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Work by: Camille Chandler

Sorry, no art to show here!

This artist has left the following prompts:

stars are the windows of heaven where angel boys peep through
angel boy trailing bleeding hearts
teen angel boy at heaven's gate
bleeding heart arbor with an angel boy holding his heart in his hand
angel boy tears
Teen Boy Angel on the inside looking out
Fairy with bleeding hearts flowers around her head and cupped in her hands is a broken heart
Mother and son teen angel missing you so
bleeding heart flowers trailing along angel boy
tears are the windows of heaven
love never dies teen angel boy
Tears for Talia
mend my broken heart
angel wings with dangling bleeding hearts
after the storm
an angel boy with a boo boo heart
heartache and a bucket of tears
angel boy ...rain rain go away...bring out a rainbow today
my heart gives you this
hands full of tears
teen boy angel please mend my broken heart
The ashen rose of grief
angel wings cascading with bleeding heart flowers
tears on my pillow
male angel a world without you in it
angel wings wmbracing a mended heart
a mother's grieving heart
a rose with an angel wing in my flowing hair with cascading bleeding heart flowers around my neck
beyond this world I hold your hand and heart
my broken halo
teen angel mending his broken wing
a mirror to his soul
catching my tears
the bashful flapper
the last words he said to me...I love you
Teen Angel Boy with a bouquet of roses and bleeding heart flowers
tears on his shoulder
your heart is my reflection
angel boy ...taken too soon
mother and son...I carry you in my heart
shower me with love
blow me a kisses in the wind
bleeding heart flower on angel wings
the doorway of deception
picking up my teardrops
I give you my heart
My heart is an open book
teen boy angel...the single white rose
In my darkest hour comes the light
empty arms...
My bucket of teardrops
Roses for Love
Teen Angel boy holding bleeding heart flowers..."Flowers For Mother Dear"
Teen Angel boy blowing kisses in the autumn wind...A windy kiss
Fly Me to the Broom!
Lady corset
Lady and the Vamp
Up Up and away!!!
Bleeding Heart Flower Fairy
the locket of deceit
The grieving angel
Loves first bite!
the feather
your heart is at stake! Vampiress
No more Tears in Heaven
My Blue Broken Heart
Teen Boy Angel ...never say never
Blue were his eyes
The fairy Godmother's gift
My feathered heart cries tears
Torn between two worlds
A bleeding heart teen boy Angel
A prayer heard
A mother's Prayer
She wears a Diamond Tiara
A bleeding heart flower Fairy
which way did the witch go?
Bitten by Love
The Flirty Flapper

The Feathered Heart
The Masquerade Mistress
Teen Angel Boy Roses of Tears
Teen Angel Boy Cloud Danicng
The Peppermint Pixie
Lady of the Evening
She wore a Bleeding heart flower Tattoo
The christmas tree of Candles and Roses
The Christmas Bride
The love Letter and the Quill
Elf with an Attitude
The Arbor of Angels
Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree
Teen Angel Boy the Christmas Gift
Tears of Lady Avalon
Teen Angel Boy decorating the tree with bleeding heart flower garland
Surrender to Love
A blue Christmas without you
Snow male teen angel "The gift of love"
Teen Male Angel ..Jesus gave me a new heart...
