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Sketch Fest #117 will run January 17-19! (Today's date: 2020-02-21 04:14:55)

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Work by: Edward Cammarota

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This artist has left the following prompts:

storm fairy
stocking fairy
corset witch
storm witch
bad news for the wolf
crystal spell bottle
Train Chickie (Inspired by a girl I met on the train)
Snotuhbus (Dreaded dinosaur that appears while you are waiting in the cold for your bus home. I.E.-Truck, Out of service bus or School Bus)
Beautiful stocking girl
Snow fairy
Lovely stocking fairy
Under her spell
Train Chickie (For a girl I ride the train with into work)
Dreams of what could have been
Sexy Easter "Bunny"
Stocking Goddess
Storm Witch
Snotabus (Dreaded three headed dinosaur that shows up when you are standing in the cold waiting for public transportation a.out of service. c. big truck)
Stocking chickies
Hot wings
Ice hole
Death by Chocolate
My head hurts
fishnet vixen
Dragon Star
Chocolate Bkirthday Cake
Can Can Dancers
Space Babes
Heavenly Bodies :-)
Vine Maiden
Dream Babes
Dream Babes with corset and stockings
Oh Crap, Not Again
Summer Fairies
Heavenly Bodies :-)
poke it with a stick
is it supposed to look like that ?
dragon riders
mermaid magic
beautiful beast
sun beauty
I think you hear us comming
spiffy new features
Vampire cheerleader
Burlesque peacock feather dancer wearing a cowboy hat on a chair.
trapped in a crystal
under her spell
frog king commute
foxy mama
what the h### was that ?
we did what ?
her bark is worse than her bite : dryad humor
i love chickies in stockings
never drink and draw
dragon tattoo turns real
to the, maybe not.
the CAVE
green phlemy thing that i coughed up last night
sword weilding Kitsune
Heart attack
my head hurts, my back hurts, my chest hurts, and my legs hurt....other than that, i'm are you.
sword weilding lingerie girl (Sucker Punch on my mind)
i don't care if she is an alien...she's HOT
how the heck did that get up there ?
warm hearts
4-footed robot climbing a building to get to the chair on top.
stormy lingerie witch
look out!.... oops, never mind.
seriously tight uniformed space girl
Dr. What (Dr. Who's lesser known brother)
Ow...quit doing that.
Fox in socks (Stockings )
Happy Frog
Puffy Cloud Lady
Chickies in space
Hot Chickies
Dr. Why (Dr. who's 2nd cousin on his mother side)
Female Bow Hunter
Good-Bye Space program
Super Guppy !!!
A flight of Dragons
Fighting a headache (and losing)
fish climbing trees
sand witch
beach babes
Beach Chickies
Magic Chickies
Fighting a headache (and losing)
Look out.....oops, never mind
Puffy Cloud Lady
Sun Beauty
Oh Crap, not again
Corset Time
Beauty in stockings
At the Shore with Mermaids
She sells sea shells
Riding a dragonfly
Thunder bird
It wasn't supposed to blow up...
I'll be there with bells on.
monster switch
nurse chickies
stitch witch (for crafters)
sun dragon
i'm not dead yet.....
my head hurts, my back hurts, my chest hurts, and my legs hurt....other than that, i'm are you.
broom hilda(i know that's not right, but that's what i heard)
valkyries faceing off in a group
pink ribbon warrior
pink, something worth fighting for :-)

sexy pumpkin fairies
a howling good time
whew ! i don't think it heard us.
sexy witch
pink, the color of courage.
i'm a big supporter :-)
the superhero "SME"
fall is in the air
that dosen't go there
something smells funny.
super guppy!
pixie dreams
pixie sticks
her eyes sparkle when she smiles
legs, legs, legs
there was no accident, my desk always looks like that
sexy rose
sexy daisy
sexy pilgrim lady
it's fall
where did my paycheck go??
i am so broke right now.....

dragon fire
my head still hurts.
go prompt
nothing but a two bit assassin
where did all that blood come from?
what a lovely shade of purple!
that which does not kill you, only makes you stronger......and it hurts........and it makes you feel faint.....and it makes you bleed a lot.
snow flake lady
sexy Christmas elf
Christmas stockings :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
snow flake fairy.
a hot, cold lady
my princess
warm hearts
sexy mistletoe
yarn fairy
sparkle pop dragon lady
THAT goes in WHERE ?????
