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Sketch Fest #129 will run March 26-28! (Today's date: 2021-08-04 21:56:32)

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Lost Child by Harkalya Reveur

Lost Child
by Harkalya Reveur

Prompt: Your last dream or nightmare
prompted by: Coriander Shea, during Sketch Fest #34 (March, 2013)

This artist has posted at least one finished version of this piece!

Ok Cori, psicoanalize this: Was a Nightmare... I was at Caracas City (where I am from) walking at the streets, many strrets, walking a lot, found known people doing weird works... my karate teacher as ice cream saler, my dad as a zoo employer and much more... I was so worried because had 2 days without my big son, 9old, and he did know the city...I dont know why we are not together here... this made me remember why we left the city... all these gray people, much people, much everything, much misery... suddenly I am in the subway, still looking for my boy... but the windows show an underwaterscape, with other childs floating, asking for help, that makes me cry, my son isn`t there... but they are someone`s child anyway... it`s terrible... I feel the tears, I am naked... no feel any cold... but... I remember am dreaming (that is my real secret power)... my son is in his bed... I live in a forest... I have to pis... I have to Sketch Fest... so awake up and turn on my laptop, connect mi modem and read this prompt... and here we are... Sketch on gray-green colored paper, letter size, will be finished with colored pencils and watercolors.


Coriander Shea says: Wow, Harkalya, that is pretty cool the way that worked out! A similar thing happened to me last Sketchfest, I had a dream about drawing this scene in Egypt and woke up to find an "Egypt" prompt. -----As for your dream, the part when you were walking through the city with all the passageways and all the people you know doing things they don't normally do, might be your subconscious' way of telling you that part of you feels that your whole life is upturning itself and changing all around you and you're right in the middle of it, seeing the subtle changes happen, yet not really able to find your way out. Your first instinct is to protect your children, but it might be good that your son isn't in the middle of all that upheaval. As for the children underwater in the subway, I honestly don't know what that means but it struck me deeply. It must have been terrifying to experience. I am happy that you realized you were dreaming and were able to turn it lucid and control it, because you're right, that is our real power. Once we realize we're dreaming, we have the power to change the if I could realize that waking life works the same way lol.... ~ Reply?

     Harkalya Reveur replied to this: I guess dreams is the first step... but waking life works the same way... just a little hard!

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