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My name is Marianne Mathiasen, I was born in 1962 in Denmark, where I still live. I am a skilled cartoon animator from The Danish School of Animation . I have taken art classes at The Art Academy in AArhus, and at Silkeborg School of Art and The Open College of The Arts in UK. Botanical Art at The London Art College. I have worked as an art director. In 1997 I had a computer game called Rosa and The Magic Fairy published by Interactivision.


Kulturspinderriet 2003
Gallery Rosen in Silkeborg 2004
I had my artworks published in Teddy Bear Review, Doll Reader, Contemporary Doll Magazine, Fae Magazine and Midtjyllands Avis.

My Art is licensed by:
I do believe. UK
Fairy Song Stamps
I enjoy to work in my art studio her on Als in the south of Denmark. I paint in watercolor, oil and digital.
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