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Sketch Fest #56:
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Sketch Fest #56 starts in: 0 days 0 hours and 0 minutes! (Oct 15-16! A special, bonus EMG birthday bash!)
Sketch Fest #57 will be October 31-Nov 2
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My Little Friends
Firefly Home
haunted cemetery
On the edge of darkness........
Dance Macabre
Halloween Mermaid
Trick or Treat
Numbat Dreaming
teaching magick
Rat and spider in a western face-off
A ratty Halloween
The resting Wart-hog
Portrait of a Lioness
A Meerkat keeping Watch
The Puma on the Edge
A Minstrel in the Gallery
dancing with autumn leaves
Dracula's nightmare
bitten by seduction
tending the roses
the angel's treasure box
the witches brew
tears of the mourning
The vampiress
spirit in the shattered window
Goddess of the temple of tears
A mother's prayer
The boy with the cuckoo clock heart
The healing heart
angel in the mist
the bleeding heart boy angel
Hourglass of tears
scary but breautiful!
Halloween stockings
bride of chucky
lady of the night
Half a skeleton face
Rose and Cookie
sugar skull
Paper Moon
Drinking Age
Night Light
Live again
Lucky Love
Black and White
The Mask
Autumn Beauty
Ghost House
Spooky treats
Bump in the Night
Ticket Please
Winter Wonderland
A Tim Burton(esque) Landscape
Making Mischief
Belle Of The Halloween Ball
Shadow Play
Bride of Frankenstein
Cute Catkin
Steampunk Detective
broken gadgets
Corvidae and Scarecrows
Marvelous Mad Scientist
Frolicksome Forest Fae
ghostly gazebo
Itty bitty batties
cute trick or treaters
Monster Ball
Halloween Mask
Vampires, you know you wanna draw some ;)
Witchy Moon
kitties and candies
monster friend
black cat with pumpkins
My sweet Honey Bee
Wicked Ways
Ruby Wings
Fairy sitting on a pumpkin
spiderweb dress
a cat in a halloween costume
a house decorated for halloween
odd hat
halloween treat
cute halloween costume
Forbidden Hall
Cute Machines
Popular drinking song at the local zombie bar: 99 bottles of BRAINS on the wall, 99 bottles of BRAINS. If one of those bottles should happen to fall, 98 bottles of BRAINS on the wall...
My Zombie Bridegroom
Serpent Witch
Seastars Falling (http://www.pbs.org/newshour/updates/alaska-safe-sea-stars/)
Marshmallow Moon
Snoopy and the Red Baron
My little Girl's Dead of the Dead
My ZoDEAD Bridegroom
The House is ALIVE!
The prettiest unicorn of them all
It's a Hound!
Designing the moon
Shake the box
Hallow Moon
The Creeper
Ellen's Escape
Tea Time
The Freak Show
The Germy Sprite
When yo mix two potions...
The Most Beautiful Eyes
The City Witch and the Country Witch
Sorry to break the news, but...
cute and cuddly monster
In Angel's Arms
Earth Tones
I can't help it!!
Swirly Pattern
Timeless Ocean
Dancing in the Rain
Masked Hunter
Sepia Coloured Memory
Head in the Clouds
Hippo in a bathing suit
My Undead Friends
Creepy Clown
Ghastly Ghost
Draw or paint your halloween costume you will wear on halloween
Halloween Party
October birthdays
Pink Tutu
How many candles?
daughter of the night
born from the waves
Birthday Bash!
Autumn fairy's delicate wings
Happy Birthday Sketch fest !
pumpkin party
Briar Rose
All Hallow's Eve

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