Little red
Ice Fairy
A hot, cold Babe.
Cool, blue stockings
Cross-stitch fairy
Yarn fairy
New computer program bugs
Curled up with a nice........
dance of fire and ice
snow fairy
hot babe in fancy ball dress
something to keep me warm...
feeling kinda purple ?!?!
Sparkle pop corset
my laptop needs more ram...
this weather is kicking my butt!
i'm broke
flying mermaid
fat guy D
Red tails
all hail the great and powerful GUPPY
Sparkle pop mermaid
sun dragon
feeling blue
brain hurts
fishnets and mermaids
sparkle pop smile
fire mermaid
i've got a fire in my heart
snow slinging fool
gorilla my dreams
nice boots
love monkey
stuck in traffic
swimming in flowers
too much information in my head
wait....before you do that...
the fastest money slinger
the lovely rose
i got it....oh crap....i don't
steam dress
sparkle pop stockings
too hot to be cold
monkey butt shaving piece of buttermilk pancake
well, that's gotta hurt....
love a lady in glasses
making a spectacle of yourself
pizza time :-)
snow angle :-)
soooooooo tired....
Energy stealling guppy
Sparkle pop mermaid
burlesque ballet
mermaid bug
shutter bug
camera witch
guppy buggy
Mrs. Pinochio
fishnet fantasy
hot archer
hot armor
i'm feeling kinda purple
didn't think THAT would happen
sparkle pop assasin
money vampire....sucking my wallet dry
I'm heading home
brain hurtssssssss
too much art....not enough walls !
the moon in transit
it's official...I'm not dead yet!
Morphine (Morphius)
will work for sketches!
hot nurses
all hail the great and powerful GUPPY
camera witch
flying mermaid
hot nurses=cool recovery
God bless the nurses!
stocking dreams
Doc, is this supposed to be this color?
you're gonna stick WHAT, WHERE?
a fox riding on the back of a pegasus on the back of a dragon flying over a volcano at night. :-)
nobel warrior woman
corset dreams
lovely boots
there's a sparkle in her eye
dreams of stockings
hot female bow hunter
magic women
too much information in my head
there was no accident, my desk always looks like that
where did all that blood come from
will work for sketches!
fire rainbow
the fierce frog riders
tiger warriors
blue beauty
chicken zebra hybrid
bunny wars
evil panties
corset angel
hot stockings
the awesome SME
creative jam.....MMMMmmmmmm
clams have changed
nice pumpkins!!!
a beauty riding a saehorse
Sword weilding flying/jumping Amazon beauty
My brain is mush
out among the stars
case closed
God bless the nurses!
pink ribbon warrior
haunted moon
scary sexy
a decimated wallet
dragon lady
a lady and her dragon
dragon warrior
rabbit zombie
what happened to my hair?
hairy fairy
ride the wind
sea world mix-up
that's not a walrus, that's my husband!!
Penguin in Stockings
Christmas Stockings
What is in those Christmas Stockings
I have visions in my head, and they ain't sugar plums.
Frost Fairy
Snow Stockings
Sexy Elf or Why I'm number 1 on the naughty list :)
That is NOT what I meant when I said to light up the Christmas tree.
Alone Again :(
So many Artist.....So little money.
My wish......
Christmas Dragon
Candy Cane Fairy
waiting by the fire
Blue Christmas
That is NOT Santa Clause....
Now that is a Christmas gift....
would I be missed?
missing you at Christmas
Dragons, Dragons, Dragons...
Silver Bells
Red Corset and black fishnet stockings
Attitude fairy
Dancing monkies wearing pink tu-tu's, playing the accordian while balancing pies on their head while wearing roller skates.
Anthropomorphic female Tiger warrior
Hot archer
Distracted by her armor
Rainbow stockings
Princess of the cats
Another Valentine's alone
Heart wings
That's an awesome Tattoo
Legs, legs, legs....
Come on, take your best shot.
