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Sketch Fest #129 will run March 26-28! (Today's date: 2021-03-06 02:18:07)

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Work by: Jools62

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This artist has left the following prompts:

Through the looking glass one side good other side bad.
Dark Princess
Mardi Gras
Tarot Card
Spring Dragon
Dawn Awakening

Beautiful Monster
Twisted Mirror
Wolf in the woods
Twisted reflection
Magical Fairy Ring
Dark Alice
Steampunk Dreams
Steampunk Angel
Rose in the thorns
The Griffin
Diamond and the Dwarf
Dance with the Reaper
Midsummer Dream
Wise Owl
We are all mad here!
Rainbow Unicorn
Celestial Dreams
We are all mad here!
Toy Town
Sunflowers and Canaries
Steampunk goes Gothic
Black Rose
A Beautiful Monster
Grey Eyes
Tinkerbell goes gothic.
Waterfall of dreams
Clockwork Angel
Horse Whisperer
Dark Wolf Rising
Briar Rabbit
Rising of the Phoenix
The end of days
Sugar and Spice and all things nice!
The Four Horseman
Dragon and his Mage
Vampires are Beautiful
Cinderella and the goblin
I love to dance
Steampunk Pirate
Lost in the woods
The Lions are lost
The Sword and the harp
A family of foxes
The White Stag with the goldenAntlers
On the Merry-Go-Round
The Castle in the clouds
The Owl and the Pussy Cat went to sea in a beautiful pea green boat
The hedgehog in the apple blossom
Ice Dragon
Trolls Day Out
Butterfly on the dogs nose
Cry of the wolf
Funky Alice
The Robin
Mermaid and the witch
Magpie, Crow and the fairy princess
The Sword and the harp
Lion and the mouse
Dapple grey rocking horse
Steampunk Pirate
Sugar and Spice and all things nice!
The sweetest dragon
Fox and raven under the moon
Starling and the fairy
Red ballet shoes
Mrs Tiggywinkle
Love you to the Moon and Stars
Ice Princess
Sugar and Spice and all things nice
Polar Bear and the Fairy
Snow Leopard with ice blue eyes
Snowdrops and a robin
Faerie Lights
Mouse eating a pie on a table full of Christmas goodies
Christmas Carol Singers
Find the white rabbit in the snow
Swan Princes
Horse running in the sea
Hel Ruler of Helheim
Wolf in the Woods
A field of butterflies
We could be Twins
Orchard and Roses
Dark Stranger
Fire Fae
Rise of The Phoenix
Owl in the Forest
The witch and her cat
What’s through the looking glass??
Aurora Borealis
Tiger Lilley
The Vampire Within
The Cheshire Cat
The lions roar
The dragons trove
A cheeky parrot
The gargoyle Queen
Castle at the end of the world
Doorway to Where?
Raven and the sword
The Archangel
Homecoming Masquerade
Black Panther with Golden Eyes
A golden fox
The Norns
Golden Griffin
The Scroll of Truths
Shadow Demons
Chalice of Youth
Bear and her cubs
Seahorse Dreams
The Kingfisher and the golden fish
Proud Peacock
Chilling by the window
Tiger with blue eyes
Siamese Twins
Skull and rose
Cheeky Raccoon
Fairy on a toadstool
The eye of the tiger
The bleeding cross
Hedgehog and the snail
Call of the wild
Song Thrush and the elves
Dragon and the sleeping fairy
Unicorn of the sea
Fountain of Life
Rainbow Eye
Polar Bear and her cubs
Gothic Warrior Princess
Sword in the stone
Gothic Fae and her Raven
The Sword, The Book and The Bell
Lion Witch and the wardrobe
Sleeping Angel
The White Tower
Skull and rose
Pegasus on fire

Dark Elf and a dragon
The white wolf
The magic flute
Purple Orchids
Green Eyes
Vampire Queen
A Skull, Barbed wire and white Lillies
How does your garden grow
Sea shells on the beach
The red stag
Swan princess
Dragon king
Dragon war
Greek Goddess
Red mushrooms and black butterfly
Draw your ideal tattoo using the main colours black, red, orange a face animal or human
She's away with the fairies
The Magicians Cat
Dragon and the mouse
Red Ballet Shoes
Wild Fox
The Winter Wolf
Eye of time
Ballerina with the golden shoes
Out of this world
Mothers Love
Lion with a mane of stars and stardust
Castle of Ice and Fire
Rainbow Koi
Poppy Fairy
Celestial Gold
Queen of Wands
On the crest of a wave
Red Rose
Badger In The Woods
Sisters from another Mother!
The crystal tower
What’s your favourite time of year?
Dragons in the detail
Bedknobs and Broomsticks
Littlest vampire
The Goblin King
Over the hill and far away
White wolf with golden eyes
A skull dagger and wings
Steampunk Clock
Cheekiest smile
Dark dreams
Wolf and her cub
Jason Momoa
Vasilisa the beautiful

