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Sketch Fest #129 will run March 26-28! (Today's date: 2021-03-05 15:24:49)

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Work by: Anke Wehner

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This artist has left the following prompts:

Needs extra brain(s)
Modern day or futuristic fairy
By candlelight
Ghost Dog or Hellhound
Body Painting
Going Green
A fairy scolding a dragon.
Draw a comic strip, or short comic.
The Devil's Cauldron(s)
In chains
A scarf for an extra-long neck
One Shining Eye
Cupcake Break
Plant Magic
Dragon wings
Follow the Butterfly
Owl (If you'd like some photos for inspiration look at this collection - not my own, inspiration only)
This doesn't fit
Insects at work
Chicks in high heels
Why living in a mushroom is a bad idea.
Orcs at home
Flying Lizard
Spaghetti Western
Mail delivery
Living ship
What are pants, anyway?
Telegraph ears
Little dog with a big stick
At gunpoint
Penguin-themed superhero
Making of a Clockwork Fairy
Airship cruise.
Fruitloop armour
The sun is swallowed by a monster
Magic paint
Dragon barbecue
Rainbow hair
Old dryad
Goblin family gathering
Interior design by and for merfolk
Performing functional magic as busking
Water Dragon for the Chinese New Year
Fruit Dragon
A dragon defending its hoard
Bramble Spirit
Natural weapons
Centaur - but replace the "horse" part with some other animal
Clockwork bird
A hunting scene involving a fruit dragon and wild berries or mushrooms
Naturally grown hammock
A character from anchient myth visiting a modern city.
Summer Solstice
Dragon skull
Backyard griffin
Demonic (or angelic) snail
Magic graffiti
Take a deep breath and calm down
Mobile home
A golem that is not humanoid
At work, crafting something
Do you have characters (RPG, writing, just ideas) you made up? Draw at least one of them.
Cafe with a view - on a space station
Make it pretty!
Living space ship
Stylish cyborg
Winged Frog
Soft fur
Demonic pet
The Headache Gnome (Or Fairy)
Crockery for a fairy kitchen
Sleeplees, bleary, tired out
Harpy Post
Start on a project you've been putting off.
Draw one of your own characters (from writing, RPGs, just floating around your head...)
Cabbage Fairy
Clothes like Autumn leaves
Clothes like Spring blossoms
Metallic insects
The last leaf on the tree
Grouchy familiar
Snail rider
Polar Lights
Elemental Turtle
Queen of the Underworld
Crazy new haircut
Christmas market
Draw one of your characters
Bibliophile's Paradise
Dreamland Railroad
Frog Wizard
Visiting a grave
Ghost Deer
Unearthing bones
Flower fairy based on a flesh-eating plant
Pin-up boy
Fossil fantasy creature
The Wandering Village
Crow and Raven
Summoning ritual
Swamp "mer"maid
Draw one (or more) of your own characters.
Start work on something you've been putting off.
Redraw an old image of yours.
Cursed Dryad
My Pet Slime Monster
Clockwork snail
Cyborg goblin
The Lord of Hell is bored
A house made from a snail's or tortoise's shell
Flowers in snow and ice
Blueberry Dragon
Magnolia sprite
Draw one of your own characters (and tell us just a little about them in the description)
Do you hoard art supplies? Use something you've had lying around for far too long.
A small, bright light in the darkness.
Cute and Fluffy
The Eyes of Spring
Everything is Green
Entering the Sanctum Sanctorum
A fairy home
Owl spirits
animal elementals
Manticore Cub
Manticore cub
It's made from apples. Well, mostly apples.
Vegetable lamb
Blue, Green, Yellow
Who is living inside the walls?
Cozy reading nook
Different eggs
Draw one (or more) of your characters and tell us a bit about them
Fluffy Fennec
Draw one (or more) of your characters and tell us a bit about them
They breed like plotbunnies!
Flamingo Flower
"That smells lovely"
Baking is Magic
Snowmen at the beach, building sand skulptures
There can't be strength without rest.