Teen Angel Shepherd boy "Protecting the Flock"
The Christmas Flapper
Heaven's Gate at Christmas
The Crowning of the Christ Child
Teen Angel boy My eyes adore you
babes in toyland
Snow Teen Angel love is a rose
the eyes of innocence
The Christmas Gift
Ringing in the New Year
Angel in a Bubble
Marie Antoinette's Last Gala
Born of my Tears
Essence of the Bleeding Heart Flower Queen
The 17th Century Bride
Teen Angel Boy-My heart has wings to fly
My caged heart has thorns
The Widow's Veil
My Lost Love-Grave of Roses
The Queen of Hearts eating Valentine Tarts in her Royal Ball Gown
Madame of the Matinee
The Buxom Woman in the jeweled Opera Glasses
Shedding Heart Tears
Mend this broken heart with yours
The Flapper Bride
The mourning after
The communion girl
flight of the bleeding heart fairy
angel teen boy a rose for mother
The Flapper Bride
sassy sexy and seductive
Tears of the Maiden Fair
The other side of the veil
the mirrors deception
She wore bleeding heart flowers in her hair
She cried pearl tears
Goddess of tears
Whispers of the Willow Woman
Angel Teen Boy Pennies from heaven
The gypsies secret
The Steampunk Easter Bunny
Bleeding heart Angel Boy
His love is a rose
My Garden of Tears
The Flapper Bride
Teen male angel a rose for Mom
A heart full of tears
The first sign of Spring
Mother in waiting
The Fairy's Wedding
Easter Morn
Angel with an Easter Basket
The Buxom Bunny
My severed heart
the heart's lament
The mirror of tears
Alone in prayer
Tears of the grieving maiden
My heart's longing
She holds the morning dove
Teen angel boy His inner light
the bride's lament
teen angel boy Heaven's Window
The apparition
Countess of tears
Pearls of the wisdom maiden
Women of the bleeding heart flowers
Tears upon the grave of roses
Pandora is my name
The powder puff fairy
The Shroud of Grief
Her Goblet of Tears
Angel Boy The Feather Gatherer
My Soul's Embrace
Lady of the Mourning
The birth of innocence
Gothic Romance
Tears of the Watering Can Maiden
Goddess of the rain clouds
Silencing the grieving heart
The grieving Goddess
A Tea cup of her tears
Teen Angel boy The Healer of the bleeding heart
The secret behind her eyes
A mother's arms
I am beyond this world
The peacock Princess's Tears
She grieves alone
Dawn of Despair
Teen angel boy riding a motorcycle
The life within me
Tears in the cradle
Tell it to my Heart
Silencing my tears
She weeps by the shore
Goddess of the Temple of Tears
Born of my Tears
The garden of sorrow
Tell me a story mother
The shattered pearl
The Mourning After
Love never dies
Tears of the grieving Heart
A Mother's Lament
The Spirit of Silence
My Longing Heart
The Maiden's Despair
Grave of the Bleeding heart flower
Fairy Beautiful
The risen Angel
Too many tears
My Blue tars
My blue tears
Angel of Grief
Full of Grace
Ode to the Past
Present in my Tears
Angel of the Midnight
Eyes of Deception
Fairy of Forgiveness
The Apparition
Tears of the Bleeding heart Angel
As She Wept
Beyond my Gated Heart
Lament of the Looking Glass Lady
Taken by Sorrow
The Hourglass of Grief
Vision in the Glass
Steampunk Teen Angel Boy
Hourglass of Tears
Fairy of forgiveness
Angel of Healing
Mother She Wept
Steampunk Teen Angel boy
Hourglass of Tears
Her Wedding Wish
Teen Angel Boy The gift
A Prayer for Peach
Pennies from heaven
Mend my brokenness
Heal my brokenness
Tears of the Bleeding Heart Fairies
Angel in the pumpkin patch
The boy with the cuckoo clock heart
The Fairy Dusters
Hourglass of tears
the bleeding heart boy angel
angel in the mist
The healing heart
The boy with the cuckoo clock heart
A mother's prayer
Goddess of the temple of tears
