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Sketch Fest #98 will run May 18-20! (Today's date: 2018-05-27 16:35:20)

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Smile by Anon

by Anon

Prompt: Ghost Dog or Hellhound
prompted by: Anke Wehner, during Sketch Fest #6 (September, 2010)



Anke Wehner says: Great view, that. :D ~ Reply?

Herm Baskerville says: Good doggy! Very very good doggy! Needs a big cuddle yes it does. ~ Reply?

Ellen Million says: Niiiiice doggy. Niiiiice doggy. *backs away slowly* Great drool! ~ Reply?

Kerrie Rusk says: Wow! Great fierceness and perspective! ~ Reply?

Coriander Shea Detwiler says: I love the perspective!! ~ Reply?

Mersea says: Wow! I need to go to school! ~ Reply?

Sarah Aiston says: Great Sketch, I wouldn't want to meet him! ~ Reply?

Carole Graham says: Where I live there are lots of legends of baying black ghost dogs from hell who haunt the misty moors at night. This certainly fits the bill for how I'd always imagined them to be (never actually seen one tho!). Great perspective. ~ Reply?

Noreen says: **shivers** Hell-oh doggy! **more shivers** ~ Reply?

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