Candy dancing
Transdimensional messenger
Space whales
Start working on an idea you have been putting off
Writer/Roleplayer/other creator-of-characters? Draw at least one of your characters!
Worldbuilder? Pick a city you made up and draw a picture postcard motive for it!
Stack of Critters
Bored Monster
Voice of Thunder
Chorus of Dawn
Old, badass sorceress
Hidden between the ancient tree's roots....
Mariachi Band OF DOOM
Angel in Blue
Willow Dryad
Magic Monocle
Familiar Spirit: Lobster, Shrimp, or other Crustacean
Dance to Summon Wind
Ready to Pounce
They wrote each other messages on morning mist moth wings.
the littlest owl
Owl-based phoenix (or other elemental bird)
Battle tortoise!
Sleipnir is a moose
Attack slug
Plushie manticore
Art nouveau smartphone
Costumed Couple
Field Day
A mouse (or rat either dismantling a trap, or building one.
Boy with fox ears (tail optional) at play
Draw something to post at Portrait Adoptions (don't forget watermark/size limits!)
Ink owl
Cross between a pallas cat/manul and a moth
Hornet fairy
Draw something you can print out as a Christmas/NewYear/midwinter holiday of your choise card.
Bramble Sprite
Bee holder
Magic book
The Sea Train
Dwarf Ballet Dancer
Goblin Pilot
The robins are cute and spherical
Magical Mobile Home
Rainbow Bird
Summoners are not what they used to be...
Conjuring a Grimoire
Elven Smith
Desktop Golem
I'd rather polish a sword than jewellery
Crazy little thing called love
Emotions in a bottle
Midnight Blue Hellcat
What kind of odious throne is that?
Show the difference in your mind between a pixie and a fairy
Fanart for the last movie or TV show you saw.
Hero in a snail shell
Bird-themed magical weapon
Goblins getting ready for a party
Borrowers or other REALLY small people
These leaves look strange...
Cool cape
A carnivorous plant
A glowing plant
There’s a treehouse in a bonsai. Who or what lives in it?
A flower fairy or plant sprite based on a carnivorous plant
A flower with an animal or humanoid face
A tiny dragon nesting inside a big bloom
Clothes made from leaves, petals, vines, bark, etc
“When they are ripe, they release from their stems and migrate south”
In a garden full of artful topiaries and trimmed trees lined up like soldiers, there is one tree, old and glarled, that grows like it will.
A tortoise with plants growing on its shell.
Owl Cat
Freckle Fairy
Taking care of the pet toad
The Moonlight Is Perfect Right Now
Pebble-skinned Dragon
Forgotten Fountain
Magical Girl - all grown up
Magical Girl - buff and badass
Magical Girl - heavy weaponry
Mermaid ready for battle
Fairy in blue jeans
Gremlins in space
Fairy with their pet
Riders of the storm
Goblin clocksmith
Orkish bird seller
Fairy hiding from a downpour
A flower fairy or plant sprite based on a carnivorous plant
Tiny dragon
Fairy interior design
Demonic Butterfly
Star Flowers and Moon Mushrooms
Owl Sage and Mushroom Sage
Spirit of the Summer Breeze
Lawn Flamingos Attacking Garden Gnomes
Betta Merman
Decorative Art Nouveau Guy
Dewdrops on Thorns
Well of Inspiration
Labyrinth Butterfly
Living Flame
Water Fairy
If you're small enough, a patch of moss is a forest
Queer Pride Moth
Dragon Fairy
Bird Fairy
Gnome Aeronaut
Acanthus Fairy
The Sock Monster
Firefly show flight
Reindeer Spirit
Wise Old Bear
Frost Fungus
Fairy, gnome, or other tiny person with their pet bird
Hibernating Firebird
Owl Cat
Frost Moth
Painted Pangolin
Paisley Parrot
Argyle Arachnid
Polkadot Possum
Magic Clover
Magpie Fashion Show
Lace Wings
Gnome Owl-Tamer
Furniture Plant Nursery
Mantis Fairy
Snail Shell Mansion
Four-Armed Juggler
Pumpkin Boat Race
Floating Home
Apple Tree Dryad
Housecat/Owl griffin
Dragon hoarding dice
Dragon at the bird feeder
Opal Dragon
Is this a gemstone or an egg?

This artist has comments on the following prompts for Sketch Fest #129:

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