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Sketch Fest #129 will run March 26-28! (Today's date: 2021-03-06 02:40:30)

Sketch Fest #129 starts in: 20 days 9 hours and 19 minutes! Join the Facebook Event

Work by: Tara N Colna

Hi, I'm Tara,a self-taught mixed-media artist/writer/designer who likes to create Whimsical,and Halloween art and creations.
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This artist has left the following prompts:

Moonlight Chaos
Of Copper Wings
Firefly Magic
Of Fangs & Fur
Hiccups & Giggles
Gone Batty
Clockwork Angel
Wings of Summer
Moon Child
Yellow Brick Road (steampunked)
A Sweet Treat
Goddess of The Night
The Vamp & The Virigin
This Lil Piggy
Ruby Red
Tribal Dreams
A Sheltie's Love

Them Bones
A Grave Mistake
A Witch's Brew
Eek!!! Vampires
Hoot Hoot
Candy Corn Witch
Outta The Coffin
Tomb Riser
Haunting Apparitions
A Clockwork Halloween
Sugar Skull Fairy
The Zombie Mash
Harvest Angel
Once Upon a Zombie
Cany Corn & Cupcake Cuties
A Pumpkin's Glow
Spooky & Cute
Opal Dreams
Bat Wings & Dragon Tails
Of Fleash & Steel
Snow Angels
Tinsel Fairies
The Giving Angel
A Rustic Christmas
Santa & The Unicorn
Wee Three Snowman
The Gothic Christmas
The Moonlit Flight
Peppermint Fae
The Dragon & Hot Cocoa
Snow Wolf
Young Love
Sheltie Kisses
Goblins in Love
The Ice Dragon
The Frost Fairy
Vintage Valentine
King of Carnvial
Broken Hearts
Mardi Gras Fairies
Love Birds
Snowy Owl
Mechanical Hearts
Love at First Bite
A Sheltie(dog) Snowy Fun
Dragonfly Beauty
Blue Eyed Love
A Batty Valentine
Lil' Bat
Pysanky (Ukrainian Easter Eggs)
Endless Love
Batty For You
Wee Bit Lucky
With Violet Eyes
The Bat Queen
Batty Cats
Sea Escape
Sea Witch
Steampunk Wedding
Fairy Berry Blue
3 Little Kittens
Pumpkin Eyes
Wise Owl
Hag of the Sea
Naughty Monster
Cats Gone Wild
In The Midnight Sky
Got Fangs?
No Strings Attached
Bats in the Belfry
Tanz Mit Mir
Wolf Fae
Coffin Cuties
Dreaming of Autumn
Golden Eyes
Kitty Bats
Harvest Angel
Angel of Hope
Whimsical Owl
Fairy Pink
Pumpkin Owl
Lil Witch
Cemetery Drive
The Funeral Of Hearts
Coffin Oddities
Witchy Kitties
Pumpkin Fairy
The Funeral of Hearts
Eyes of Autumn
Midnight Flight
Halloween Owl
Owl Magic
Snowy Pumpkins
Blown Away
Happy Little Pumpkins
Snowflake Fairy
Icy Blue
Witchy Bats
Snowy Paws
Whimsical Winter
Black Cat Magic
Peppermint Fantasy
Holiday Owl
Snowman Whims
Kittens & the Christmas Tree
A Batty Christmas
Silver & Blue
Gothic Doll
Bat King
The Littlest Angel
Angel of Sorrow
Kitty Elves
Tinsel Paws
Snowy Owls
Puppy Trouble
Snowflake Fairy
Eyes of Love
Unicorn Dreams
First Blooms
A Moonlit Haven
Bone Queen
Gothic Love
Wolf Moon
Midnight Flight
Steampunk Owl
Enchanted Meadow
Behind Irish Eyes
Moon Magick
Drink Deep
Moonbeams & Buttercups
Irish Eyes
Dogs gone wild
Lolita bunny girl
Swan Queens Last Dance
A Tad Bit Batty
Around The May Pole
Dance of the Dragonflies
Australian Shepherd Fairies
Mother has gone batty
A Midnight Kiss
Wild Nights
Kitty Bats
Firefly Dance
Mermaid's Wish
Owl's Gift
Christmas In July
Candy Corn Bats
Autumn Chill
A Biker Fairy
Hooters In The Night
Lil Goth Doll
Dragonfly Fae
Autumn Fae
Pumpkin Time
Owl Princess
Eyes of Death
Littlest Pumpkin
Batty Love
The Owl, the pumpkin & the bat
Spider web tattoo
Sugar Skull
Lil Bat
Halloween Queen
Owl Mummy
Outta the Coffin
Birthday Surprise
2 Black Cats
Blood Red
It's So Fluffy
shades Of Autumn
Pink Inspirations
Bat Parade
In This Grave
Pumpkin Pie Pixies
A Batty Christmas
Holiday Fairy
Gingerbread Gone Wild
Pumpkin Pie Kitty
I'm in love with being Queen
Black Tears
Black Kitty Angel
Snow Angels
Carrot Noses
The Perfect Gift
Moonlit Christmas
Surreal Snowperson
Moon Catcher
Shadow Dreams
Mermaid Frost
Eternal Love
A Batty Tale
Ocean Eyes
Bunny Boo
Gothic Princess
Unicorn with bat wings
Flower Fae
Kitty's new toy
Springtime Bats
Night of the Owl
Baby Bunny
Birthday Kitty
Under Sea Celebration
Hootenanny in the Forest
Sweet 16
Wolf Moon
Party Cats
Panther Hunts
Magical Owl
Moonlit Cheetah
Wolf Mates
Fox Fairy
Bat Queen
Moon Magic
Midnight Storm
The Owl & the Cupcake
Forest Spirit
Moonlit Walk
Pretty in Pink
Ocean Magic
Baby Elf
Graveyard Mischief
Night of the Unicorn
Broken Doll
Fairy Dreads
Owl Graduate
Class of 2014
By The Sea
Moonlit Graveyard
Howling Moon
Copper Hair Fairy
Batty Bat
Summer Garden
Mermaid of The Night
Snowman At The Beach
Is it Autumn Yet????
Kawaii Cuteness
Eyes Of Gold
Moon Owl
Baby Bat
Raven Moon
Autumn Wolf
Oh My Pumpkins!!!!!!!!!
Zombie Fairies
Baby Bat's Pumpkin
Pumpkin Munchkin
Batty's Flight
Eyes of Autumn
Haunting Moon
Sugar Skull Fairy
Coffin Fun
The Hill Has Eyes
The Freak Show
Tea Time
The Creeper
Hallow Moon
Paper Moon
Beautiful Sunset
Black Cat
Eyes So Blue
Día de Muertos
Santa Bat
Warm & Cuddly
Snow Dragon
The Christmas Fairy
Wolf Moon
Whimsical Winter
Cotton Candy Dreams
Thinking of Spring
Mint Green
Owl Kisses
Rainbow Moon
In the Shadows
Twisted Love
Bunny Love
Twisted Fate
Frozen Moon
Eyes of Gold
Bunny Snuggles
The Skull
Spring Fae
The Oddity
Moon Magic
Mint Explosion
The Fallen One
Night Monsters
Spring Fling
The Lone Bat
In the Shadows
A Father's Love
Lilac Fantasy
Cupcake Cutie
Lil Bat
Good vs Evil
Snowy Owl
The Devils Kiss
Bunny Octopus Girl
Cupcake Fairy
Dragon Moon
Baby Bat
Alpaca Octopus
New Kittens!!!
The Littlest Bat
A Batty Christmas
Whimsical Wonderland
Peppermint Dragon
Holly Princess
Barn Owl
In the Moonlight
Playful Bats
Cutest Owl
Unicorn Lost at Sea
Sleep Fox
Tentacle Overload
Pumpkin Bats
Harvest Moon
Feathered One
Coffin Critters
The Spiders Web
Graveyard Whims
Blood Red
Creepy Cupcakes
Fanged and Fabulous
Purple People Eater
Pumpkin Spice Fairy
The Otter and the Fox
By The River
Clowning Around
Full Moon
The Snowy Owl
The Christmas Surprise
Moonlit Dreams
Peppermint Wonderland
Gobble Gobble
Santa Bat
Rudolph the Red Nose Bat
Knitting Catastrophe
Snowy Bats
The Bats Party
Fairy Cat
Gotta Catch Them All
Sun and Moon
By The Light of The Moon
Nightly Flight
In The Coffin
Batty Bats
Grave Whims
Rainbow Dreams
Owl Haven
Mermaids Tears
Mother Owl
Ocean Child
Raven Feathers