spirit in the shattered window
The vampiress
tears of the mourning
the witches brew
the angel's treasure box
tending the roses
bitten by seduction
Dracula's nightmare
Boy with the cuckoo clock heart
birth of innocence
Angel of the morning
The Mourning Dove
The black pearl
A life within
Hourglass of Tears
My heart has thorns of grief
essence of grace
taken too soon
In my Child's eyes
The Inner light of love
The angel's quilted heart
Angel boy mending a broken heart
The Painter's Vision
MY Blue Angel boy
Angel boy in the eyes of innocence
The boy with the cuckoo clock heart
The Thanksgiving Angel
born into the light
A life Within
Teen boy Angel...The Christmas Soldier
A Mother's Tears
Teen Angel Boy holding snowflake
Angel boy dragging a Christmas Tree
MIssing Thee
Snowflake tears
Alone is the heart
The Christmas kiss
The Candy Cane Cherub
a life within
Tales of the Fairy Princess
Awakened by love
Wings of the Angel Boy Soldier
Broken Hearted
A Mother's Prayer
Cradled in the arms of love
Teen Angel Boy Valentine
My longing heart
I see you in the stars
The Bleeding Heart Valentine Cherub
Angel shooting love arrows
The Valentine Fairy
The eyes of love
My cute little valentine
Angel Soldier boy
Angel Boy Roses of White
My Soul's Embrace
Tears of The Bleeding heart Angel
The angel's feather
Gatherer of Hearts
The boy with the Cuckoo Clock Heart
Heal my brokenness
The Shy Little Cherub
The Longing Heart
Hands of the Bleeding Heart Rosary
The Diamond Halo Angel
Elsa and Anna
Fievel the Mouse
The Reflection
Blue eyed Teen Angel boy
Beyond this World
The Easter Angel
Eyes of the Soul
A Mother's Prayer
Crown of Thorns
The Beckoning
Close to my Heart
The boy with the Cuckoo Clock Heart
The remembrance
Tears of the Broken Heart
Angel of the Bleeding Hearts
Little boy blue Angel
Tears of the Bleeding heart Angel
The edwardian Angel
The age of innocence
Mother in waiting
Broken by loss
Tears of the Bleeding heart Angel
Lady Tears of Grace
Never Forgotten
Crown of Tears
Teen Angel boy
shadow of Despair
Music in the wind
Kisses from Heaven
Into the light
Loving you
In my Child's eyes
The longing Heart
The Healer of Broken Hearts
The boy with the Cuckoo Clock Heart
Roses for Mother
Bleeding heart Angel Boy
Bound by Love
Fievel the Mouse
The collector of hearts Angel boy
Jar of Hearts
Angel Soldier Boy
An Angel's New Heart
Crown Of Tears Bleeding heart flowers
Eyes of the Soul
The Power of Prayer
Forever Sisters
In my Child's eyes
Angel Boy My boo boo heart
Beyond this world
Walking in the Shadows of Grief
The Mermaid's Prism
Raindrops upon her face
Bleeding heart flower teen angel boy
Princess Pouty
Tiny Tears Angel
The Cherub's Christening
Beyond this World Angel
After the Storm
Roses and Angel wings In her hair
Flapper Bride
Eyes that Grieve
Goddess of the Sea of Tears
The Mermaid's Mirror
Behind those eyes
Tears of the Pharaoh Princess
Angel of Forgiveness
Feeling your Presence
Flight of the Bleeding Heart Fairy
Kiss of Remembrance
Tears on my Shoulder
Teen Angel Boy-Peeking Through the Stars
Last Glance
Weak from Love
Embers of His Love
Shards of Grief
Child of God
Angel of Curiosity
Never Along
Never Alone
Meet me in my Dreams
Wherever you are
The Peacock Angel
Somewhere in Time
Tears of the Bleeding Heart Angel
My love can fly
Light of Hope
Loves Miracle
Angel boy giggling
Song of September
Angel of Melody
Her Crown of Roses
Crown of Roses
Close in Heart
The Halo Maker Angel boy
The color of love
The hourglass of tears
Angel with the boo boo heart
Weep not
Angel of Music
Angel of the Mourning
The Longing Heart
which witch is which?