OK, now that is just not right. :(
Always alone
a beauty riding a saehorse
enfolded in my angel's wings
killer boots
a redheaded barmaid in green fishnets
looks like the migraine fairy brought in re-inforcements
different sun....same view
*Hack* *Hack* Splat!!! (for all my sick friends) :-) :-) :-) :-)
natural boobs
un-natural boobs
Nice round arse
something Ed wouldn't buy
Look at all the fishies !!!!
I know it's St. Patrick's day, but is THAT supposed to be green.
Galaxy pants
Lucky charms :)
Thank you to whomever gave me sketchfest/bithday money :) :) :)
It's my Birthday :)
Where did all my money go ??? :( :(
it's sketchfest, whatt o you mean my bank account is empty ???
Erin go Braugh-less
Sexy Pisces
A sexy happy Birthday wish :)
Daisy Fairy
Is it time to go home yet ???
Now where did my pencil get to?????
An elephant wearing roller skates going down a hill backwards being chased by a hedgehog riding a zebra.
a fistfull of clams !!!
What happened to Ava's hair :)
Sketchfest Extentions
awesome cat stockings
rocking the nylons
hooray for stocking weather !!
giraffe's on rollerskates
God bless the nurses!
yarn fairy
compact sweetness

monkey's on a train
cross-stitch witch
bee wars
dream catcher fairy
Most awesome princess sunshine!!!
Hot wings
Dragon Star
Space babes
To dream among the stars
There was no accident, my desk always looks like that !
Zumba Zombie
levitating chickens
who was that masked chicken
ice kitty
Blue stocking girl
Stomp on my heart, why don't cha......
Just rip out my insides and play with my emotions
Diamond Queen
Jade dragon
Total waste of human flesh
Love a stocking girl
When you stick the knife in, you don't have to twist it.
Goat floating in an innertube wearing a bikini with cherries on it.
HEY !!!! Come back here with that kidney!!!
Kitty in my lap
hot stockings
Catgirl in space
Sexy catgirl
cool Kitty
My imaginary kitty
My crying wallet
I'm drawing a blank
Sexy corset and stocking witch
Fireworks witch
Male/mail fairy
a dragon and his rider
here kitty....kitty....kitty
damn it's hot!!
cat girls are better than therapy
lace and nylons
why am I so broke??
so much little money.
nylon princess
I'm hungry........I need a sand witch
ice witch
Eyes of ice-Hair of fire
Pile - O - Catgirls
Corset glory
My, what a big sword you have
Autum:good snuggle weather
Double sword hot chickie
Now THAT is a magic trick
Hot stockings - cool woman
Tears for a dream lost
Let me take your pain away
Green hair cutie
Death by stockings
I was so not ready for THAT
A monkey climbing a building in heels while being attacked by colorful evil balloons
Thunder and lightning
Witch at sunset
in the twilight, I hear things
that is "NOT" a dog
nasty bug bite
a boy and his dragon
a girl and her dragon
to accept death
on padded feet, she stalked
oh, those purple gloves
beautiful in blue
pretty in pink
outstanding in orange
perfect in purple
georges in green
radiant in red
a beautiful witch and her cats
nice pumpkins
splended in stripes
the haunted hamburger
a witch with a nice pear.
A storm trooper
Eyes of saphire, hair of gold, and ruby lips.
there's her broom, but where's the witch ?
the old rickety house.
cats and bats and lots of little toads
lazer kitty will protect you !!
hard workin kitty
a witches stockings
fall stockings
leaf her alone
that is NOT a halloween costume !!!
dead man's party
he's the LIFE of the party
Elvira :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
the witch and her cats
brewing trouble
he didn't stand a ghost of a chance with her.
just a little something I put together.
what the heck just flew by ???
the flying kitty
a very sexy vampire lady
do mermaids wear fishnets ???
pink ribbon warrior
umbrella lady
pizza delivery lady
rose fairy
candy corn fairy
miss wish-bone
bannana slug warrior
giraffe on rollerskates
cats on a pumpkin
sexy pilgrim lady
sexy native american lady
sexy turkey ? :-)
I see your feathers, but you ain't no turkey
woodchuck woodchuck woodchuck
lost in a cornfield
angry poof
A Winter Snuggle
Christmas kitty
The Silent night
Snow Fairy
The Crystal Star
Santa Kitty
Bunny Elf
Wishing upon a Christmas Star
Flowing red hair
God bless the children
What Happened to my wallet ?
