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Sketch Fest #129 will run March 26-28! (Today's date: 2021-03-05 14:55:44)

Sketch Fest #129 starts in: 20 days 21 hours and 4 minutes! Join the Facebook Event

Work by: Anon

Sorry, no art to show here!

This artist has left the following prompts:

The Grim Storyteller
From the book "The Water Babies" there was an old lady who lived at the bottom of the ocean called "Be-Done-By-As-You-Did".
From the book "The water babies", there was a beautiful young woman that lived at the bottom of the ocean called "Do-As-You-Would-Be-Done-By"
the last dragon
St Francis of Assisi - Patron Saint of Animals and Ecology
Preparing for Halloween
Spider Lady
Deadly Nightshade
The ugly mermaid
The Banana Fairy
Evil Harlequin
Pandora's Box
Photo prompt Castle 1 You are completely free to use this picture for personal and commercial use.
Photo prompt Mansion you are completely free to use this picture for your personal and commercial use.
Photo prompt Church You are completely free to use this image for personal and commercial use.
Photo prompt Moulin Rouge You are completely free to use this image for personal and commercial use.
Photo prompt Ruins You are completely free to use this image for personal and commercial use.
Photo prompt Castle 2 You are completely free to use this image for commercial and private purposes.
Photo prompt small town You are completely free to use this image for personal and commercial use.
Impossible mission
Jack Frost
Crazy for you
End of the line
The Cailleach
Choo Chooo!
Mr Tumnus
Box of chocolates
Heart shaped glasses
Happy Birthday!
Your steampunk self :)
The Thing
The Banana Fairy
The Fairy Assassin
My Secret
The Shape Of My Heart
What a Beautiful Moustache You Have My Dear!
Keep Off The Grass
The Ugliest Thing I Have Ever Seen
Kicked Out Of The Fairy Gang
Bad Kitty!
Dangerous Liaisons
If I Had A Hammer
Spring Has Sprung
Were Have The Fluffy Furballs Gone? ;)
A very angry dwarf
If I was a rich man
Summer Luvvin'
Last man standing
Left behind
King of the jungle
We are not amused
Big hairy spider
Your favourite artwork, fantasy style :)
Mermaid of the deep
Flying Monkeys
I am the walrus
He loves me not.
The time machine
Hobbit feet
Your past life...
Invent an MMORPG boss
The man in the moon
Weekend Challenge prompt: SETTING: Diamond Mine ERA: Victorian PROMPT:Ghost Finished work can be entered into the weekend challenge here: (Thanks to Ellen for letting me plug it here ;))
If I were a rich man...
Rest In Peace
I've never seen one like THAT before!
The first falling leaves of autumn
dove lovin'
Jenny during the sketchfest ;p
Fairy Mandala
Blue ribbon
The most beautiful wings
Riding on a Snowflake
Jack Frost
Mermaid in the Snow
Prehistoric Santa
Steampunk Santa
Candy Cane Fairy
secret kisses
Kiss me
Blowing Kisses
The most tired person in the world EVER
Pot O Gold
Rainbows End
Lucky Me
Tangled Up In Blue
Rain Dogs
Romeo is Bleeding
We're All Mad Here
Magic Freckles
Pretty in Pink
Green Eyes
Pirate Mermaid
Talk like a pirate
pretty polly
Percival Sleeping: link
Beware, Pandas!
Witches Brew
Magnolias Forever
Candy Cane Fairy
Christmas Puppy
Crushed under a pile of presents
Eye see you
feel good
The hobbit
A box of cute
Your favourite film
Sexy Chainmail
Don't bring me flowers
Chocolate frenzy
Cats in Black
What Dreams May Come
Along Comes a Spider
The Ruby Slipper
Tempest Of Ice
New Beginnings
Lady of the Forest
The Gift
The Green Faery
Forgotten Summer
The Arrival Of Spring
Dreaming On Aquamarine Tides
The Locket
A Dark Undercurrent
Le Serpent
Clockwork Fantasia
Secret Kisses
Spirited Away
Dragon Lore
Crimson Wings
Midnight Masquerade
Shades of Blue
A damaged warrior
April Fools
Fool for You
Do as you would be done by
Be done by as you did
Bubblegum Dreams
Enchanted Visions
9 Lives
Bananas for brains
Kitteh in a box
The Last Candle
Origami Fairy
My Unicorn Disguise
Kitty Love
Clockwork Doll
Rat Village
Pink Poison
Pretending it's not broken
What's in the box?
Wishing Well
Half - Human
The shadow
The antidote
Inner Flame
The Ends of the Earth
Dark Rose
happy birthday
Your favourite video game
bang bang
Surprise Present
Still I rise
cyclops fairy
Bizarre and Surreal
Starving Fantasy Artist
Octopus mermaid
Sketchfest's 40th!
Halloween Candy
Lucky black cat
Friday the 13th
Bad Kitty
Alaska Time!
Immortal beloved
Hot chocolate fairy
Valentines Kitty
Little boxes
My Island
Not so lucky
Evil Clown
The end of the rainbow
The Boy Who Creid Wolf
The Hare and the Tortoise
The Lion And The Mouse
The Fox And The Crow
The Fox And The Mask
Aren't you just a fun filled little lollipop triple dipped in psycho?
Picasso Fairy
The other side of the looking glass
True Colours
Bitter and Twisted
Liar Liar Pants on Fire
What Big Eyes You Have
Your take on a classical painting...
99 red balloons
nobody here but us chickens
three black cats
pirhana with no teeth

This artist has comments on the following prompts for Sketch Fest #129:

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