Mirror of Memories
surrender to love
Vampiress...Thirsty for love
Locket of memories
Angel boy the gift of love
Tears of the Bleeding Heart Angel
Veil of Tears
Angel of Loss
Rose of my Heart
Lost in your eyes
The heart remembers
Angel eyes
The World Weeps
God's Hnad
God's Hand
The Mourning After
Angel Body Loving thee
Tears of rememberance
Tears of remembrance
The bleeding heart grieves
A mother's Prayer
Angel boy my boo heart
Angel with the Hourglass
Teen Angel Boy "The Wish"
Tears in the Heart
Open to Music
Lonely and Blue Teen Angel boy
Missing you at Christmas Time
Dear to My Heart
Snowflakes upon my nose
The White Rose Of Christmas
Tears of the Blessing Heart Flower Angel
Wings of an Angel
The teardrop Angel
The Blessing
child of wonder
Missing you
Garden of Dreams
raindrop tears
to know love
Arrow of pain
The cupid ballet
Tempted by Love
Alone in thought
Tears on her pillow
The Halo Maker Angel boy
Captured by his eyes
Teen Angel boy Father I love you
The Edwardian Angel
Feivel the mouse somewhere out there
In the midst of tears
A Moment to Treasure
the sounds of silence
The cheshire cat in the mad hatters hat
pillow fight in heaven
melody in my mind
My boo boo heart
little girl with the lost front tooth
I like mischief
The clockwork of memories
Time stood still
Teen Angel boy..A rose on mother's day
peeking through a rose bush
Bleeding heart flower Princess
Will the sun ever shine?
Grandma's favorite little girl
I remember when
Teen Angel Boy HisBlue eyes of Love
Tears too Soon
The Flapper Bride
Raindrops upon her face
Rescue my Heart
The Bleeding heart blossom Bride
Two worlds Divided
Listen to your heart
Spring Awakens
Teen Angel Boy Beyond this World
Heaven's Child
Teen Angel Boy sitting...Daydreaming of you
The baptism
Somewhere in Time
In the absence of love
Who just kissed me?
Missing you Dear Valentine
Tears of the Valentine Cupid
Whispering I love you
My Singing Valentine
The candy Kiss Angel
Angel boy with feather....leaving my love behind
Because I love you
What is Heaven?
My Secret Love
My Feathered Valentine -Angel Boy holding one white rose
Your love is inside
Angel boy -Never Forgotten
Boy Angel with white roses, bleeding heart flowers and feathered valentine
My lonely Valentine
Stone Tears
Angels of Orlando
Fievel the Mouse Somewhere out There
Time Heals
Summer Breeze
The Mad Hatter is Mad
Tears of the Bleeding Heart Flower Angel
Loves Reflection
Memory Most Dear
rose of thorns
I see you through my tears
The Strawberry Princess
Pennies from Heaven
Goddess of the Crystal Tears
Boo Boo Boy
Blue Bravery
Angel boy The Warrior of Peace
Tears of the Fallen
Angel Boy Teen of the Bleeding heart flowers
Shards of Grief
Teen Angel peeking through stars
Jesus be Near
Hourglass of Tears
Lantern of Peace
Shades of Hope
Embers of His Love
Whispers of the heart
The Angel Tinker
Unfurl your Wings
Christmas in July
missing the eyes of love
Angel in the Midst
Heaven's Promise
Mother is Near
Will I ever Heal
Raindrops are my Tears
At the shores of Enlightening
Tell your story
The Lantern of Love
The Halo Maker Angel boy
Stone Of Tears Angel boy
Sands of Time
Fievel the Mouse Somewhere in time
Tears of the Bleeding heart Angel
The Cheshire Cat serves tea