Fairy Lanterns
Once upon a time
Witch way is witch
What sharp teeth you have
Red wolf
Grey Wolf with crimson eyes
The eagle flies
The unfamiliar familiar
Dream weaver
Any Aesop’s Fable
Sword in the stone
Angels and Demons
Crystal rose
Red Queen of Darkness
Golden Eyes
The witch in the mirror
Chris Hemsworth
Tom Hardy
Bette Midler as Winifred
Will O’ Wisp
Two horned unicorn
An equine study
This fairy loves her hot chocolate
Raindrops on a Spiders Web
Golden Hyena /s
Sugar Plum Fairy
The three eyed owl
White Stagvwith large golden antlers
3 little bats hang downsidesup
Crystal Dragon
Baby Panda
Golden Mane Lion with large golden wings
The littlest dragon and a fairy
Whoever chooses this prompt Draw you Zodiac Sign
Stag and the magpie
Brown eye, golden glitter, long lashes, eyebrow
The dormouse and the poppy
A black animal silhouette on a galaxy of bright stars
A raven collection autumn leaves
An autumnal forest and fox
The bell, the book and the candle
The Grinch
Black horse with a golden mane an golden eyes
Merida (from the film Brave)
Raven with both wings outstretched
A bouquet of flowers
Siberian Tiger rolling in the snow
Red T
Red Riding Hood,The Wolf and a snow forest
Peacock of many colours
Raccoon in a Xmas hat
Raindrops on a Spiders Web
Christmas Galaxy
Rudolph with your nose so bright
The Nutcracker
Little Drummer Boy
Hark the herald angels
What's the best Xmas present you have had?
Polar Bear and her cubs
Little Robin Redbreast
A Christmas Carol
Snow Dragon
I’m not crazy My reality is just a little different to yours!!
Dragonfly fairy
Rainbow Crystal Unicorn
Design a tattoo using a Pug or Boston Terrier, flowers and rainbow colours,
Dream catchers
Golden peacock
Eyes with long eyelashes
Skull, Ivy,Rose and Butterfly
Badger and Fox
The Elements
Foxglove Fairy
Snowy owl
Bees on thistles
Leopard on a branch sleeping
Waves crashing into rocks on a beach
Moonlight over a lake
Lily of the valley fairy
Draw your favourite animal
Geisha Girl
Rainbow Dragonfly
Stained glass window
A night st the fairy races
As white as snow As red as blood
Mother of pearl faerie
A woodland fairytale
Archangel Ariel
Can I keep him?
Leopard Dragon, Owl and Cat
Gossamer winged butterflies
White and Black Dragons
Tea Time
Cheeky Baby Polar Bear
By the power of Grey Skull
Dragon Souls
Love and Roses
What is your dream today?
Hestia Goddess of Fire
Mysterious Forest
Lanterns of Hope
Design a Mandela Tattoo
Owl Harpy
A fairy painting stars
Raindrops on a window
Rainbow kittencorn with flowing wings
Draw / makeup a fantasy creature
Reading together
Three eyed Raven
Steampunk Crow
Blowing Bubbles
Birthday cake
The cutest little piglet ever!
Black horse/horse face with a snow background
Big eyed Rainbow fairy and her tiny Pegasus unicorn
Fallen Angel
Huginn and Muninn
Plague Doctor
Mermaids blowing bubbles
My little pony
Mysterious Forest
Leopard Dragon, Owl and Cat
Waves crashing into rocks on a beach
Under the umbrella
Foxglove Fairy
Cat in amongst the flowers
Moonlight over a lake
The Dragons Lair
It’s too hot!
By the babbling brook
Little girl and her doll
Making magic happen
David Bowie The Goblin King
Dragonfly Tattoo Design
A Horses Eye
Trojan horse
A black fairy silhouette in front of a pink and gold sunset
Colbalt blue wolf eyes
A little girl looking out the window
Siamese cat
An assortment of sea shells
Lady in a pink and black spotted dress with a beautiful black hat
Dark Fairy
Mandala Tattoo
Box of coloured pencils and crayons
Moonlight over a lake
Sugar and Spice
Badger by the River
Dark Fairy
Raindrops on a flower
Castle in the sands
A bunch of summer flowers in a crystal vase
Warrior pixie
Mandala sun and moon
Draw a tattoo using a bird, butterfly and flower
Bear and a Bee
A horse with its foal snuggling into her neck
Your favourite fictional character
Cute bat and her batlets
Dragonfly with rainbow pearlescent wings
An owls eye, nose and feathers
Caterpillar and toadstool
Raven and the ring
Whose paw is it?
Honey badger
Black cats bookends
Steampunk moom
Steampunk Moon
Seahorse and mermaid
A woodland walk
Draw me
Woodland walk
Hedgehogs playing in autumn leaves
Infinity and beyond
Little witch
Setting sun
Tea Time
Blustery day
Design a Mandela Tattoo
Little girl and her doll
Fox in a tea cup
The spirit of wisdom
Raindrops and Roses
Lotus flower
Beautiful Green eyes with long black lashes
Petals with raindrops on
Vampire Queen
Red cardinal
The devil in me
Tiger dreams
Apple with a tiny snail on top
