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Saint Patrick meets Medusa
Easter Unicorn
A dark warrior angel, who has faced many battles but always made it through.
Somber Sunset
Tender of the bleeding hearts
child of bliss
destiny awaits
I'll see you in my dreams
Zentangled or doodled four leaf clover
Irish Magic
It was the biggest easter egg ever! Except it was hatching...
You're going to need a bigger boat!
Pie Day (since there are already 2 pi day prompts :) )
What really happens on Friday The Thirteenth...?
I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog too!
Easter Bilby
Chickens and baby Goat
sexy easter bunny
You can so sketch in a bathtub!
A Day at he Beach!
pot of gold!
Spring is here!
I adore you
Irish Eyes are smilling
Dragon easter eggs
Mirror, mirror on the wall
Swimming in the Moonlight
Just Jammin' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lYKRPzOi1zI
i need a visit from the positive energy fairy.
Pi Day! 3.14.15 at 9:26:53
Shamrock Bellydance
A black and white Heron
Under Eagle Owl Attack!
A Giraffe and her young One
A Statue of a Wolf
Old Shoes
Musical Fruit
Wild dance of Woodsprites
Magic Fruit
Magic Mushroom
Angel of Forgiveness
Daisy fairy
Green eyed elf
The Clover King/Queen
unicorn and friends
The Witch Next-Door
The Snow Dragon
Time keeps ticking
My toolbox
She cried
Silver orchids
The tattoo
Hand in hand
Seven silver pins to anchor the threads of a dream to the fabric of the night
Spring fever
Leaving a hole
The perfect storm
Petals in the wind
Sitting pretty
Musical genious
cross stitch fairy
why am I still awake at 1:30am ???
sid and his girlfriend
if I lay here long enough, will the pain go away ????
the new spring dress
beautiful women wishing me a happy birthday
I don't want to get out of bed !!!
beautiful irish barmaid
the birthday fairy struck again
where did that sneaker come from ????
I think the groundhog kidnapped the spring fairy. !!!!
Spring in the Air
Shamrock Umbrella
I See Spots in the Bush
Mermaid Easter
Dance of the Planets
Moon Magic
spring in her step
Angel of the Bleeding Hearts
Tears of the Broken Heart
The remembrance
The boy with the Cuckoo Clock Heart
Close to my Heart
The Beckoning
Crown of Thorns
A Mother's Prayer
Eyes of the Soul
The Easter Angel
Beyond this World
Blue eyed Teen Angel boy
AT LAST, SIR TERRY, WE MUST WALK TOGETHER. Terry took Death's arm and followed him through the doors and on to the black desert under the endless night. The End. - Rhianna Pratchett's Twitter announcement of her father's passing
Alien Merchant
"Fantasy isn't just about wizards and silly wands. It's about seeing the world from new directions" - Sir Terry Pratchett - RIP :(
Freeze Ray
Gaia's Love
Interstellar Space Heroes
Baby Unicorns
Spring Dance
Numbat Easter
PLEASE someone draw Bran Stark in Jesus robes because reasons
My heart aches in sadness and secret tears flow...
What Dreams are Made of ...
Twinkle Toes
Catch a Falling Star
Playing Pixies
A Mouse and a Kitty
Lavender Fantasy
Dancing with Pink Ribons
Princess Kidnapping A Dragon
Magic Circle
Vampire Squid
Happy Birthday, Edward!
A cute little mermaid girl
Innocent Beauty
Lost in Fairyland
The Dream During Equinox
Silver Green
Fanning the Flames
High up in the sky
Cherry blossoms
Puppy eyes
An elven prince with long silver hair
An angel with the most beautiful blue eyes
Fairy tale: an alternate ending
Victorian dress
Tickled Pink
brushes & tools (what are the things you use to create?)
Ogg-ham script
Tokyo moon memories
raven's trade with crow
blue shell
Dreaming of You
Spring is coming
flower dress
sun on spring snow
Dancing Dryads
Angel of Flowers
Lion and the Lamb
Irish God/Goddess
The Secret Keeper
In your arms
Garden gate
irish mermaid
Space Kitty
superhero tea party
Okay, that is WAY too specific a prompt!
Book of Songs
Leaf Dresses
Bunny Love
Seasons in Jars
Wolf Riding
Fairy Spell
River Maiden
Cat & Box: the Battle
Spotted Belly
Clean ALL the things!!!!!!
Cloud Walkers
I have to finish the others first!
Coloring eggs
Fire Maiden
Selfportrait -- Gustav Klimt style
Easter Love
First signs of spring
Selfportrait -- Minion
My daddy is stronger than your daddy
Magical pencils
Petal Dancers
New sharpners
Oldfashioned puppet / toy
Buttercup Fairies
Spring Goddess
The Tiring Twosome
Old lady cat
This glass is half broken
Your friendly fantasy creature optometrist
A cupboard of collectibles
Troll BFFs
Flowers in unusual places
Socks, socks, socks everywhere!
Saber-toothed Tiger at the Dentist
Frozen Falls
These glasses don't fit
Snow melt adventure
Wannabe Unicorn
Dolphin & Seal friends
Happy kitty in the sun
Candlelight Carcasses
Alien Princess
A Pain in the Neck
Doors to Elsewhere
This black cat just got lucky
Autumn Goddess
Witch of the Wilds
When we sang together
Rhinoceros assassin
Costume of Vines
we haz ur back !
never give up......never surrender
you are not in this fight alone
you can't sketch in a bathtub !!
pink ribbon warrior
In gold and ashes I came
Pi Day
Sleep well and sweet dreams little fox...
The turtle and the mushrooms
Mushroom party
Wolf in fox fur
The looks of love
Rite of passage ceremony
haunted castle
Space pirates
Cute dimples
The last one
Shamrock Fairies
Big Beautiful Wings
Cute Little Leprechaun
The Power In Her Eyes
Wild Flower Fairy
Wild Strength
The Oddity
Fairy with Mushrooms
Spring Fae
The Skull
Giraffe jamboree
Bunny Snuggles
Moonlight Fantasy
Eyes of Gold
Naughty Nymph

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