A warm fireplace on a cold wintery night
Miss candy cane
A Flight of Dragons
Snuggled in bed
Christmas Pin-up
Peace by the fire
White Fairy
Ava's tricked out all terrain snowmobile/wheelchair
snowflake fairy
ice fairies
soft and fuzzy and warm
I want a catgirl for Christmas
miss naughty 2013
winter's kiss
now THAT will melt the snow !!
snuggle weather
snow fall
the dragons of winter
Well jingle my bells
that was a sledding accident ??????
winter's peace
snowflake stockings
ice hole
a touch of frost
Frosty's mistake
wintery skirt
what Edward is thinking :-)
that is NOT what I meant by push, Edward !!!!!
there is only one name on Santa's "other" list.
Santa and his rain gear.
silent night...........*giggle*
Secret Santa's are the worlds best treasure !!!!!
I'm not dead yet !!!
I got the 2am tubes sticking everywhere machine going beep beep beep, blues
angel nurses
kitty chickies
hospital room mate from hell
I need you to drink this !
in the middle of the night, when the pain makes you cry, I open my eyes to a wonderous sight, my angel nurse with the needle full of relief.
goddess bless the nurses
elephants dancing on my head
spring fairy
winter.....I am so done with you
thunder sprite
lightning witch
spring is just around the corner
bar maid
four leaf clover fairy
stocking dreams
bunny riders
look out !!!! Ed has money !!
green stockings
lucky leprechaun lady
rain Goddess
here we go again
I'm not here !
I don't care if she is an alien......she's hot
magic chickies
fighting a headache (and losing)
math wizard
it wasn't supposed to blow up......
something smells funny
what's on your hook ??
Storm ????? What Storm ???
Kitty in the flowers
Waffel warrior !!!!!
Where the $#@%$# is spring ?????
Easter "Bunny"
Sexy barmaid
Double sword hot chickie
A warm fireplace on a cold wintery night
Spring Fairy
Dandelion Fairy
Bruce the Bee
Bee rider with sword
Spring Poofy Dress
Finally Spring
Summer Stockings
Corset Witch
The Dandy Lion
How does she stand like that ???
I can't believe I saw a "______" on the way to work today !!
Really ???? You're wearing THAT to the party ???
Cat girls in a convertable
I was so not ready for THAT
The Crystal Star
OOOOooooo nice hat
Passion in purple !!!
Corset beauty !!!!
stunner in stockings
The nauty nautilus naughty list
stocking queen
dewdrop fairy
I don't remember a door being there
I don't want to get out of bed !!!
that has got to hurt
bunny girls
cute cat girls
Just sit right back and you'll hear a tale, a tale of a fateful trip !!!
leaf rider
a dress of leafs
space chickie
She walks in the forrest
Beer maids !!!!
Sexy witches
Space females !!!!
Eyes in the woods
Helloooooo nurse
The dizzy kitty
The drunk monkey
Eco terrorist mermaid
Nice pumpkins
That is NOT a flower
sexy silver spandex
Sexy pilgrim lady
Sexy stocking beauty
bunny riders
christmas stocking fairies
cute elf
alone at christmas.......again
donut fairy
fighting cancer
the lonely heart
corsets and stockings and wings, oh my.
you can't sketch in a bathtub !!
hey !!!! where did those pencils go ????
looks like the line fairy threw up.
it's way too cold for that sort of thing !!!!
I told you not to lick that !!!!
penguins riding a polar bear
banana slug warriors !!!
where the heck did THAT come from
pink ribbon warrior
you can't sketch in a bathtub !!
you are not in this fight alone
never give up......never surrender
we haz ur back !
I think the groundhog kidnapped the spring fairy. !!!!
where did that sneaker come from ????
the birthday fairy struck again
beautiful irish barmaid
I don't want to get out of bed !!!
beautiful women wishing me a happy birthday
the new spring dress
if I lay here long enough, will the pain go away ????
sid and his girlfriend
why am I still awake at 1:30am ???
cross stitch fairy
i need a visit from the positive energy fairy.
sexy easter bunny
bad squirrels (SQL)
the summer dress
good bye mommy
sexy maids
a girl and her dragon
I need you to drink this !
