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Sketch Fest #129 will run March 26-28! (Today's date: 2021-04-21 04:59:02)

Sketch Fest has ended! Stay tuned for the next event!

Nap time by Lauren Phillips

Nap time
by Lauren Phillips

Prompt: Sleeping squirrells surrounded by twigs, nuts, berries
prompted by: Joanna Bromley, during Sketch Fest #22 (January, 2012)

I'm insane over squirrels. Being Aussie, we don't have squirrels here, so when I'm in America and in a park, I have squirrel overload! I had to try for this prompt for that reason! Googled a single sleeping squirrel for the face, but kinda winged it for the rest. Not 100% accurate, but a good first attempt, I think :)


Becky Allen says: they look so cute and snuggly :D ~ Reply?

     Lauren Phillips replied to this: Heehee! Glad you think so!

Alisha Christian says: That is just so sweet! Impressive skillz you have there too! ~ Reply?

     Lauren Phillips replied to this: Wow, thanks so much! :D

Alisha Christian says: Oh wow, just read you don't have squirrels? I watched like ten squirrels out my window today. They were running up trees, jumping to the roof of the house next door and then running over to the back where I couldn't see them anymore. One also loves this huge bush by our house. It's on there constantly. ~ Reply?

     Lauren Phillips replied to this: Yep, that's right. Closest thing we have, that I know of, is possums. I would go NUTS if I had squirrels right outside my window. They'd probably be all I'd draw! Hahaha!

ed tucker says: They certainly are cute, and well drawn! ~ Reply?

     Lauren Phillips replied to this: Thank you very much! I'm glad you like it :)

Selina Fenech says: I've seen squirrels for sale in Sydney pet shops! Crazy expensive, but so cute! These guys are gorgeous. ~ Reply?

     Lauren Phillips replied to this: Seriously? Woah! Better not let me near them, or it's all over :P Thank you n.n

Joanna Bromley says: Aaach...tehy are enchanting...they look as if they are having sweet dreams too! hehe thanks so much for claiming my promt, Lauren! :-) Wow...I thought they had squirrells everywhere...just diferent types, pedending on continent...we have them hopping from tree to tree here in Germany! :-) ~ Reply?

     Lauren Phillips replied to this: Thank you for the prompt! It was a really fun challenge n.n Yes, I wish we did have squirrels here, but I am happy we have Australian types of possum. They're adorable too n.n

Deirdre / Wyld_Dandelyon says: I love squirrels, so long as they're not chewing on my eaves and trying to live in my walls! These look both cute and in a proper natural setting. ~ Reply?

     Lauren Phillips replied to this: Thank you very much! I've heard of their impact on homes and things, but I didn't think they lived in walls! Wow!

Afke says: They're so adorable, and comfy, and soothing, and makes me want to crawl up and snuggle as well! ~ Reply?

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