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Wishing Ellen a speedy recovery
The Golden Toad
Oroborus, (Dragon or snake eating its own tail)
The Sun and the Moon
The Unicorn The Phoenix and the Hare
The Unicorn, The Stag and The Forest
Unconditional Love
In Another Dimension
A Kind Stranger
My True Self
I'm Secretly A Unicorn....
Spirit Guide
Alchemical Transmutation
Wash Away My Tears
Old Wounds Healing
Sweet Surrender
When A Unicorn Cries
Love Heals All
Phoenix has Risen
Peace On Earth
I'm never getting that sweater, am I?
Sea Forest
My Wooden Spaceship
Reflected in Her Eyes
Angel boy my boo heart
A mother's Prayer
The bleeding heart grieves
Tears of remembrance
Tears of rememberance
Angel Body Loving thee
The Mourning After
God's Hand
God's Hnad
The World Weeps
Angel eyes
The heart remembers
Lost in your eyes
Rose of my Heart
Angel of Loss
In the Style of a Wall Tapestry
Candy Sprinkles on Top
Pandora's Movers
The Sea Darkly Washes Over Timeless Ruins on a Far Distant Shore
Tears of joy
Anam Cara
Midnight Rhapsody (EV theme)
The jumpy mushroom
Mermaid`s rest
Show me your teeth
I love you
Cozy cottage
Safe & Warm
Faery lights
Ice skating faeries
Sleeping Grizzly Bear
I am a Robot
Lonely Tree
They arrested me when I was in my grave! (Tom Waits)
Never drive a car when you're dead! (Tom Waits)
Carrying the flame of love
Saint by my side
Father Winter
Yule Queen
The Holly and the Ivy
In our prayers
Rowantree Spirit
Wings of Light
Angel of Crystals
The Light in the palm of your hands
Angel of Mercy
She cried silently
Aurora Borealis
Night sky
Forrest fairy
Cherry red lips
Snowflakes in his hair
Winter solstice
Patterns in the ivy
The harvest
A hot cup of tea
Camouflage Christmas tree
Snowman family
Fleeing deer
Dark water
Caught by the night
So dreamy
Some strange fishes.
Oh the weirdness
Temple of the Spork
Seasons greetings from Atlantis
Australian Christmas tips: sleigh rides without reindeer or snow
A very furry Christmas to you!
Holiday traditions in Elbonia
Thanksgiving dinner by the numbers
Enchanted Swimming Hole
White Stag
Winter Goblin
Sleeping Fairy
What You Would Do In A Lucid Dream
A Chance Encounter
Little Tomboy
kitten showing puppy who's boss
fairy friends
Rose Red
A Crisp Breeze
Holiday Crown
Spearmint Fairy
Bundled in a cozy scarf
seashells and mermaid
Dark goddess Morgana
Winter owls
Hypnotic fairy
Winter goddess
Christmas Mice
Dragonfly goddess
The Enchantress
Kittens playing
Winter Mouse
Star Chaser
Faerie door or house
Woman of Mystery
Sprite playing in the leaves
Yule Greenman
Arctic Mermaid
This black cat has secret stripes
Snow Fairy
Christmas Lantern
candles in the dark
nightmare before christmas
Love and Hopes and Prayers for our Friends in France
Cindy Lou Who
Forest of Magical Creatures
Heart Earrings
Sparkling Wings
Elven Girl's Fancy Christmas Hairdo
Owl Rider
Magical Winter Night
Robe of Feathers
Icicle Crown
Snow Queen
Fairy's Winter Dress
Gift of Love
White Christmas
Holly Princess
Peppermint Dragon
Whimsical Wonderland
A Batty Christmas
moonlight princess
cute winter fairy and a snowball
I'll remember you
amber eyes
peace to all my friends to make them happy.....peace to all my enemies just to piss them off !!!
merry anything
the tree nymph's christmas blessing
my brains hurt
a happy merry Christmakanzihanukimas day
the purple crayon tasted funny this year
a gorila in a purple tutu carving the thanksgiving aligator with a banana
the bee family thanksgiving
missing mom at thanksgiving
I'm thankfull for all my sketchfest friends !!!!
my sweet dragon
sexy pilgrim lady
Traveling without moving
sexy native american lady
flowers all around
her hot stockings are melting the snow
the winter travelers
King of Goats
snuggled up by the fire while it snows outside
snuggle weather
how to lose a snowball fight
the dragons of winter
winter witch
a girl and her puffy cloud dress
visions of stocking fairies danced in his head
candy cane witch
candy cane fairy
cute little fairy and her mushroom house
Her Christmas stockings were. hung by......ooooooooo, her Christmas stockings....ummm.....wait, what was I saying ????
Stop and smell the roses
Racing snails
Your favorite shoes
I am that is
Redwall Abbey
Hourglass of time
Marker and ink
Sketch book
Animals in the snow
Buttered Popcorn
Dinosaur Fun
Your favorite holiday movie
Holiday Princess
Love in her eyes
Holiday Elf
Winter Angel
Bramble Sprite
Tomb Raider
Winter Fairy with Violet Eyes
Cardinal in the snow
A House for a Mouse
Time Traveler
Hot Scott
Happy Little Cactus
Walking in the snow
Desert Wanderer
Red Panda
Snowy Owl
Lady Gaga from American Horror Story
Among the Lily Pads
Dragon Rider
Johnny Depp From Pirates of the Carribbean
Follow your feet
Edward Scissorhands
Little bug, big head
Gleaming in the firelight
Distracted by mustard seeds
Spear phishing
Spear fishing

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