Doc, is this supposed to be this color?
blue archer
a beauty riding a saehorse
cat girl warrior
different sun....same view
sun sure was hot today
parrott riders
catgirl pile
graveyard goodbye
my mommy is always in my heart
God bless the nurses! they do stuff no sane person would.
heartbreak of loss
an angel by my side
the last breath
holding hands til the end
the end and a new beginning
I'll be watching over you
and life goes on............
support of friends are worth more than gold
fighting the storm
storm warriors
the world in her smile
sparkle fairy
storm fairy
love in her eyes
i have a storm headache
nothing beats deprsession like a good laugh with a friend
the sunlight in her hair makes a bright spot in my heart
the cartographer
stellar gas
female forrest archer
srorm fairy
queen of storms !!
lightning fairies
rainbow warriors
sexy space babe
Golden beauty
Silver beauty
Bronze beauty
female tiger warrior weilding swords
blue skinned female archer
dark skinned silver haired female magic user
awesome male fighter wearing a trenchcoat.
young prince and his "attendant" (wishful lover)
rose fairy
the cartographer
beauty with a daisy in her hair
the train without tracks
I miss my mommy
depression : the hidden enemy
support for all those with "hidden" ailments : you are not alone in this fight
I thank the universe for my REAL friends
somewhere out there
hey !!!! where did those pencils go ????
the strange looking bird in the tree outside my window
what happened to my bathtub ???
do you like my new dress ???
the archer in the tree
so that's what happened to my pencil !!!!
beauty and her parrot
there's magic in her smile
I don't remember a door being there
I went out for a walk and what did I see.....
a walk in the woods
green and purple and red and blue
wonderous wind blown hair
I don't want to get out of bed !!!
awesome male fighter wearing a trenchcoat.
the fire dragon
a dryad tending her tree
in the valley of the fairies
the witches new ride
God bless the nurses! they do stuff no sane person would.
the awesome red dress and black stockings
the ghost with the most
why are you so far away ??
a wandering band of misfits
Air dragon (for Mayumi's dragon set :-D )
Earth Dragon (for Mayumi's dragon set :-D :-D )
weasel whompin women
octoberfest beer maids
octoberfest sketchfest
cute witches
a very sexy vampire lady in stockings
sexy ghost
do you have change for a sand dollar ?
the very empty abused wallet !
Ed's bank account after sketchfest
has anyone seen my purple crayon ?
chickies with swords
stockings, stockings, stockings
the beautiful fall dress
dryads in the fall
cat girl cuddles
pink ribbon "warrior" !!!
breast cancer awareness month---- something worth fighting for !
Ed's mobile mammary monitoring unit-- willing to do my part to help :-D
*this is not a prompt* please check yourself and/or get a mammogram, early detection could save your life !!!! (in honor of mom !!!)
thank you to all who draw, you brighten up my life
fighting depression
awesome male fighter wearing a trenchcoat.
hairy fairy
hair of fire with a smile to light up the night
the way she smiles with a twinkle in her eye, melts my brain and my heart beat a happy tune
Her Christmas stockings were. hung by......ooooooooo, her Christmas stockings....ummm.....wait, what was I saying ????
cute little fairy and her mushroom house
candy cane fairy
candy cane witch
visions of stocking fairies danced in his head
a girl and her puffy cloud dress
winter witch
the dragons of winter
how to lose a snowball fight
snuggle weather
snuggled up by the fire while it snows outside
the winter travelers
her hot stockings are melting the snow
sexy native american lady
sexy pilgrim lady
I'm thankfull for all my sketchfest friends !!!!
missing mom at thanksgiving
the bee family thanksgiving
a gorila in a purple tutu carving the thanksgiving aligator with a banana
the purple crayon tasted funny this year
a happy merry Christmakanzihanukimas day
my brains hurt
the tree nymph's christmas blessing
merry anything
peace to all my friends to make them happy.....peace to all my enemies just to piss them off !!!
