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Sketch Fest #96 will run March 16-18! (Today's date: 2018-03-17 13:13:04)

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The Lord of Coldmoor  by Jenny Heidewald

The Lord of Coldmoor
by Jenny Heidewald

Prompt: Prompt Not Recorded (prior to the July Sketch Fest)
prompted by: Nobody, during Notice: Undefined variable: lastSN in /home/emillion/ellenmilliongraphics.com/sketchfest/sketchfestart.php on line 536

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10/3/2015 I am starting to go through and process all the colored versions I've done over the past year. Here is the Lord of Coldmoor, with his inked and colored versions. :) I took a long time with his skin, using a lot of my watercolor colored pencils. 7.26.2015: I am finally working on the limited edition prints for this guy! I decided to avoid killing my eyes during inking and print him larger at 4x5" instead of ACEO size! Two are definitely claimed, third is pending depending on Hexyr. :) 7.21.2013: Thanks for all the comments everyone, this was before I started doing ACEOs, and he still isn't finished! *haha* 6.18.2010 kireivp's prompt:The Lord of Coldmoor (Human)


Kim says: Ooooh very handsome! ~ Reply?

     Jenny Heidewald replied to this: Thanks Kim!

Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon says: I like this guy. Does he have a home? (He looks like he could be somebody in Torn World, if he's not destined for an existence elsewhere.) ~ Reply?

     Jenny Heidewald replied to this: Thank you Deirdre! Gosh, I was looking up the prompts to write down who prompted, and I didn't get this guy, so I am not sure if he was in the LiveJournal one or what...*pokes around* Ok, it was prompted by a person named kireivp, with no backstory. He could certainly be a Torn World Character. :)

Sue Rundle-Hughes says: Handsome chap :) ~ Reply?

     Jenny Heidewald replied to this: Thanks Sue!

Alisha Christian says: Very nice eyes... they really bring him to life. Nice work! ~ Reply?

     Jenny Heidewald replied to this: Thanks a bunch, Alisha!

Melissa Wilkie says: I could just run my fingers through that hair! Lovely style :) ~ Reply?

     Jenny Heidewald replied to this: Thank you, Melissa! He certainly does have a nice hair thing going on there. :)

hexyr says: Not sure why he came up He is quite handsome lmk if there are anymore of the aceo on him ~ Reply?

     Jenny Heidewald replied to this: Hi Hexyr, thank you so much! :) Sorry for such a late response! I am finally finally working on the prints of this guy, and instead of ACEO size I am making him 4x5". If you are still interested let me know, you'll get the #3 limited edition print, special price of $5 for you. :)

hexyr says: I'm beginning to feel stalked he showed for the 4th time this sketch fest as the next pic Still like it ~ Reply?

     Jenny Heidewald replied to this: He likes to see everyone each Sketchfest. :D

Sylvia Heidewald says: Yay, the OOLaLa guy is getting his color makeover. He sure is stunning! ~ Reply?

     Jenny Heidewald replied to this: He is done, I just gotta process the pictures! :)

Paola Zunico says: ~ Reply?

     Jenny Heidewald replied to this: Tilde? :)
     Jenny Heidewald replied to this: Oh, I see, in the e-mail I got as notification it was a heart, but I guess the SF site doesn't like it and shows it as a tilde! Thank you Paola! :)

Trish Ellis says: Looks very nice!! Seeing the process is always fun! ~ Reply?

     Jenny Heidewald replied to this: Thanks so much, Trish! :)

Natta says: The magic first pic of Sketchfest., seen a million times! He looks nice and handsome, even friendly. Can I have him? ~ Reply?

     Jenny Heidewald replied to this: Thanks, Natta! I do still have the last colored print of three left, ... I'll activate it again right now.;)

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Lord of Coldmoor

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