Child of the Night
Bats at the Beach
Littlest Owl
Batty Unicorn
Creepy Cute
Moon Raven
Hedgehog Witchling
Sugar Skull Owls
Batty Witch
Autumn Sunset
A Ghoul's Delight
The Sorcerer's Magic
Trick or Treating Alpacas
Midnight Magic
Bats N Bones
Creepy Cute
A Batty Birthday!!!
Coffin Princess
Lost memories
Twinkle, Twinkle Little Bat
Holiday Beta Fish
Trapped in Ice
Jingle Owl
Angle Father
Christmas Bats
Sleigh Bells
Snowman' s Magic
Raven first snow
Galaxy Dragon
Cookie Munchers
Emerald Eyes
Lil Bat
Flower Dragon
Lucky Unicorn
Raven Moon
Red Queen
Cats Batty
Moon Dragon
Moonbeam Magic
Coffee Time
Ghostly Bats
Sea Fairy
Stormy Night
Fly Away
Summer Dream
You drive me batty
Santa in a swim suit
Colorful Seahorse
She dances on Rainbows
Dance of the Dragonflies
Ocean View
Midnight Frolic
Autumn Owl
Coffin Capers
Midnight Riders
Dark and Creepy
The Raven' s Stone
Autumn Whimsy
Raven' s Watch
Bat Whims
Kittens first Christmas
Dark Swirls
Turkeys revenge
Batty Christmas
Feisty Snowman
snowy Bat
Nevermore Batty
Snow Hare
Bunny Blue
Moon Madien
Rainy Day Fun
Easter Bat
Ocean Dreams
Call of the Sea
Blue Haired Mermaid
Silver Vixen
Mystic Owl
Serpent Queen
Ocean Eyes
White Raven
Made from thorns
Ocean Dreams
From the Sea
Dragon Tales
Midnight Flight
Donut Fairy
On bat wings
Bat Cuddles
Vamps in Love
Frost Dragon
Bad Kitty!!
Snowy Love
Baby Bats
In the Shadows
Up from the Grave
Zombie Fairy
Plague Doctor's Spring outfit
Kitten Cuddles
Easter Bunny Dragon
Fairy Chick
Midnight Unicorn
Dragon Fire
Momma Bat
Succulent Bat
Vampires Garden
Lilac Rose
Coffin Doll
Last Bloom
Bats and Pumpkins
Flower Fae
Hedge Witch
Icy Blue
Dream Catcher
Snowy Unicorn
Eternal Love
Flower Dragon
The Tiniest Monster

This artist has comments on the following prompts for Sketch Fest #129:

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