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Sketch Fest #129 will run March 26-28! (Today's date: 2021-03-08 10:34:30)

Sketch Fest #129 starts in: 18 days 1 hours and 25 minutes! Join the Facebook Event

Work by: Natta

Great to take part, great to be here!
Taking part in Sketchfest since about 2012 it was and still is a joy, a fantastic community, a constant challenge and inspiration.
Whereever I am, travelling, at parties, at home, I will take part and with whom, I will ask for ideas or make them participate.

This event gets the best out of me. It made me realize to just do it! It must not be perfect and not finished but maybe 10 sketches in 2 hours is a good idea!?
Whatever, I am still at it at and hope to participate as often as possible.

A big thankyou to Ellen Million and all the other artists! Thankyou for wonderful art to look at and to purchase sometimes!

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This artist has left the following prompts:

baby in a nutshell
Dancing chameleon
A swarm of fantastical fishes
A unicorn in my bed
underwater love!
Hedgehog dreams
These glowing eyes
The winged frog takes the most wondrous bubble bath
The unicorn and the imp
Little Nemo landing in bed
Mushroom teatime
Music of the jellyfish
Eyes on fire
the cat you love
albino beauty
albino cutie
The cat and the apple
My most favourite toy
Lazy lying on a tree...
The third eye
Love will tear us apart
My cat loves me!
As the clouds pass by...
Yourself as animal
Sleeping on a mushroom
Toadstool dreams
Totally in awe!
Catch me if you can! You snail!
THE magic rainbow thing
Sugarberries secret
Pug in danger
Somehow lost...
Eyes of the forest
Fall asleep
Sweetest mushroom
I`ll bite you!
Whalefish and mushroom
In my darkest hour.
Isn`t it too late?
The golden fox in the dark woods
In the first light of morning
Twinkle, twinkle, little star...
Baba Yaga in her hut
I thought I had lost you!
Mushroom garden
Pink fairy armadillo
Underwater love!
Angel magic
Meditating mushroom
Christmas Unicorn
Totally tired
Cat`s crazy position
Christmas Unicorn
Falling slowly
Eyes in the darkness
my guiding light
There goes my cake!
Shrooms in moss and snow
On my visit in the outer space zoo I was utterly excited to see ...
Lay my head down and cry
The stars do shine on both of us.
The egg cracks open
First Spring Flower Fairies
Hilarious generosity
All the small things in the forest.
The dragon and the fire
A unicorn found its purpose.
Mushroom godess
Baby dragon
Perélin the nightforest
Fancy new hat!
Magic support
Magic forest
Princess with butterfly heart
Unicorn`s dance.
my favorite little pony
Flying little piggie
Mushroom majesty
This tarsier is made for you
She might be beautiful.
Help! The giant slug!
Soooo sleeepy.
Falling asleep
The nightmare of a spider
Mushroomy magic
Please don`t fall apart
Albino snail
Mushroom hunting
The unknown beauty
A beauty and a beast
The chocolate fairy
Your cat
Too many sweets
All the love in the world
Draw something beautiful you find outside.
Mushrooms of the north
There is magic in there
The berry fae
My mushroomy home
Dreaming of winter
Unicorn hiding
Currently no mermaids available.
The fireflie`s dance
The fairy ate too much mushrooms
Mushroom love
On the quest for beauty I lost my way
Lovely little lady with wings
Sleepy fox
The darker days
The place where you find lost thoughts.
Mushroom city
Goldfish meets mushroom
Two young foxes
All alone.
Fantastic fungi time.
The hair that shines
Unicorn`s garden
The race
White trees
The hare and the moth
Sweetest mushrooms. Ah so cute!
Cat on the grave
My shiny new toy!
The mushroom goddess
Levitating mushrooms
My mushroom family
Legends of the moon
Found darkness
Sleeping wide awake
My mushroom hut in coldest winter
Sleep deprived
Shroom on.
The magic has awoken.
Sleeping on your couch.
My bed is my best friend.
I am like an onion.
The old hag bakes the best...
The fairie`s gift
Turtle tower
Givng away the best that I have
The door
The last one
The looks of love
Wolf in fox fur
Mushroom party
The turtle and the mushrooms
Sleep well and sweet dreams little fox...
In gold and ashes I came
unicorn and friends
Genie lost her bottle
Journey to the sky
Lost in sleep
Unicorn on a mushroom
Festivities of spring
Name of the wind
Sweet cutie monster
A dream of owls
The sweetest singing bird.
Have a nut!
The shining beauty
Th greatest expectation
Who are you little one?
The hare of my dreams.
Kiss the unicorn!
The sea witch
Rainbow squidling
The cutest unicorn
Be my shadow
Fantasy eyes
Wishing whale
Under the sea
Forest dwellers
Blossom symphony
Secret of the night
Monster high
The secrets of magic
Dangerous balloon journey
Magical dragon eggs
The unicorn found the end of the world
Unicorn lightning
The skull princess
What hatched?!? Unbelievable!!!
The gobsmacking absinth faery
The deer that brought the rain.
Mushroom`s last hope
Oh so sleepy...
The teenie tiny beautiful fairy
My home is my mushroom
Just this last one please!
Oh so sickely sick :(
Whale island
Personal space
Cold is the winter thought the fox.
