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Sketch Fest #129 will run March 26-28! (Today's date: 2021-03-03 18:46:16)

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Work by: Lindsay Nucera

Sorry, no art to show here!

This artist has left the following prompts:

What I keep under my pillow...
Forever and Always: Do they exist?
Blood Orange
When I turned around, you were gone.
To Love a Peacock
I Dream in Peacock Feathers...
Do "forever" and "always" exist?
Shells in my pocket...
An assortment of vampire coffins...
Butterflies Caged Inside My Heart
"My lungs are so numb from holding back." (Lyrics from "Crush" by Jimmy Eat World)
The Salem Witch Trials
Celadon Eyes
July's First Firefly Explosion...
Music Saved My Soul
Do "forever" and "always" exist?
SNAIL mail
Star-Crossed Lovers
Create Your Own Constellation
Butterflies in My Eyes
Damaged Soul
Peacock Dreams
The Final Chapter
Turquoise Tears
Do "forever" and "always" exist?
The Woman in the Moon
Snails by the Sea
I Found My Starfish.
Peacock: The Wedding Dress
Heart on My Sleeve
A Steampunk Story: My Collection of Keys
"I'm so happy 'cause today I found my friends. They're in my head." ( Lyrics from Nirvana's "Lithium")
"Gold Dust Woman" (Title of a Fleetwood Mac song)
Rest Your Bones
Addiction and Detox: A Love Story
Siren's Secret Song
Violets and Violence
Perfect Pixie Haircut
My Pillow is a Dream*Keeper
violets and violence
heart key
locket in my pocket
dreaming deer, dreaming dear
coffee and cigarettes are all we need.
hold me, raven wings.
writer's block
phoenix rose
the hero crafts her own story.
urban fairies unite.
I wear my heart on my sleeve.
the gathering
the witching hour
violet violence
the stars have names...
Rose Red
The Witching Hour
Ink Addict
Heart on My Sleeve
Tattoo Time
"I will rise. And, I will return. A phoenix from the flame." (Lyrics from 'Troy' by Sinead O'Connor
Metallic Hummingbirds
Snails with Fairy Wings
Freedom for Caged Butterflies...
Sewn Together by Spiderwebs
No Sleep for the Wicked
The Saints and Sinners Ball
Tears of Garnet
Violet Violence
Connect the Constellations
"Those angels can never take my place." (from Tori Amos's 'Playboy Mommy')
Orchid Opera
Stars in My Head
"My heart is like the ocean. It gets in the way." (from Tori Amos's 'Take to the Sky')
Coffee and Cigarettes
For the Love of the Wounded (Split Lip album title and partial song title)
Serial Killer Cereal
Pick Your Poison
Lonely or Alone?
Your eyes speak.
My wings show themselves at night.
Navy Skies
Sleep is just like heaven...
Crown of...?
Violet Violence
Love at First Bite
Roses Wrapped Around My Fingers
Shooting Stars
Just Bitten
A Dragonfly Ballet
Bows and Arrows
"My heart is like the ocean. It gets in the way." (Tori Amos quote)
Spiderwebs in summertime
"Sixteen Candles Down the Drain
Split Lip
And the sky was made of amethyst. And all the stars were just like little fish. (Lyrics from 'Violet' by Hole)
My heart has wings.
Heavy heart.
Steampunk Stilettos. (Idea from new 'Pyramid' Catalog)
She's your cocaine. (Lyric by Tori Amos)
"In the engine hymn of this evening's train, I swore I heard your name." (Lyric by Chamberlain)
Firefly Ballet
Knife in my back.
Just bitten.
In your eyes, I see the doorway to a thousand churches. (Lyrics from 'In Your Eyes' by Peter Gabriel.)
Criminal Minds.
Your Day of the Dead Skull Interpretation.
I dream in demons and angels.
Victoria Venom.
Steampunk Stilettos
Shooting Stars Beneath An Autumn Sky
"Your soft skin is weeping. A joy you can't keep in" (Lyrics by Snow Patrol)
Stay Gold ~ Ponyboy (from 'The Outsiders')
Peacock Angel Wings
Collar Bone Tattoo
Dreamy Eyelashes
Antique Keys
Cat Women
Wounded Wrists
Dancing Leaves
The Hunters and The Hunted (Inspired by Tori Amos's new album)
Bow and Arrow
Fancy Cupcakes, Please!
Vampire Children
broken butterflies
violet violence
I wear my heart on my sleeve.
spiderweb magic
Eyeliner Perfection
Release Me
Alone or Lonely?
Melting Wings
Liquid Fire
A Fairy Circle
Pillow Talk
Glitter Lips
Spiderweb Fairy Wings
First Kiss
Extreme Eyelashes
Violet Violence
Bats to Vampires and Back Again
Butterfly or Fairy Wings No One Has EVER SEEN BEFORE
Who is your angel?
Peacock Promises
