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Sketch Fest #128 will run January 22-24! (Today's date: 2021-01-20 23:50:07)

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Work by: KR

Aspiring biology PhD student and long-time fantasy artist.


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This artist has left the following prompts:

Reluctant Sacrifice
Nordic Elf
Like Mayflies
Smoke and Sunlight
Mayfly December Romance
The Hunter's Last Chance
Blood on Snow
An elf and a human
Elf in furs
Alone with your destiny
Smiling in the face of death
First day of spring
A hedgehog magician
Wild elf child
All for nothing
Can we keep it?
Black and white
A horse and his elf
Elf hunter
The mouse path
Awaking in a dungeon
The rescue
A Land of Ice and Snow
The lost elf village
Tundra Elf
The Frost King
Child of the tundra
Seeing snow for the first time
Follow me if you want to live
Hanging on by fingernails
The Empty House
A nightingale say in Berkeley square
Northern elf
An Angel's Fall
Angel and Demon (Fallen angel) at the park
A Thousand Years
The last wish
Lucifer's Jealousy
Sympathy for the devil
Riding with the wind
Microscopic Angel
Made of feathers
Seraph of many stars
Fluffy teddy hamster
Fingers splayed on her back like leaves
Primordial angel
A dark Rapunzel
Hair as dark and as long as withered vines down a wall
Bad Hair Day
Hair like knives
Buried in bunnies
I did not come to mourn you
Constructed of wings
the spider princess
Rats on an adventure
And so she slayed the dragon
Hedgehog and rat summer fun
A trio of rat witches
A ratty Halloween
Rat and spider in a western face-off
Fairy Rat
Fluffy rat pile
Tentacle hair
Blood on the snow
Rat wizard
A fairy with hair that is dark and long
Fairy shepherd and village girl
Hedgehog witch
Dragon with feathered wings
Fairy rats in a fairy nest
Buried under snow
Hedgehog fairy
Old witch with twigs and mice in her hair
The Rat Princess
Wounded female warrior
A raven and his boy
Hedgehog tea party
The Pied Piper
Shadow monster
Pile of rats
Don't Starve
Hold me one last time
Bird with a broken wing
The wizard rat
Cute blonde assassin girl
The wackiest type of gryphon you can think of.
Rat sorcerer
Hair spun like spider silk
"I guess I got carried away with the decorations"
A wild hare
Your favourite animal, sleeping
Personification of Doom
The beast has shed its skin now
Don't worry, that's just your reflection
SCP: Secure. Contain. Protect.
Monster in the corner of your eye
Birch dryad
Cherry tree dryad
Weaponised hair
Alpine flower
Heraldry-style iridescent unicorn
Wind ruffled her hair
Sir Rattus faces the Ancient Mewling Drake
A dark steampunk world
Wondrous cape upon her shoulders, made by fifty craftsmen from a hundred materials
Summer kicks and claws as she is dragged out the door
The first
A rat's nest
The impossible tree
First and last
Cyberpunk Noir
He has transmuted most of his body to gem rocks
Clingy vampire
Cyberpunk spy
Child of Light
Garden reawakens
Young wizard in patchwork robes
Plague-ridden town
Cyberpunk city
Plague doctor in the year 2051
Solarpunk wings
Battery-powered abomination
Witch with a basket of rats
A wizard's pet vampire
A horror monster's domestic bliss
Steampunk vampire
Cyberpunk unicorn
Steampunk pegasus
A very fashionable vampire
A nest of cuddly rats
The First Songbird
When life first came to land, the first sounds to fill the night were the frogs
Find your earliest SketchFest and redraw a prompt
22nd Century Vampire
The darkness was her ally, her confidante, and her captor
Solarpunk unicorn

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