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Sketch Fest #129 will run March 26-28! (Today's date: 2021-03-08 23:33:51)

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Work by: katerina Koukiotis

I love to sketch for you all :)
My name is katerina(aka katerinaart)
I am a self taught full time Artist/Illustrator from N.Y
My style of art is realism , I specialize in pencil
hand drawn portraits and fantasy paintings.
My preferred mediums are graphite pencil, color pencils,watercolor, pastels ,acrylics.

I draw/paint in different sizes from 11x14 , 9 x 12 , 8.5 x 11 , 4 x 6 , 5x7 to the smallest ACEO miniature art 2.5 x 3.5
If you would like to contact me for commissions, originals feel free to email me at
thank you so much :)
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This artist has left the following prompts:

Friday the 13th
Broken Wings
Can't Sleep
End of Summer
My photos from my DA gallery you can use for refernce
Gypsy Witch
Halloween Candy
Back to school
The Good Witch
Haunted House
Pumpkin Pixie
Fairytale Halloween
Thriller Night
Pumpkin Carver
Wizard Of Halloween
Ghost Stories
A ghost, a poltergeist and a witch ?
scary trick or treaters
Blue christmas :(
waiting for santa
Rapunzel Tangled
Bearing Gifts
Heart of Illusion
The lost dragon
The seventh prince
Secret of flowers
Snow's spirit
Chocolate hearts
Healer in the soul
Forgotten dreamer
Keeper of the hearts
Valentine's Day
Love Notes
Candy Hearts
Sick of being sick
Flowers for you
Drop your Sword!
Sights of Spring
My one and only
Mermaid Bride
Windy day
Gone with the wind
Sent to watch over you
Betrayed with a kiss
Tangled Rapunzel
Spring Siren
Traveling Angel
Rapunzel's Comb ( jenny hope you like this ;) thanks for the sketchfest reminder! )
Crown of Thorns
Easter Friends
Nella Fantasia
Fairy Ring
Rain Princess
Sorry I'm Late
Rapunzel's Hair
To have and not to hold my rose photo for refernce from my facebook hope it works
spell has be broken
one lonely star
Hearts that intertwine
Beauty lives
Into your eyes
Tell me a story
Beautiful Dream
Do you have a second?
Summer Card
Harry potter
snow white and the hunter
Halloween Romance
Thriller ( one of my favorite MJ songs ;) )
Scary Story
Little Ghost
Pink Forever
Silent Secrets
The Stolen Healer
Rings of Shadow
The Pirate's Crying
Tears in Roses
Christmas in my Heart
Mrs Santa Claus
A child this day is born
Merry Christmas
Romeo and Juliet
Magical Flower
Sand Heart
Love Spell
Valentine Princess
Candy Heart
Listen to your Heart
Fake Heart
Winter Blues
Beauty and the Beast
Puppy Love
I love Ice Cream
kiss in the moonlight
Read my mind
Twist of fate
A world away
Still in Time
Need no words
With or without you ( my favorite U2 song )
Go where you are
Standing on a cloud
I can see it in your eyes
Snowy Saturday
Swan Love
Agape (Greek word means Love n English)
Sketch your favorite meal or desert
I never knew
sketch your favorite Lord of the Rings character
Rain of hearts
real person falls in love with a cartoon kinda like the A-HA music video Take on Me
80's Music Icon ( it can be anyone from the 80's )
Reunited in Heaven
Twin Babies
Love without guilt
If I only had one wish
Whisper sorrow
Fading Dreams
A fairy princess warrior protecting the fairylands and fairyfolk
Happy Birthday Mommy
Game of the Sword
Splintered Prince
Remembering Heaven
Heart of Summer
Angel Party
wicked sisters
I think you're cute
It is true!
End of the day
Mermaid swimming in pool
Mad about you( my favorite beldinda carilse song it's on the radio now i love it ) see you all tomorrrow xoxo
Victorian Witch
Are you real?
Sweetest Halloween
This house is Ours ( Line from The Others one of my favorite creepy movies )
Draw Your favorite Halloween Costume
Mermaid Braids
A Life of Honor
Follow the Light
Country Christmas
Christmas Bow
Poinsettia Beauty
May it be an evening star (LOTR Song May it Be -Enya)
Frodo: I will take the Ring to Mordor! (LOTR)
Arwen to Aragon: I choose a Mortal Life (LOTR)
Greek Fairy
Fairy Baking Christmas Cookies
Belle from beauty and the beast
Haunted by a werewolf
Renesmee Cullen from Twilight Saga do your own version or from the movie
An angel will die Covered in white ~ ( Ed Sheeran -The A Team Lyrics )
Now and Then..
A Boy Is Born In Bethlehem
Little Angels to Fly
Christmas Hope
Frozen Christmas Lake
Madonna and Child
Red heart turning blue
Signs of Love
