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Sketch Fest #129 will run March 26-28! (Today's date: 2021-03-06 02:22:24)

Sketch Fest #129 starts in: 20 days 9 hours and 37 minutes! Join the Facebook Event

Work by: Ellen Million

Ellen is the big name in the title, the head cheese. Mmm... cheese. She lives in Alaska, in a house she built with her husband in a birch forest. They have a precocious daughter and a lot of dead houseplants.
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D20 Dragon
D20 Dragon
by Ellen Million
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Leopard Gecko dragon
Leopard Gecko dragon
by Ellen Million
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Forest Pool
Forest Pool
by Ellen Million
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Galaxy Unicorn
Galaxy Unicorn
by Ellen Million
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by Ellen Million
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This artist has left the following prompts:

Arabian Nights. (Why yes, the next coloring book IS in that theme. *looks innocent*)
A hot cup of tea
Winter Solstice
Arabian Nights (our next coloring book theme!)
Gryphons (our next EMG-Zine theme!)
Finger Monsters
Tea with a troll
A Sketch Fest logo!
Lucky 13!
A Sketch Fest Fairy
Nights, Arabian
Secret wishes
A taste of summer
Feathers and Fire
A good bounce
Fantasy Plants
Reflections (upcoming EMG-Zine theme!)
monsterus minimus
Your favorite fairy tale
Tea for Three
First Snow
Stars of Destiny
Bumblebee Baby
Caught in Amber
Brain full of code
Gateway to Fairyland
Yule Magic
Tropical fish fairy
Teething Terror
Finger Monsters
Centaur Rider
Something wild and wonderful
Giving up something you love
A touch of glamor
Morning Rituals
A safe place
Desert Caravan
A giant metal turtle
Alpine Beauty
Guppy had other plans...
The Last Minute is the Longest
Citrus Celebration
Guppy versus Velcro
Sea Monsters!
Prompt Monster
Apples of Earth
The Big Melt
Candy Wrappers
Taking a Guppy to a Doctor
Wild ride
Cold drink on a hot day
Dragon's Jewel
A different kind of genie
Good Morning!
Picking Stars
Never rains, but it pours.
An ice-skating unicorn
Last harvest of summer
A birthday cake!
Layers like onions
A secret place
The last leaf
Sharing a secret
Your favorite color, your favorite animal!
Wind and snow
Part of something bigger
A Christmas Spell
Candles in the dark
Something Worth Celebrating!
Sea monster month!
A gift to cheer someone up!
A dark promise
Coloring book page
Back to School
Drinking Age
Mysterious Eyes
A Tail as a Paintbrush
I need a cookie!
Sea monster dance
Pi Day
sun on spring snow
sea monsters
suddenly summer
calling the bees
Dragonfly Day
Trying New Things
No Cookie for YOU
Winter creeps in...
The to-do list fights back...
danger lurks
sea monster month
Shadows on the Snow
Sweet Nothings
Your favorite mistake
Monster Madness
Ellen with a hammer
Missed the Bus
Bones of Inspiration
Sea Monster Sweets
Beneath the Surface
Riding a sea monster
A battle with a sea serpent
Washed ashore
Pouring sunshine, rays of rain
A moosicorn
A snow-unicorn stomp
Blue eyes
Back in the saddle
One quarter trouble
A whirlpool of roses
I can fix it!
Test prompt
Fingers crossed!
A sleepy morning
Things never go as planned.
My Heart
White nights
Enchanted ivy
Bumble bees and ballet
The unexpected destination
A broken refrigerator!
A terror of skykittens
Lions and tigers and...?
Birch trees and bumblebees
A king!
False spring
A splash of ink
Something spicy
A galaxy creature
Queens and cats and raven bones
Dragons drinking tea
Nature's first green is gold...
Something with wings!
A glass of stars
Happy Anniversary!
Falling leaves
A safe place
Something tiny
Flower in snow
Ellen's squashing bugs!

This artist has comments on the following prompts for Sketch Fest #129:

Fantasy coloring books from Ellen Million Graphics Get a pre-made portrait, ready to go! A 48 hour creative jam for artists An e-zine for fantasy artists and writers A shared world adventure

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