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Sketch Fest #129 will run March 26-28! (Today's date: 2021-03-04 10:12:46)

Sketch Fest #129 starts in: 22 days 1 hours and 47 minutes! Join the Facebook Event

Work by: Geeky Bat

I was turned onto Sketchfest in August, 2012 by the lovely Milkycat, and am now completely addicted. I love sketching, and I love the community here! =3

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This artist has left the following prompts:

Christmas Couture
Winter in Wonderland
Cinnamon Spice
Cookies and Milk
Ibizan Hound
Harley Quinn
Storm of the XMEN
If You Were a Super Hero
If You Were a Super Villain
Twilight Sparkle
Purple Passion
I Am Iron Man
Black Drafter Unicorn
Jack Skellington
Something Egyptian
Leopard Spots
Tiger Stripes
Tuxedo Cat
Merida from Brave
Water Fairy
Dark Elf
Iron Man Inspired
Dark Archer
Dreaming of Autumn
Egyptian Fairy
Oriental Mermaid
Your Favorite Disney Lady as a Mermaid
Your Favorite Comic Book Lady as a Fairy
Fairy for Your Favorite Animal
One of Your Own Characters Cosplaying
Gender Bend Your Favorite Fanart/Original Character
What You're Thankful For
Gold Winged Angel
Beware the Frozen Heart
Love is an Open Door
Queen Elsa of Arendelle
Move to the Music
Weapon of Choice
A Girl Worth Fighting For
Siren's Song
She Rode of Horse of Milk-white Jade
Rose Red
Fairytale Fail
Red Velvet Cake Fairy
Chocolate Fairy
Lips as Red as the Rose
White Rose Fairy
Bubblelicious Mermaid
Superhero Princess
Valentine Owl
Valentine Bat
Scarlet Witch
The Owl and the Pussycat
After the Rain
Sailor Suit
Egyptian Beauty
Grey Cat
Lemonade Fairy
Painting the Roses Red
Maple Leaf Fairy
Fairytail Mermaid
Lion's Roar
Once Upon a Dream
Summer Princess
Your Fave Fictional Character with a Halloween Twist
Vampire Queen
Jack Skellington
Candy Corn Fairy
Candy Apple Fairy
Werewolf Princess
Queen of the Mummies
Ghostly Mermaid
Frankie Stein (Monster High)
Harley Quinn Witch
Harley Quinn Mermaid
Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon
Eldritch Truth
Deadpool-Taco Tuesdays
Drafter Unicorn
The Dragon's Hoard
Spirit Animal
Jewel of the Deep
Sandcastle Mermaid
Pet Octopus
Dark Matter
Hades, Lord of the Dead
Painting the Roses Red
Prince of Saiyans
Steampunk Wonderland
Deadpool with Heart Making Hands ; D
She Sells Seashells by the Seashore
Bad Romance
Electric Love
Praise the Sun
Deep Sea Mermaid
Harley Quinn
Here There Be Dragons
Way of the Voice
Treasure Seeker
Flight of Fancy
Steampunk Wonderland
Ghost in the Machine
The Dragon-Riding Cartographer (Ye Olden Google Maps)
Boss Battle
Level Up!
Mermaid Treasure Hunter
Lost City
Goddess of the Moon
Goddess of the Night
Paint the Sky With Stars
Black Crows
The Owl and the Raven
Pokemon Trainer
Beautiful Monster
Mermaid of the Deep
Stars and Pearls
Candycorn Unicorn
Frightfully Delightful
Jack Skellington
Pumpkin Queen
Fairies of the Fall
Jack o' Lantern
Black Cats and Broomsticks
Sea Witch
Bats in the Belfry
Haunted House
A Tumble in the Leaves
Potions and Poisons
Morticia Addams
Cute Bats
Dark Sailor Moon
Cuddly Wuddly Octopus
Candycorn Cats
Hocus Pocus
Mavis Dracula
Snowy Unicorn
Snowy Owl
Stars and Pearls
Winter Princess
To Thaw a Frozen Heart
Making Snow Angels
Snowball Fight
Cute Holiday Leggings
Kawaii Goth Holiday Cheer
Ice Dragon
Classic Harley Quinn
Kitty Ears Headband
Ultra Numb
Cute Bats
Queen of Diamonds
Pastel Gothic
Doctor Strange
Voodoo Witch
Plague Doctor
Lara Croft
Dragon King
Something for the Pain
You Don't Know the Power of the Dark Side
Creepy Kawaii
Vegeta Prince of Saiyans
Wish Upon a Star
Wonder Woman
Warrior of Justice
Bombshell Babe
Pretty Little Doll
Summer Treats
Beachy Keen
Gothic Mermaid
Dark Unicorn
Bat-wing Pegasus
Skullcap Fairy
Undead Warrior
Halloween Lolita
Bat-winged Beauty
Jack Skellington
Pumpkin King
Winter Unicorn
Ice Dragon
Arctic Mermaid
Ice Wraith
Winter in Wonderland
Frozen Heart
Pumpkin Spice
Crystal Mermaid
Hello Kitty
Rose Quartz
Very Hairy Unicorn
Spring Bats
Peaceful Days
Junicorn is Coming
Pegasus at Dawn
Sly Sphinx
Alice Madness Returns
Sweet Smile
Steampunk Pegasus
Song of the Sea
Underwater Wonderland
Strawberry Fairy
Clockwork Fairy
Steampunk Alice
Miss Mad Hatter
Dragon's Hoard
Very Berry Fairy
Ice Cream Dream
Sweets and Sunshine
Macaron Mermaid
Witch's Bakery
Rainbow Magic
Spooky Mermaid
Haunted Waters
Summer Seaside
Skeleton Key
Steampunk Hatter
Vampire Kiss
Conjurer's Mark
Skeletal Unicorn
Curse of the Pharaoh
Stars Among Us
Hot Summer
Blustery Day
Mermaids of Autumn
Underwater Wonderland
Witch's Candy Shoppe
Candycorn Bats
Galaxy Mermaid
Sugar Skull Unicorn
Rainbow Mermaid
Frost Witch
Winter Lolita Fashion
Love Potion Brewing
Rose Witch
Mermaid from the Deep
Ice Cream Dreams
A Dark & Stormy Night
Queen of Cats
Mushroom Witch
Sugary Sweet
Keeper of Time
Sweet Dreams
A Unicorn of Ice and Fire
The Nightmare After Christmas
White Winter Bats
Creepy and Cuddly
Spring Witch
Fruit Bats
Sorceress of Succulents
Over the River
Through the Woods
Wonderland Witch
Hunter of Secrets
Plague Doctor
Light in the Darkness
White Mage
Cozy and Calm
Skeleton Unicorn
Summer Mermaid
Sunflower Witch
In the Depths of the Forest
Island Living
Beach Witch
Sugar Skull Fairy
Cute Bats
Wizard School
Trick or Treat
Cozy Kittens
Sweater Weather
Mermaid Halloween
Spooky Unicorn
Christmas in Halloween Town
Winter Witch
Winter Wizard
Sleigh Ride
Icy King
Forgotten Castle
Victorian Vampire
Winter Wolf
At the Crossroads of Autumn and Winter
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Frozen Knight
Flaming Sword
Ancient Dragon
All Seeing Cat

This artist has comments on the following prompts for Sketch Fest #129:

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