Sea of the unicorns
A forest mighty dark
Shinier than a diamond
The cactus cat
So cute my heart breaks
Reach to the stars
The maiden and the death
The green light
Unicorns of the sea
Mushrooms dream of ...
The saddest mermaid
Magic ride into autumn
Oh the weirdness
Some strange fishes.
So dreamy
Caught by the night
Dark water
Fleeing deer
Mermaid`s rest
The jumpy mushroom
Could not stop
The sweetest thing
The bean and the bee
Cute mermaid
A mere unicorn
Somewhere in the faire lands
In the darkest days of year
A very special cat
Glowing fairy
A forest dragon
Light in the darkness
Tiniest cutest octopus
Rainbow colored sky
Lord of the forest
Goat boy
All alone
Lovely roses
The sweetest angel
Dancing jellyfish
Whales in my neighborhood
Between the stars
Have a little Ponyo!
Defying gravity
Defeated dragon
Unicorn blood
Lost in darkness
The shiny green spring frog
Frog and toad met under the mushroom
The fairy tarsier
A world in a nutshell
Meditation of shrooms
A mossy home
Sleeping chantarelles
Unicornis bunny
The first unicorn
Up into the sky
Little snuggly snail
The sweetest cutie
The glowing green ...
Out of the blue
The panda with the weirdest colors
There`s a whale, there`s a whale, there`s a whalefish they say...
The sweetest goldfish
The question of the sloth
Snail`s win
Hopping from mushroom to mushroom
Hidden chameleon
The hedgehog was a friend
Meditation mood
They danced around the mushroom
Toadstool in a dark forest
I shall never let you go
The sparkly rainbow unicorn
Sleepy cute fox...
In the forest
The red roses
Breathe in, breathe out
With the tip of a horn
I have a cat in my head and it eats my thoughts.
Racoon magic
Running far away
Mysterious nightingale
My fancy octopus hat!
Sleeping Ugly
Medusa hair
Repaint a picture by your favorite artist
Cross-eyed fairy
The tiniest gnome
How the rainbow came into being
Inspired by Moebius
Leaf fairy eats a berry
A pic with only your favourite colors
Dance on the mushroom
Lost in the woods
La fee verte
Faery music
Toadstool mystery
The happy elephant
Love the fish
Flying frog
chubby happy elf
Knitting the rainbow
The Faun - a
The Water-ghost
Those red lips.
Magic mushroom fae
The pale faery
Creepy, creepy...
Foxy lady!
Underneath it all
Ariel the mermaid
Baby Dori
Favorite fanart
The wicked fae
Wild fire ghost
Deepest ocean
Dolphin dance
Polar bear magic
Rat Christmas
Snowflower Fairy
Christmas panda
A harsh ride
Rainbow mushroom
Christmas possum
Rainbow unicorn
Creepy mermaiden
The sinister woods
Your favorite fanart
My rainbow world!
colorful Underwater life
Night`s grief
Are you cold little fox?
Snow unicorn
Mindful mushroom
Lost in the snow
There once was a light
What the fox dreamed
The deep down in the wood mushroom secret
The sinister look
Have you seen the unicorn?
Go with the flow...
Happy little accidents
I think I saw a mushroom there.
The snoring cat
The cauldron
A secret revealed
The selkie call
Unicornis bunny
Mushrooms easter
Little mice...
The troll experience
Farewell my friend!
The look of love
Underwater love
Rainbow knitting
Lost fox
Hedgehog in the hedge
Then the unicorn came
And a magic goldfish!
Star of the sea
La mer
Underwater life
Simply swimming
Midsummernight magic
At the ocean coast
Sort of blues
Drinkn Draw
Cutest cuddliest unicorns
Lonely mushroom
The fever inside
All the blues and greens
Cat desaster
Desperate crying fairy on a mushroom
Emerald garden
Rainbow unicorn
Shroomie friends
Last of the trolls
Unicorns win
This wonderful lucky pixie
Lovely mushroom queen
Flowers, flowers
Creepy creeps
Piercing, wonderful eyes
Rainbow haired beauty
Black lines
Moss green
Deep beneath
baby in a nutshell
underwater love!
Mushroom teatime
The lost fox
Sometimes beauty hides
La fee verte
Mouse magic
Rainbow hair
the first unicorn
The eyes that look into my soul
Portrait of someone you know
Ghibli whatever you want!
Sinister look
Albino beauty
Art Angel
Guardian angel
It eats me up!
Drowning in snow
Fighting the evil
Down the rabbit hole
In love
Catch the falling star!
Just wondering
Above and beneath
Enchanted roses
Falling away from you
The sun, moon and stars
Fighting the monster
Go,for a swim
Go to sleep
No not today!
Love is in the stars
A dream of chaos
Falling apart
Inky flowers
The witcher!
Christmas unicorn
The dragon
Swamp mermaid
Little peas
Rainbow surprise
The last unicorn
Snow White
A shining star
The witty pig
Weird tiger
Your couch
Vampires of Vladivostock
Sparkle quarkle little star
The mermaid bride
Lizard love
A simple thing you like
One of your fav characters
Tattoo that!
She is so beautiful!
A tree, a home
Tangled hair
Glowing eyes
A Panda to love
Let your dragon fly!
Gnarly mushroom
Hammock in a tree
A magic pony
Lost in the woods
Fog on the water
Frog in the water
Up up in the sky!
Try this mouse
The lil mermaid
Brave enough!
The best winter ever
Snuggle in
Dream of better times
The best hair
Moon glow
My lil pony
A trollish event
The mage

This artist has comments on the following prompts for Sketch Fest #129:

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