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Sketch Fest #95 will run December 29-31! (Today's date: 2018-02-18 10:30:32)

Sketch Fest has ended! Stay tuned for the next event! (Tentatively early March, 2018)

Work by: Lorna (Comtessa)

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by Lorna (Comtessa)
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Tentacle Special
Tentacle Special

by Lorna (Comtessa)
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Leading Him On
Leading Him On

by Lorna (Comtessa)
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Steam Punk Flying
Steam Punk Flying

by Lorna (Comtessa)
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This artist has left the following prompts:

Demonic Conclusion
The Last Day of Winter
The Scarlet Wench
A Mouse with little Clogs on!
Words of the Occult
Running out of Time
The Hunter and Her Prey
The Golden Gryphon
Purple Magic!
The Wishing Well
Eyes of Sea and Hair of Night: I can, My Father. She had heard his plight.
The Lost Mage
Snow cats romping
Broken Angel
Made of tissues
Dancing Wind
What Krakens have for breakfast
Vine-chocked dreams
Eternity in the stars
Moon Watching
The world in a jar
Mother, Maiden, Crone.
Star Walker
Life in your hands
Moon Maiden
Beloved Dreams
Minxy WItch
Birth of a star
Lady of the Moonlight
Sailing the wild sea
Castle in the clouds
Snow day!
Song of the Moon Goddes
Morning Ritual
From the Night Before
Sassy Strutting
Fairy Ring
Prayers to the Moon
Wicked Kittens
Wishful Thinking
Picture Perfect
Loveable Lolita (For Jenny H!)
Feisty Angel
Star Wars Women
Ace of Spades
Stealing Stars
To make a wish
Cone of shame
The Time Mistress
Knitting for Elves
A wren Fairy
Sparkling on the inside
A handful of dreams
Light side of the Moon
A mouse house!
Cloud hopping
Singing praises
Dawning thoughts
She broke her wing
Moonrise Song
Storm Dancer
Spirits Guide
Totem Festival
Shaping Rain
Crafting another world
Shaman's Sadness
Dancing Satyr
The Berry Queen
Star Swinging
The RIver Queen
Moonbeam Steps
Forever under the rain
Sand Dunes
Forgive the Sun
Darkness Comes
Triple Moon (Please reserve for 12 hours)
Moon Dancing (Please reserve for 12 hours)
Starlit Eyes (Please reserve for 12 hours)
The Last Cookie
Only a thought away
Stepping Stones
Singing for stars
Wave slider
Elegant braid
Sky castle
Lazy cat
Robe of Moonbeams
The Last Christmas
Steampunk Elves
Steampunk Santa!
Footprints in the snow
You are wearing THAT outside?
Immortal Love
Victorian Beauty
Danger in the Night
Never Forgiven
Lace veil
Lover's Risk
Tipping the Scale
Climbing the Dunes
Lady of the Land
Shrouding the Pain
Dancing on the Moon
Singing for your supper
Behind the snow
Behind the snowy veil
Ice tiara
The red shoes
Wrapped up for Christmas
Awaiting Spring
Autumn Leaves
The last green leaf
Lady of Silver
Forgetting Summer
Lonely candles
Winter Showers
Moon Fairy
Filigree wings
Shattered Tears
Deathly Druid
Dragon's Wing
Clockwork Stories
Snowflake Dancers
Tinsel dreams
Snow cats (Torn World)
Mountain sledging (Torn World)
Festive candles
Christmas sunset
Snow globe crystal
Frosty gown
Baby dragons and Christmas crackers
Spring Goddess
Buttercup Fairies
Petal Dancers
Fire Maiden
Cloud Walkers
River Maiden
Wolf Riding
Seasons in Jars
Leaf Dresses
Teacup Tortoises
Blackberry Brambles
Strawberry Swing
Snail Houses
Under the Roots
Vine knots and tangles
Auburn Beauty
Spun from Gold
Feathered Dreadlocks
Stories of the Wind
Darkness in her eyes
Feline moves
Stories in her mind
Autumn Festival
Underwater Adventure
Silver Ring
Lace slippers
Feathered Headress
Crystal Fort
Fairy Slippers
First Dance
Scones and Jam
Feathered Flowers
Summer globe (like a snow globe)
Last Song
Frost Elf
Winter Fae
Icicle Queen

This artist has comments on the following prompts for Sketch Fest #95:

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