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Welcome to the Ellen Million Graphics Scavenger Hunt!

Ellen Million Graphics (EMG) has been in business since 1993, and over the last 23 years has evolved and changed, to better meet the needs of its customers and service its artists.

Chances are good that you don't know all the nooks and crannies and pieces and parts of EMG, or know about all the easy ways you can keep up to date with what we're doing.

So join in, from Tuesday Nov 15 -- Sunday Nov 20, as we host a fun scavenger hunt across many of our sites and social media. Solve silly puzzles and collect clues towards a downloadable prize with coloring pages and coupons, brought to you by more than a dozen amazing artists. You do not need to be the slightest bit familiar with EMG; as a first-time visitor, you can still play along and win. There will be terrible poetry, and ridiculous clues, and I hope you all have a fun time. It is not a race -- you are invited to browse around and stop and smell the roses at each stop. You can even pause to earn bonus points to potentially win extra prizes on every page.

I have made you a handy PDF form here (161 KB), which you can print and fill out manually, or use a PDF reader to fill out on your computer or device. Email me a copy by the end of Sunday to be entered in a chance for bonus prizes! You can also just jot down your puzzle pieces on a sticky note, if you'd prefer, and not email me anything, and you can still get the final prize!

We have a Facebook event here, but it is also optional! I will be in attendance between noon and 4 PM (Alaska time) on Tuesday to answer questions, give hints, and solve any weird programming problems that crop up.

Hints for the scavenger hunt:

Each clue refers to a link on that page -- you never have to click more than once to get to the next clue, though you may have to use a drop-down menu or click on an image!

  • Clues will be at (or very near) the top of the page so they are easy to spot. (In the case of social media, they may move down a bit if you are joining late in the scavenger hunt.)
  • Each clue will be numbered. Keep your pieces of the puzzle in order!
  • Stumped? Try searching for some of the keywords in the clue on that page. Not all of the links will have words, some will be just images!

Ready? Set? Hunt!

Clue 1:
This page offers a way to keep
Up with EMG that's short and sweet.
No more than 140 characters,
This social media shares with a tweet.

Puzzle piece 1: https://

Bonus: This is a free bonus! If you're using the pdf, check your box without having to do anything else.

Confused? Start the scavenger hunt here!

--> The scavenger hunt is closed now! Thanks for playing, it sounds like people had fun! I may do this again in the future...

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