Where Angels are born
Stone Tears
Angel boy of Opalescense
Angel of Melody
Tears of the Bleeding Heart Angel
The Lantern of Love
Flight of the Lantern
Counting Shells
Rain of Prayer
The Halo Keeper
My Beloved has Wings
Angel of Stone
The Departed One
Quakes of Sorrow
Sorrows Face
Queen of the Black Roses
boy angel Autumn of Autumn
Crown of leaves and roses
The Gothic Angel
Beyond this world Angel
Gravely Weeping Roses
Upon his kiss
Daunting Haunting
leave me alone
over her shoulder
The look of Fright
Autumns call to the angels
Autumn wind symphony
Angel boy my boo boo heart
Soul of the sinner
Christmas without you
Beauty and the Beast enchanted rose
The look of love
the rose you left behind
Angel with the lantern
The White Christmas Angel
Angel boy with rose and feather
eyes of my beloved
My Christmas Wish
Heaven Has you
Sending Angel wings to Heaven
Elf by himself
Lonely Tears
White Rose in a Cloche Jar with tag I miss you so
The Twinkle in his eye
The way you look tonight
Tiny Blessing
Angel boy the kiss of the frozen rose
snow upon my nose
angel boy footsteps in the snow
Beautiful Dreamer
hiding behind her shyness
Tears of the bleeding heart angel boy
The look of Love
I miss you so
Angel in the heavens
Pearls of Wisdom
I carry my love within
A heart so full
bring me roses in winter
Eyes that pierce the soul
Teen Angel Boy with bleeding heart flowers
pennies from heaven
Angel of Spring...bleeding heart flowers
Song of the Spring Fairy
Sorrows Surrender
Prayers to my beloved
Wings of Remembrance
Unlock my heart
Angel of bubbles
Healing Hands
A Mother's Prayer
Angel of the Bleeding heart Arbor
Forever she waits
Beauty and the Beast enchanted Rose awaits
Roses for Mother
Love is in bloom
Broken hearted halo angel
Moonlight passion
Bleeding heart bouquet angel boy
Mother's Day Tea

Tears of the Bleeding Heart Fairy
tears on petals
Mirror of sorrow
My halo fits
Teen angel boy Mother so Dear
Summer's Song
The Timepiece of tears
Child of wonder
Tears for Barcelona
Fievel Mouse Angel
In your absence
Mother of the Weeping Rose
Bride of Lament
Angel boy the halo maker
child of Heaven
mermaid at the gratto
holding back her tears
gown of despair
Angel of the moon and stars
She wore her Wicked Crown
Timne left me behind
male angel the warrior of wings
Broken Soul
tears etched in sand
Tha halo maker angel boy
Collector of the
I give you my heart
Tippy Toes
Mother sew Dear
Mending her quilted heart
The bleeding heart angel boy
Jar of tears
peek a boo baby
Maiden with the flowing hair
child of Heaven bleeding heart flowers
Tiny Tears
Mermaid of jewels
The penny fairy
The moment I saw you
Angel of Sympathy
Angel boy the halo maker
The beaconing
My lovers eyes
chained to grief
The pumpkin war
The angel of white roses
That witch is ugly
The touch of love
The pumpkin princess
heart of gold
Autumn tears
Melody of the broken hearted
holding the sun moon and stars
The bleeding heart Angel Boy of Spring
The first sign of Spring
Angel Wings of Spring
Angel boy flowers of Spring
Cherub with easter bunny ears
Spring has Sprung
She wears the bleeding heart halo
Tisket a tasket bunny in the basket
cherub boy with easter eggs
Princess of Spring
peek a boo it's spring!
