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Sketch Fest #111 will run July 26-28! (Today's date: 2019-08-20 18:16:13)

Sketch Fest has ended! Stay tuned for the next event!

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Unicorn Jewel
Amazons take to the Sea
Guardian of the Cookie Jar
Mandala Tattoo
Dark Fairy~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
They blew it up
Running from Dragons
Hunting~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Evacuate the Proletariat
A Juggernaut in Mourning
Running With Wolves
Haunted Doll
Mirror Image
Curious Kitties
Girl on a Tree Swing~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Flamingo with a flower headdress
Flamingo with a d
Llama with a flower headress~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
The Little Red Hen~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Extremely localized showers.....
Lilac Springs Chicken Resort
Gnomes Do Not Dance!!!~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Things I’ve found in the garden~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Desert Unicorn
Geyser Dragon
Grasshopper ~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Star Mermaid~ 1 claims
A Man, a Goat, a Cabbage, a Boat. Also, a Dragon.
Summer meltdown
Rainbow unicorn~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Painted face~ 1 sketches~ 3 claims
Mermaid portrait~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Mermaid in a fishbowl~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Teacup mermaid
Galaxy~ 1 claims
The prettiest little witch~ 1 claims
The witches
Floral tattoo~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
The fanciest lady
The Queen
Mermaid~ 1 sketches~ 3 claims
The tiniest creature
Your favorite sweet
Jellyfish parade~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Octopus friend
Reach for the stars~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Fairy light
Pelican with flowers
Fantastic flamingo~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
The darkest dark~ 2 sketches~ 2 claims
Book of Shadows page
Storybook page
Lord of Havoc~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Dragon & Unicorn friendship~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Magic words
Ways to stay cool
Lady in a pink and black spotted dress with a beautiful black hat ~ 4 sketches~ 6 claims
An assortment of sea shells
Siamese cat
A little girl looking out the window
Groot ~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Colbalt blue wolf eyes~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
A black fairy silhouette in front of a pink and gold sunset ~ 2 sketches~ 2 claims
Trojan horse
A Horses Eye
Dragonfly Tattoo Design~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
David Bowie The Goblin King~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Making magic happen
Little girl and her doll~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
By the babbling brook~ 3 sketches~ 4 claims
It’s too hot!~ 1 claims
The Dragons Lair
Fortune teller (Enchanted Visions)~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
wild flowers
Hot and grumpy fairy
Tree fairies
wizards tower~ 2 sketches~ 3 claims
Mr Toads new shoes
Vintage~ 2 sketches~ 3 claims
Fox~ 2 sketches~ 2 claims
Gnome~ 1 claims
Ruins~ 2 sketches~ 2 claims
Water sprite~ 1 claims
Fairy Dust
Shimmer~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Straw hat
Summer Fishin'~ 2 sketches~ 2 claims
Sugary Sweet
Mushroom Witch~ 2 sketches~ 2 claims
Queen of Cats~ 3 sketches~ 3 claims
Baticorn~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
A Dark & Stormy Night~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Ice Cream Dreams~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Kitten Cuddles~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Puppy Love
Love's First Kiss
Mermaid's Tea Party
Butterfly Faeries~ 3 sketches~ 4 claims
witch's holiday
storm fairy~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
broom flying lesson
lotus flower mermaid~ 2 sketches~ 3 claims
the Picnic at Hideaway Hedge
the Hobgoblin's Hammock
selkies sipping smoothies in a silken summer
from one garden to another, and the door in the wall
Whale Camp
Fish Kites
the Well-Dressed Dragon~ 2 sketches~ 2 claims
Centaur of attention~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
I put a spell on you~ 2 sketches~ 2 claims
A pink elephant in a purple tu-tu riding a tricycle~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
The fairy in multi color stockings~ 3 sketches~ 5 claims
Migraine fairies~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
The dragon and the kitty~ 2 sketches~ 3 claims
The dragon mermaid fairy witch~ 1 claims
Well, that's gonna leave a scar
Gothic Elf~ 3 sketches~ 6 claims
Jewelled Dragon~ 2 claims
What's in that box?~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Her hair blowing gently in the breeze...~ 2 sketches~ 5 claims
The most unusual mermaid
Cute Nerdy Fairy~ 2 sketches~ 5 claims
Magical Underwater Creature
Ocean Stars~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Butterfly Garden~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Water Lily Goddess
Just wondering ~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Catch the falling star!~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
In love
Down the rabbit hole~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Petals of Fire Flower
Pearl Fairy~ 1 sketches~ 2 claims
Moon Fox~ 4 sketches~ 7 claims
Fighting the evil
The blue fox carried by a balloon~ 2 sketches~ 3 claims
Hand holding a landscape
The beauty of the mountains~ 1 claims
A rabbit blowing up a balloon~ 1 sketches~ 1 claims
Flying elephant

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