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Sketch Fest #127 will run December 18-20! (Today's date: 2021-01-16 12:08:43)

Sketch Fest has ended! Stay tuned for the next event!

Work by: Andis

I'm interested in animals, mythology, history & different cultural traditions. I work in many traditional media, a newbie with digital :D
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This artist has left the following prompts:

riders on the storm
the mystic meow society
what's hiding under your bed?
the sidhe celebrate mardi gras
The thing in the back of the closet
coffee shop in fairyland
The wonderland post office
Youkai wedding
The magicland hairdresser
fairyland fastfood joint
a meeting of the unpopular godess support group
the "mighty mythical housecleaning" company
wonderland pool party
The adventures of Samurai Cat
On the Road Again
the fairyland daycare center
the troll babysitter
the kitty nightclub
the first annual dinosaur dance
Kitty cat Prom
Fairyland car dealership
The Elfland grocery store
Loch Ness Monster at the McDonalds drive thru window
fairyland feline
Sidhe Starbucks
the wonderland laundromat
Troll's birthday party
the wonderland traffic cop
Troll grocery store
Fairyland laundromat
Elvish hardware store
Say yes to the Dress! in gnomeland
werewolf pirates
dragon with a toothache
caveman coffeehouse
the supersecret kittykat ball
superhero laundromat
why your sock disappears in the dryer-
"yes to the dress" in fairyland
Dinosaur Deli
mermaid mansion
biker rabbit
Sir Kitty goes to joust
Cats in the Cradle
mythological creatures coffeehouse
Super Kitty!
Sir Hummingbird the Brave
tyranosaurus tea party
cat cops
fine dining at the alligator bistro
dinosaur detectives
eskimo cats
dragon diner
leaping lizards!
fairyland olympics
Mordor olympics
kitty cafe
dino disco
kitty parade
dinosaurs in love
Merpeople wedding
fairyland wheel of fortune
biker rabbit
trolls at the beach
fairies at the beach
beating the heat
shark convention
Sir Squirrelalot mounted on his faithful Persian steed Mr.Fuzzy
mythological creatures coffeehouse
Mordor olympics
fine dining at the alligator bistro
Loch Ness Monster at the McDonalds drive thru window
elves at the beach
dragon trick or treat
kitty Halloween party
Jack o Lantern Ball
Witch's coffeehouse
dinosaur ballet
cool cat
fairyland laundromat
karaoke night in MiddleEarth
crow karate class
Coronation of the mouse king
barbarians at McDonalds
dinosaur spring prom
kitty parade
prehistoric party
catwalk at the goblin fashion show
elves skateboarding
dwarfling games
surprise meeting
dinosaur disco
the quest for toilet paper
Fairyland burger drive-through
troll cafe

This artist has comments on the following prompts for Sketch Fest #127:

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