Wings of bleeding heart blooms
Angel boy Easter Bunny
chocolate bunnies
My bunny boy has whiskers
her tears were like rain
after the storm
Angel wings of Spring
The little angel that could
Teh first time I saw his face
baby bubbles
The Heart that held Sorrow
The mermaid Angel
The woman who held love
The hands that held love
The Bleeding Heart Flowered Locket
Tell it to my Soul
In the absence of you
My fractured Heart
Eyes of Adoration
face to face
angel darling
She holds the weeping Rose
moonlight summer
collector of tears
the magic touch
you hold my heart
Fievel the mouse angel
The bleeding heart flower angel
that look
child of grace
heaven's balloon
ice cream baby face
gumdrop angel
broken soul
The rays upon her face
little miss dimple
Weep no more
tears of the bleeding heart mermaid
lost in her tears
Fievel Mouse Angel
Her summer bonnet
His gentle kiss
hand that rocks the cradle
Heaven's balloon
Sending love to Heaven
The Halo maker angel boy
The bleeding heart angel of blooms
The look of Love
Presence in Prayer
Heart of Thorns
Frozen from fear
The splash
The bounce in her curls
The bubble blower angel boy
Hands upon my aching heart
Gone but not forgotten
Eyes of Forgiveness
Darkness into light
The beacon angel boy
Penny from heaven angel boy
Into Heaven angel wings and heart
The Forever Swing with bleeding heart flowers
Approaching Autumn
Boundless Beauty Mermaid
"Beautiful Dreamer" angel boy sleeping on bleeding heart flowers
The Martini Mermaid
Birth of an Angel
This bleeding heart has wings
Dancing by the light of the moon
Sand Dollars in her hair
The mermaid's Oyster
Somewhere in Time
Vision behind the veil
Surrender to Grief
Heart of thorns
For thee I weep
On the outside looking in
My stained glass heart
A penny for your thoughts
A tearful goodbye
child of loss
she holds his beloved heart
Lady Harlequin's tears
Oh the outside looking in
she holds the rose of tears
The teardrop Angel boy
The whispers of the wind
The beacon Angel
The thinker angel boy
a jewel within a teardrop
Somewhere in time
The face in the cauldron
The Witches" Elixir
Teardrop amge;wings
The snowflake Angel Boy
Prayers to thee above
Her snowflake tears
Blessings from above
A grateful heart
A retro angel Christmas
The blue eyes dimple faced angel boy
The angel elf at work
Angel in the clouds
The heart in mourning
The mourning Angel Dove
The gift of blessings
Hands of love
Heart upon the grave
Tears of Joy
Christmas in my heart
This is me without you
The teardrop Christmas Angel
The Merry Marshmallow elf
I bring to thee my love
My Christmas Wish
The Gift of Love
The teardrop ornament
A Christmas Fievel Mouse
The luminary Angel
My greatest wish
She sings carols of peace
The angel wing ornament
She holds the Christams heart
Silent Tears
Where is Spring?
He carries my weeping heart
Frozen in Time
My Silly Valentine
To thee I vow
She holds the weeping rose
Awaiting the kiss
Her crown of bleeding heart flowers...
Beneath the snow
Her apron of hearts
The frigid Queen
Time stood still
male angel the winged warrior
Angel wings...The feathered promise
Angel of Roses
boy angel sands of time
bleeding heart angel wings
Angel boy roses that bloom from the heart
The Thorn of Tears
The signs of Spring
Cottontail Beauty
The maidens mask of Sorrow
Angel blooms of white roses
He carries my love in his hands
The sun upon her face of tears
I did not eat the chocolate bunny
never look back
Sroing ahead
Angel upon the sand
Missing my Easter Angel
Loving you with all my heart
boy Easter angel with white roses
That first rose
HIs hand upon my heart
The Easter Lantern
At the waters edge
boy angel ....chocolate did not eat that bunny
The jelly bean boy
The bouquet of tears
He Has Risen
The kiss of remembrance
The Easter Surprise
The Lord's Shepherd boy
Silence brought me tears
Angel boy with Bleeding heart wings
A time for Love
The rain are my tears
Rose of Sienna
Forbbiden love
handprint on my heart
Easter Angel
Heavens Child
Weep no more
Angels of Mercy
Prayers for our Heroes
Prayer for our Heroes
angels across the globe
Blessed are those who comfort
embracing the storm
more to love
Her tender touch
The cherub boys blue eyes
A heart of gold
never far from my thoughts
The prayer
stairway to the heavens
forget me not Dear one
sitting upon the moon
child of wonder
beyond the veil
Fievel the mouse
bubbles bubbles bubbles in her hair
the weeping tree
eyes of tears
Angel boy in the mirror
never far from my thoughts
The tearful Prayer
Heaven awaits
Jack Skellington and Sally
In the mist of her tears
The Whispering Willow Maiden
Autumn Angel
Forever My Love
The Looking Glass Angel
Time standing still
She wears her crown of roses
My Beloved Memory
The passionate romance
Golden Dreams

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