Cry me a heart
Everything is not what you see
Catch my tears
Time is like a clock of my heart
sign my name across my heart
Between two hearts
Pale face
Victorian young vampire
Spring pixie
New Doll
Gothic Tale
New Freckles
Woman in black
Woman in white
Man in black
Man in white
Tea party for three
Ballerina Bun
Tangled Braid
Happy birthday sketch fest
Ladybug wish
Fantasy flowers
Shells an stars
Favorite book
Orange secrets
Little Mommy
Prettiest doll ever!!
Rose Bouquet
Edward Scissorhands
Beautiful hair
Dark butterfly
Watching the waves
Stars brighter than ever
Summer witch
Pink bubble gum
Beautiful Greek Island
I love my daddy happy father's day
Little dragons
Dragon braids
A mythical best friend
Gift for a friend
Crown of Stars
Memoirs of summer
Novelas de Romance (romance novel)
Autumn moon
A summer to remember
Wicked dream
Fluffy white kitten playing with leaves
Cant wait for halloween !
Sketch fest snacks
Talk to me
This Halloween I want to dress up as....
Midnight skies
Teddy bear party
Greek beauty
Happy Birthday EMG !!
drawings on a tree
Stars and bats
too much birthday cake!!
new makeup !!
Under the weather
Halloween prom queen
Watching a scary movie
snow and bats
Knight in Armour
The fires burned in Midnight
Magic is here
Christmas miracle
Christmas clouds
Snowy princess
Snowflake paper
Christmas song
Christ prince of peace
Pony in snowflakes
Catwoman and batman from Dark Night Rises
Just a note
Living Talking Doll
Lovely Roses
Missing Hearts
Hair made of Hearts
Hearts and Stars
In the heart of winter
Heartbeat Song
"Do you come from a land down under Where women glow and men plunder Can't you hear, can't you hear the thunder You better run, you better take cover."-Men at Work
Tropical the island breeze All of nature wild and free This is where I long to be La isla bonita-Madonna
You know how the time flies Only yesterday was the time of our lives We were born and raised in a summer haze Bound by the surprise of our glory days Read more: Adele - Someone Like You
And we'll never be royals (royals). It don't run in our blood, That kind of luxe just ain't for us. We crave a different kind of buzz. Let me be your ruler (ruler), You can call me queen Bee And baby I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule, I'll rule. Let me live that fantasy.-Lorde
(Oh-oh, here she comes) Watch out boy She'll chew you up (Oh-oh, here she comes) She's a maneater-HALL & OATES
I'm all out of faith This is how I feel I'm cold and I'm ashamed Bound and broken on the floor You're a little late, I'm already torn, torn -NATALIE IMBRUGLIA
Sweet dreams are made of this Who am I to disagree I travel the world and the seven seas Everybody's looking for something-EURYTHMICS
Pencils and crayons
My favorite sketch
Out of Darkness
Floral Treats
Thinking of prompts to post
Tell me Fables
Cute princess washing her hair
Rainy day
Out of a jar
wet flowers
Tangled dream
Summer holiday
Beware of the kitty
Draw you when you're were little (child)
Three little ducks
Squirrels storing for winter
Autumn Pumpkin Fest
Eating Peanuts
Autumn Spell
Magical witch hat
Gone too soon
Portrait of your loved one
Collecting Pencils
Nerdy Witch
Invisible Art
Happy Birthday Sketch fest !
Birthday Bash!
How many candles?
October birthdays
Halloween Party
Draw or paint your halloween costume you will wear on halloween
Halloween tricks
It was a spooky night
Sharing treats
Pumpkin pie
Fallen witch
Gift of Love
Colors of winter
My little sketch book
Christmas Love
A knitted scarf
Angels heart
No more snow !
Best Buddies
Videogame addict
The north will never forget
After new years
Movie weekend
A love like no other
Heart Cookies
Heart of winter
50 shades of pencils
Red Hot Heart
Hearts and Flowers
Scary dragon
Giveaway Hearts
New sharpners
Magical pencils
First signs of spring
Easter Love
Coloring eggs
Fairy Spell
Bunny Love
Book of Songs
Spring Cleaning
A world of Fairies
Colorful Ribbons
Book of Fairies
Vampire Candy
Something Cute
Draw anything
Your favorite song
Florals and Butterflies
Lovely Heart
sparkling crown
Happy Fathers Day
late with sketch fest
summer flowers
blue white and red
your favorite 80's movie
fishes in the pond
moring walk
morning walk ( sorry for the typo below)
Love and war
French artist
Roses and ribbons
It's still summer
Be with me
A castle like no other
Hanging by a thread