I have no self restraint.....
candy cane fairy
candy cane witch
Her Christmas stockings were. hung by......ooooooooo, her Christmas stockings....ummm.....wait, what was I saying ????
her new Christmas stockings
the Christmas angel said "You're going to stick that tree where ????"
the cozy winter fireplace !!!
fairies in a tree
too many ideas, not enough supplies !!!
the light in her eyes when she smiles makes my heart skip a beat.
I can't sleep, too many ideas keep popping into my head !!!
the migraine fairies have returned
how the heck did my fruit loops blow up ???
the coffee fairy !!!
how come I never have enough money for all the art ?? :-( :-( :-(
the cubicle dwellers
is it time to go home yet ???
frog king commute
oscar banana
where is spring ???
the archer in the tree
the bees !!!!!!!
the cartographer
sexy space babe
awesome lady in an elegant dress, high heels and stockings
sexy secretary has a secret
sexy librarian
a dragon hanging on the side of a castle wall
the donut war !!!
i think i need a bigger house
donut party !!!
female dragon rider
I see your feathers, but you ain't no turkey
working so hard I'm dragon
will work for sketches!
i need a visit from the positive energy fairy.
is it supposed to be that color ??
the headache fairies have returned
good luck fairy
cute dryad awakes for spring
birthday cake for everybody
a smile like sunshine
spring fairy
sexy Easter "bunny"
Bronze fairy
Silver fairy
Gold fairy
is that the tooth you pulled ????
hot witch !!!
cute little fairy and her mushroom house
I can do anything !!!! wait......where did all that blood come from ????
how do you get a paper cut when reading an e-book ?????
the cows were flying by like fish swimming in concrete
why does pain hurt so much ???
I'll be in my couch fort
more snow !!!!! ahhhhhhh !!!!
a greenhaired beauty
a bluehair beauty
a redheaded beauty
a dragon in her hair
the cleaning fairies were defeated by the dust bunnies
love potion #5
not so secret admirer
blue skinned female fighter (bo staff)
blue skinned female fighter (swords)
blue skinned female archer
beauty in a red dress and black srockings
bad a$$ cupid
couch cushion fort !!!
no more room in my head
beautiful irish barmaid
the fire in her eyes
is it spring yet ??
how to stay warm on a cold day
her smile makes the pain go away
frozen fairy !!!
nobody to share my heart with
another Valentine's day.......alone
It's so cold my brain froze
I'm freezing my butt off !!!!
the red fairy is feeling blue in the green forrest
snorkle butterfly
what is that in the corner ??
when pigs fly
chainsaw elephant
blurry bunny balancing blue bananas beside bed
red hot lady in a cool purple gown showing a glimps of her black stockings
patchwork fairy
the hot stocking witch
i'm dizzy !!!!
snow queen
glow in the dark blue stockings
the sleep fairy passed me by....
the frog king commute
nice wings
in depends dance day
I can do anything !!!! wait......where did all that blood come from ????
Ed's bank account after sketchfest
corsets and stockings and wings, oh my.
owl in glasses in cool colors **artist-I would like to use sketches for this prompt to create bead art for my cousin please let me know if I am allowed to use them and/or how to contact you to compensate you for the use as a gift**
corset angel in stockings
sexy witch riding her broom
nice pumpkins !!
a nurse to help me with my migraine
a witch cooking up potions
It's so hot I'm melting
frost queen getting ready to paint in white
mother nature getting her color pallet ready for fall
better living through chemistry
the cartographer
the cubicle dwellers
friends saying nice things about your work is better than therapy
*this is not a prompt* please check yourself and/or get a mammogram, early detection could save your life !!!! (in honor of mom !!!)
It's October....everybody needs to get checked !!!!
sexy witch
sexy pilgrim
Soooooo beautiful !!!!!
Leaf Lady !!!!!
the silver lady
christmas stocking fairies
christmas gift fairy
sexy pilgrim lady NOT a turkey
I can do anything !!!! wait......where did all that blood come from ????
swarm of angry bees
the purple skydiving monkey
the dancing holiday tiger
candy cane assassin
candy cane assasin
nice Christmas stockings
the little fairy on a Christmas ornament
the spirit of giving
curled up with a loved one by the fireplace
it's so cold my words froze
the twinkle in her eye
she's so hot she can melt the snow
Christmas angel
i'm dreaming of a yellow Christmas: The dog
penguins are not supposed to be that color
alone again, at Christmas :-(
why is my head still hurting
Merry whatever
I don't need to be saved !!!!.....but would appreciate the extra help...