Last Cigarette
Story in the Sky
A Forest Gathering
The Witching Hour
A Seashell-Covered Creature
Pure Passion
Phoenix Rose
a deer with butterfly wings
intertwined roses
bubble wings
a nest of hair
wings that no one has ever seen before
the perfect coffin
the heart of a serial killer
violet violence
don't look back. you can never look back.
HUGE butterfly and/or fairy wings
last cigarette
Tattoo Me Please!
In Utero
"you're cigarette traces a ladder to the stars." (lyrical quote from the film 'Velvet Goldmine.')
butterflies in my hair
butterfly pupils
butterfly tattoos
"You're under lock and key. I'd break in, but I've never been a thief." (Chamberlain Lyrics)
A dress made of tiny creatures...fireflies, butterflies, snails, bees, etc.
Connect 3 elements of fantasy/gothic art - (You choose the 3).
Tree as Shelter
Heart Stitches
A Bejeweled Coffin
Snail Mail
Sea Treasures
The Woman Behind the Mask
Spread Your Wings
Bloody Waters
Writer's Block
Show Me Your Shells!
Crystaline Teardrops
Love Letters
Music Saves My Soul
An Unexpected Gift
Perfect companions
Puzzlie Pieces
Urban Fairy
Garnets and Fangs
Wings. Wings. Wings.
Butterfly Necklace
Five Different Fairy Wands
Silent Siren
wings tattooed on a human's back
'I guess I didn't want to notice the stars gone from your eyes.' - (Lyric from the Tori Amos's song 'Cool on Your Island'
Spiderweb Rose
The First Fireflies of Summer
Surrounded by Butterflies
How would YOU mend a broken heart? What 'materials' would you use?
Wrapped in Winter
THE fallen angel, Lucifer
The Pieta - Your interpretation
Dress Made of Butterfly Wings
A Twisted Tree
Masquerade Masks - Several Different Ones
"She's addicted to nicotine patches." * (Tori Amos Lyric from Spark)
"In the platforms, I hit the floor. I fell face down and didn't help my brain out." (Tori Amos Lyric from Playboy Mommy)
Bullet with Butterfly Wings (Smashing Pumpkin's Song Title)
* Create your own Fall/Winter constellation *
A *Steampunk* Broken Heart
( A Large) Butterfly Masquerade Mask
A Pin*Up Style Bumble Bee Girl
HELLO EYElashes!
The Birth of Mary Shelley's FRANKENSTEIN
Can't you see these stars in my eyes? * (Lyric by YOU AND I)
The Siren's Secret
Joan of Arc as an Angel
Three Different Sets of Wings - Fairy, Angel, Insect, etc.
Tear-Stained Pillow
Burlesque with a Twist
The Eye of the Storm
It's Raining Butterflies!
Hamlet's Ophelia
Calla Lily Headpiece
Over the FULL moon
Fallen Angel
Butterfly Masquerade Mask
Fairy Dust
Star Pupils
How would you fix a broken heart? What materials would you use?
Ladybug Halloween Costume!
The Ghost of Sketch Fest
Shell Collector
A Snail Mail Fairy
Butterfly Masquerade Mask
The Newborn (Vampire)
Two Places At Once
How would YOU mend a broken heart? What 'materials' would you use?
Sacred Sleep
A Designer Envelope
Crimson, Crimson Everywhere!
It's Raining Fairy Dust!
Wounded Wrists
The Fallen Angel - Lucifer
Pockets Filled With Rubies
Wings, Wings, Wings!
The Three Fates
The Crow
Fallen Angel: Lucifer
Star-Crossed Lovers
Ice Castle
A Wreath of Moths and Butterflies
An Urban Fairy
A Collar Bone Tattoo
Wings, Wings, Wings
Something Wicked This Way Comes
A Ladybug Festival
These Are a Few of My Favorite RINGS
The night the moon broke
An Anatomical Heart Explosion
Alice (in Wonderland) goes PUNK
I Think I'm Paranoid (Song and Lyrics by Garbage)
My Best Friend is a Unicorn.
Butterfly Mask
I Love Cigarettes
Day of the Dead (Sugar) Skull ~ Springtime Style
Hummingbirds in Love
Flora and Fauna
Fawn: Baby of the Forest
Calla Lily Headpiece
The Shell Collector
Wings as Delicate as Lace
"I'm asking you to smile 'cause that's what I like best." (Lyric by Garrett Klahn and Texas is the Reason)
Unlikely Friends
The Fairy of Constellations
Subliminal Messages
Urban Legend
Ladybug Family.
Bees Dancing Around Their Honey Supply.
Heart on My Sleeve.
Punk Rock Cartoon Character - Female
Smooshed-In-Face Cats!
Butterfly Dance
Killing Me Softly
A Crop Circle
'She's Your Cocaine' (Tori Amos song and lyric)
A girl named Prada
Sisters of the Soul Share Their Blood.
Design Your Own Tarot Card

This artist has comments on the following prompts for Sketch Fest #129:

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