in the water
You are naughty!
Wish List
Winter Bride
Dreamy Night
Create a sketch with a splash of your favourite colour
Gift of Giving
Winter fairy's bad hair day
Silver Fox
Winter's Tale
Icy Wings
Industrial building/complex (power plant, oil refinery, paper mill, etc)
A magical land
Pretty Elf Fairy
buried by time
a tragic end
Santa's little helper
Christmas Hairstyle
Christmas Stockings
Winter Hair
Braided Hair
Sailor Mars
stained glass windows
Super Star Destroyer
sunset in the desert
You Can't See the World Through a Mirror
It's Lonely Being the Only Lonely Person in the World
Moving On
The Writer's Thrill
Your Hidden Self
Dragon at work
Sleeping 'till spring
Storytime with Aunt Pattern
A quiet Winter walk
Baby dragons and Christmas crackers
Frosty gown
mulled vine
Snow globe crystal
I am dancing with myself
happy dance
Christmas sunset
Festive candles
The Candy Cane Cherub
The Christmas kiss
Sweetest snow couple
Mountain sledging (Torn World)
Alone is the heart
Snowflake tears
Snow cats (Torn World)
Frosted leaves
MIssing Thee
Tinsel dreams
Angel boy dragging a Christmas Tree
Snowflake Dancers
Angel mine
Snow monster
Teen Angel Boy holding snowflake
Down a wintry road
Snowflake friends
A Mother's Tears
Teen boy Angel...The Christmas Soldier
A life Within
born into the light
Dancing in softly drifting snowflakes
Snaggly Sweet tooth
The Thanksgiving Angel
I'm Stuffed
The boy with the cuckoo clock heart
Angel boy in the eyes of innocence
MY Blue Angel boy
To love is to lose
Vampire Kisses
The Thirst
Tea for One
3 little Pigs
My darkest Hour
Frog Prince
Mark upon the Soul
robot armadillo
geometric design
Lilies in the Wood
Angels heart
A knitted scarf
Christmas Love
My little sketch book
Colors of winter
Gift of Love
Vlad the Impaler
Last of his kind
cross country skiing
Whimsical Winter
Wolf Moon
The Christmas Fairy
The first snow
Snow Dragon

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