Whose paw is it?
Who is it under the toadstool?
Under the moonlight
Mouse and toadstool
Petals with raindrops on
Field of poppies
Candlelight fairy
Christmas Stag
Story books
Magpie Queen
Forest Fairies
Inside the globe
Teeny Dragon
My fabulous friend
Carry the light
Christmas art
Old Father Time
Celestial Kingdom
Ringing in the New
In the dark forest
Fairy lights
When the darkness falls
Sleeping under the moon
Dragon goes dancing
Elves New Year
What’s at the end of the rainbow
Unicorn and foal
Wolf moon
Black silhouette against a rainbow galaxy
Winter Magic
Sugar Plum Fairy
Fairy Godmother
Swan Princess
Seven Ravens
Wise owl
The Brothers Grimm
The emporers new clothes
Badger, Ratty and Mole
White stag in a winter forest
Goldilocks and the 3 bears
Princess and the frog
Snow White is a vampire
Dragon and the wolf
White tiger
Beauty and the beast
The emporers new clothes
The little match girl
The nightingale and the rose
Puss in Boots
Queen of Air and Darkness
Born of Water
Red Rider
Raven Warrior
Castle in the clouds
The Lion King
Danger Will Robinson!
Unicorn Seahorse
Dragons 1st Burthday
Time for a hot chocolate
Crow, moon and red heart
Mushrooms toadstools Forest moon
Seven Ravens
Morgana le Fay
Werewolf Queen
Queen of the Fire Fae
King of the Fae
Owl and the Grandfather Clock
Castle in the clouds
Chariot of Fire
The Lillie Pond
Goddess Rhiannon
Witches Familiar
Moon over the plains of Africa
Sunset on a beach
Woodland animals
Mermaid on a rock surrounded by huge waves
Draw one of your favourite things and say why!
Whispering willow
Black Swan
Eye of the tiger
Day and Night
A fairy princess with purple hair and a purple dragon
Draw your favourite super hero
If you were a superhero what would you look like?
If you have a pet can you draw it for me please?
The good, the bad and the ugly
Cinderella’s Sisters
If you could be an animal what would you be ?
The old lady who lived in a shoe
Design an outfit to wear to a party
If you have a brother or sister can you drawn them for me?
Puff the magic dragon
Cat in the Hat
Dungeons and Dragons
Mad Hatters tea party practice Social Distancing
The Easter Bunny
The other side of the mirror
Woodland animals
Werewolf Queen
Black silhouette against a rainbow galaxy
Black dragon, red rose, white rose and a sword
Mermaid with Rainbow scales and rainbow fins and tail
Goldfish in a bowl
Underneath the Blood Moon
Rainbow Chameleon
Fantasy Mermaid
Beautiful Fairy with a magical key
Mermaid in the bath
Enchanted Maiden and a snowy owl
Lady of the lake
Yin and Yang Koi
Jaguar sleeping in a tree
Grizzly Bear and her Cubs
Cute Hedgehog cuddling a leaf
Steampunk Mermaid
Angel Wings
My possum
The Philosophers Familia
The Midnight Fairies
Unicorn Mermaid
Peacock Horse
Sunset over a city
The mouse ran up the clock
Oh wow big eyes you have Grandmother
Stone Queen
Venetian mask
Edens Garden
Werewolf Prince
A winged Drakalope
Lace veil
The Beekeeper
Mermaid and the seal
Mad Hatters tea party practice Social Distancing
Peacock Horse
Queen of Air and Darkness
Goldfish in a bowl
A Vampires Kiss
A bouquet of summer flowers
Field mouse sitting in/on wheat
Jack in the Box
What big teeth you have!
Pickled Mermaids
Tulip, Fairy and Bumble Bee
Dandelions and Dragonflies
Spirit of the Wolf
Cute sleeping dragon
Cait Sidhe
Owl and Key
Siamese cat, golden moon, necklace of pearls
Le carnaval du cirque
Spirit of the Eagle
Horses/Unicorns riding the surf
Use only the colours purple, black, gold in what you draw
King and Queen of the ? You decide
Fairy with the pinkest wings
Naughty Pixies
Steampunk Fox
Celestial Stag
Book of spells
White Pearl
Tundra Tiger
Castle of dreams
Blue sky Fluffy white clouds and ?
Sunset over the city
Painters Palette
Magic Beans
Animals of the Forest
Dark woods, Bright moon, and ? (You decide)
Harvest Moon
A table, cat and potions
Magpie Queen
Golden koi
Change of seasons
Horse or horses riding the waves
Rainbow Unicorn
Raccoon peeping out of a tree
Ravens key
Your favourite animal
Booti-ful Kitty
Pink Flamingo
Black wolf White wolf
Cerberus puppy
A tale as old as time
Cat in a hat
Jaguar swimming in water
One half beauty the other half beast
Raven, skull, candle and book
Tiger Eye
Design a Halloween outfit
Snowy forest and a woman in a red cloak
Centaur Queen
Wolf Moon
A handsome rockstar
The Lion King

This artist has comments on the following prompts for Sketch Fest #129:

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