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Sketch Fest #63:
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Dip Dyed Hair
Hedgehog witch
A minotaur named "Jorma"
Night swimming
Castle prisoner
Figment of Time
Frogs Down a Well
"Deer Girl" (A cute purple bjd face with thick lashes, freckles and antlers)
"Unicorn Girl" (A cute purple bjd face with thick lashes and unicorn ears/unihorn)
Deep from the dancing shadows, a tune came trickling
under the sea
Unicorns Knitting
Teapot Dragon
Fairy shepherd and village girl
A fairy with hair that is dark and long
calling the bees
suddenly summer
sea monsters
Plain Jane
Roses for Mother
The boy with the Cuckoo Clock Heart
The Healer of Broken Hearts
The longing Heart
In my Child's eyes
Loving you
Into the light
Kisses from Heaven
Music in the wind
shadow of Despair
Teen Angel boy
Crown of Tears
Never Forgotten
Lady Tears of Grace
Tears of the Bleeding heart Angel
The Youngest & The Oldest
field of flowers
Gazing into your eyes
Into the woods we go!
Tortoise Crazy World
La Cuerda Floja
Absinthe (Enchanted Visions' theme)
A resting red Lion
A Stork on her Nest
Three Impala's
Four Horses
Dance on a Volcano
Kissed by the Sun
Love knows no limits
The White Swan
Turquoise Mermaid
Counting Butterflies
Forever young at heart
I'll hold you up
She is Fierce
Saving the stars
Gun powder
Gears and levers
Gothic beauty
Out of the ashes
Fairy Dragon
Marker madness
Magical Clouds
Just the girls
In the dark
Clock tower
Blue rose
Grey Cat
Monster in the closet
Egyptian Beauty
Sailor Suit
Yesterday's gone
After the Rain
The Owl and the Pussycat
Scarlet Witch
Roses and Pearls
Purple Power
Star Dust
Lost at Sea
Rainbow Brite
Anne Shirley Loves Gilbert Blythe
Pink Hair
...and the clock ticks on
A May Fairy
Queen of May
There was a noise. And it was a goat.
Steampunk Rapunzel
Creating Magic
Medieval Romance
New beginnings
Last day together
A flower for you
Good vs Evil
Her Secret Place
Dream Weaver
Mother's Love Unspoken
Lost in Thought
She become the colors of sunset
She told the story with "battling" elements, but the truth was otherwise
The moment they met, they knew they'd made uneccesary and erroneous assumptions
Dinner invitation
A new house!
Forget-me-not (flower or otherwise)
Fox family
Cat meets fox
Whimsical mouse
Breezy in Blue
Sea Glass
Faire Maiden
Hiding under the Poppies
Feminine Fantasy
Cowgirl Faerie
Tricking the Nestlings
A swinger of birches
tarot card : the Moon
Escaping the terrarium
dragon queen
butterfly crown
gothic mermaid
tears of pearls
book of secrets
dragonfly wings
Urban artist
Mother of all storms
Those stains belong there
The tiniest bird
Hugs heal
There's four of us
little seahorse
Those Eyes
Fairy Tail Big Eyed Princess
A Girl in a Zentangle Dress
Fairy Tail Princess
Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs
The gnome waggled your eyebrows
queen of roses
Fantasies of California rains
beyond the stars
bed of roses
...and a clock where her stomach ought to be.
Why is the rum gone?
Twinkle, twinkle, little paramecium
support of friends are worth more than gold
and life goes on............
Kiss the unicorn!
I'll be watching over you
the end and a new beginning
holding hands til the end
the last breath
The hare of my dreams.
Who are you little one?
an angel by my side
Th greatest expectation
The shining beauty
heartbreak of loss
God bless the nurses! they do stuff no sane person would.
my mommy is always in my heart
graveyard goodbye
catgirl pile
parrott riders
sun sure was hot today
different sun....same view
The Spirit of Spring.
Helping others.
Wisteria Life
Have a nut!
Joy of Spring
The beauty of the Universe
King of Spades
Jewelled Dress
I like dreaming......
Long Pretty Hair
Indigo Fantasy
Night Owl
Hummingbird Dragon
Dancing on All the Edges
Other side of the door
Enjoying the sunset
Pink Parasol
Fairy Dream
Queen Bee
Enchanted Mirror
Medieval Style Unicorn
Rosy Cheeks
Doll Face
A Sweet Moment
Ancient Truths
Chocolate Fairy
Universe Calling
Bluebell Fairy
Happy Fathers Day
Late May Evening
The Warmest Summer Rain
sparkling crown
Lovely Heart
The sweetest singing bird.
A dream of owls
Florals and Butterflies
Strange New World
Your favorite song
The Mouseketeer
Draw anything
Pirate Girl
Little Shop of Horrors
Dark Wings
Power of Voodoo
Something Cute
Vampire Candy
Maid Marian
in Grandfather's chair
giggles in the garden
hummingbird guide
as unlike as could be
Lil Bat
Cupcake Cutie
Lilac Fantasy
A Father's Love
In the Shadows

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