I can do anything !!!! wait......where did all that blood come from ????
I don't care if she is an alien......she's hot
I can't sleep, too many ideas keep popping into my head !!!
she's so hot she will just melt that snow...
hot winter stockings
beautiful winter fairy
painting the frost on your windows
it's so cold my snot froze
a green gorilla wearing a red tutu riding a pink rollerskating snail
daisy fairy
Storm (x-men) wearing snow White's dress
galaxy fairy
"cat" burgler
catgirl chorus line
all around the fairy house
hot spacegirl
hot stockings
spring fairy is confused
winter fairy is confused
the purple gorilla wearing the duck floatie afraid to get in the pool
big hugs for Katerina !!!!!
the koi of a different color
my brain hurts :-(
Run !!!
alone at Valentine's day....... again
i need someone to want to squeeze me
eyes of ice and hair of flame !!
pieces, hot fish chickies
the migraine fairies have returned
the spring fairy is trapped in ice
daisy fairy
cute dryad awakes for spring
*this is not a prompt* please check yourself and/or get a mammogram, early detection could save your life !!!! (in honor of mom !!!)
hot spacegirl
I'm not dead yet !!!
it's stocking weather
the dryads are comming!!!! the dryads are comming !!!
the dryads are waking up
it's stocking weather !!!!
the fairy/dragon playdate
little fairy house in the woods
foxy lady
now that's a dress for dancing !!!
dancing dandelions
my stack O' art !!!!
Doc, is this supposed to be this color?
I said you are CLASSY, not GASSY !!!
a green gorilla wearing a red tutu riding a pink rollerskating snail
pigtail warrior
i need four more arms and two more computers to do this job !!!
looking for someone to love
the beauty in stockings !!!
wishing for the pain to go away
firefly fairy
the monkey did what ???
yoink !!!!!!
so many ideas, not enough money
the cute little dryad sitting in her tree throwing acorns at people walking by.
how did that elephant get up there ??
the frog king commute
the approaching storm clouds look alive
beautiful irish barmaid
beautiful flying angel with a sword
Attntion Women !!!!! it's not October, but it's still ok to get a mamagram !!!!
The purple summer dress
Swinging in a summer breeze
It'seems so hot it melted my......
A flight of dragons
What an ice hole
Summer stocking fairies !!
The pounding headache !!
A flight of dragons
How can I be this broke BEFORE sketchfest ???
The summer fire fairies are out
Pirate dad
My brain hurts
Drawing your own blood
Eclipse fairy
Eclipse dragon
Pizza fairy
Cute fairy in stockings
Why even try anymore ????
Everything is going to hell.......but don'the forget to smile.
Why is there a dragon at the window ???
Where did all my money go ??
Christmas witch
Christmas fairy
Waiting for the bus in the cold
Coffee fairy
Cocoa fairy
So many maps, so little time, so little help
My brain hurts
Waiting for the bus in the cold
Christmas fairy in candy cane stockings
The migraine fairies have returned
The snowball fight
The female archer
Female tiger warrior
The mage in a trench coat and hat
That's not the corner Santa I remember....
It's so cold I think I froze my.....
Waiting for the bus in the cold
Cocoa fairy
Trying to keep warm
Winter is coming
Snow dragon
So many maps, so little time, so little help
Hot stockings
Snuggled by the fire
Daddy O`furniture
Paddy O'furniture
Dragons in flight
Tonight, we ride
Irish bar maid
Oh no ! Not the purple one....
Not quite right in the head
The mermaid grotto
The swamp mermaid
Oh no ! Not the purple one....
Miss sparkly butt
Miss fuzzy sweater
Daisy fairy
Crazy pickles
This headache will not go away
A little off centaur
Catgirls in stockings
I'm coloring my own way
Snot monster
Itchy eyes, runny nose, scratchy throat, lowdown sneezy allergies
I wish someone would look at me like that
Catgirls in stockings
Catgirls http having fun in a pond
Lava monster
Hey, you are going the wrong way !!