Made out of yarn
Crochet beauty
Childhood toy
Winnie the pooh
Stuffed animal
Twist n sharp (couldn't resist my new sharpener )
Autumn spirit
Spooky lazy
Tales from the crypt
Fuzzy slippers
Happy ending
Numbat birthday ;)
Numbat princess
October birthday
Birthday surprise gift
Dance Macabre (EV theme )
Your favorite holiday movie
Buttered Popcorn
Sketch book
Marker and ink
Hourglass of time
Snowman hat
Christmas decorations
A little wish and a little prayer
Summer Christmas
Christmas party
Another year over
little fairies big wings
Diamonds and pearls
Poems and songs
Easter Love
birthday party
6 years old
one and for all
Easter Love
spring snow (snow storm coming this sunday NY/eastcoast)
favorite cereal
Lucky charms
Beautiful bride
Books and roses
Chocolate beauty
Cold love
Longing for spring
Fantasy Love
Instagram addict
Box full of heart chocolates
We belong together
Hat made of hearts
Fantasy prince
Valentine anniversary
Sweet Fairy
love would be easy if your love was like my dreams
Youre used to be so sweet
Karma Chamaleon
Everyday is like a survival
Without Confiction
You come and go
since you have been gone
Your favorite smiley
Busy weekend
cookie witness protection program
too many sweets
Happy fathers day
Portrait of your dad
A rose between two thorns
magical wand
castle made of stones
halloween balloons
99 red balloons go by
lake of Gennesaret
Sketch your favorite scary scary movie
Bats and Hats
Prompter with feather pen
Spring where are you ?
Heart shaped flowers
Spring winds
pink and brown
little stars
mother nature
spring garden
love lost
they kept going
Part of your world
Across the lake
Disappearing Ink
The Yellow Dress
Little shells
Trust in each other
Summer Love
Giant Coloring Book
Battle of the fairies
Animal friends
Bows and ties
Your Astrological sign
Look at the stars
Your favorite monster high doll
In love with a human
frozen leaves
something glowy
voices from the stone
and he is watching with those eyes....

a greek christmas
Greek christmas cookies
Baby jesus
Jesus birthday
a gift for you
tell me a secret
all the holiday candy you can think of
Holy Night
City Christmas
They got the beat YAY we got the beat
Merry Christmas
A saviour is born
Young Mary
Lights and Ornamnets
Basket full of apples
Dancing butterflies
Spring season of hope
Spring time
Garden flowers
Fantasy animal
Mona Lisa ( in your style )
Spring forest
Something you wear
In you arms
Colorful wings
Draw Things you can't live without
Italian Beauty
Pray for the world
my little pony ( your favorite)
Tails and flowers
Magical and Sparkly
Peace and love
In your eyes
your favorite fruit
August summer
autumn is near
summer night
not so magical after all
autumn decor
Treats of Red
make a scary halloween character into a beautiful one
A greek god or goddess into a halloween scene
halloween party
from halloween to christmas
a scary story
Christmas is near
sketch your favorite christmas song
Christmas story from the bible
a wish for christmas
Cute little gnomes
Crochet animal
chrochet mittens , hat or scarf
knitting frenzy
knots and threads
hooks and needles
Red hearts

This artist has comments on the following prompts for Sketch Fest #129:

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