Sexy cartographer/map maker
Books aren't the only thing stacked in this library
Tiger lady walks in peace
Sexy female astronaut
Phoenix fire
A flight of dragons
A nymph and her tree in spring
Red dress elegance
Pretty in purple
I did it on porpoise
Where is my wallet hiding ?
Ed's dream
Elegance in stockings
Swimming among the dolphins
Caught in the seaweed
Singing to the moon
Space girl doing a backflip shooting at an attacker
Sexy female astronaut
Sexy librarian
Sexy librarian reaching for a book
The 4 mappers
Giraffe in a hula skirt on roller skates
The frog king commute
Elegance in stockings
So many things to do at work
Being a couch slug
I need a nurse !!
Blue warrior women
Red warrior women
Green warrior women
Red stockings with a black dress
The blue and orange stockings with the green dress
Lilly's pad
Lily pad fairy
Lava monster
The most colorful fairy
The bicycle riders
Sexy female astronaut
Most Awesome Princess Sunshine
Magnificent Enchanted Hottie
So many things to do at work
The frog king commute
Which way is north ? (Trying to read a map)
The bicycle riders
Purple gorilla in a pink tutu juggling chainsaws riding a bike
Sexy cartographer
Happy 100
Hot stockings
Oww pointy pencils
Alien cityscape
Most colorful fairy
Being a couch slug
Black stockings and a red dress
Pistol packing chickie in space
Surveying the damage
Lounging around the pool with a panda
Panda playing the flute
Sexy female astronaut
The frog king commute
So many things to do at work
Crashing out a window backwards while shooting a laser gun back inside
Kiss my asteroid
That's NOT north you idiot
Ice hole
My brain hurts
Snowflake fairy
.candy cane fairy
Frog king commute
That is NOT a tree topper
Santa ran out of coal so you are getting......
Snow queen
Christmas lights dragon
Migraine fairies
Is that supposed to be blue ??
Frosty's evil twin
Jack frost was here
Surfing slug
Couch slug
Panda playing a flute
Twas the knight before Christmas....
So much work and only two hands
Candy cane fairy
That is NOT a tree topper
Snowflakes on your nose and eyelashes
Cats with machine guns
Stocking legs stretched out in front of a cozy fire
The elf on the shelf is being naughty
Migraine fairies
My heart hurts
The look on her face just melts my heart
Frosty the snow monster
Snuggled up with you
Gather round the fire
Snowflakes on your nose and eyelashes
Migraine fairies
Snuggled up with you
Stocking fairy
Under the covers
Even the yet I is tired of this stuff
Fire dragon
The ice hole
Icicles on my nose
My brain froze
Migraine fairies
Lucky lady leprechaun in stockings
Looking for spring
The dragon and the kitty
Well, that's gonna leave a scar
Snowflakes on your nose and eyelashes
Irish beer lass
Rollerskating llama with a monkey in a tutu on its back
Well, that's gonna leave a scar
Bunny elf archer
Lucky lady leprechaun in stockings
If the blue fairy and the yellow fairy had a child
Pin up girl on the dragon
Migraine fairies
Enjoying tea outside on a summers day
Falling asleep in a field of fairies
Dragon on o teapot
Well, that's gonna leave a scar
The dragon mermaid fairy witch
The dragon and the kitty
Migraine fairies
The fairy in multi color stockings
A pink elephant in a purple tu-tu riding a tricycle
I put a spell on you
Centaur of attention
Snowflakes on your nose and eyelashes
Ice princess
Cool stockings
Ice dragon
Sexy pilgrim lady
Christmas stockings
Christmas dragon
The store was out of turkeys
Her new Christmas stockings
Dressing up for the new year
Her winter stockings
The ice queen and her dragon
The cat in the window
The fairy in multi color stockings
I'm getting too old for this sh** !
The female tiger sword fighter
The green lady magician
The female cartographer
Nice boots
Ringing in the new year in style
Sexy new year
New Year, new pencils
(Not a prompt) thank you all participating artist for an awesome year of sketching !
Sexy space women
Sexy snow women

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