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Sketch Fest #98 will run May 18-20! (Today's date: 2018-05-22 04:39:26)

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Smile by Anon

by Anon

Prompt: Blood Alchemy
prompted by: Selina Fenech, during Sketch Fest #6 (September, 2010)



Ellen Million says: Very different than your usual, but that's the fun of Sketch Fest! Love the tentacle! ~ Reply?

Coriander Shea Detwiler says: Hehe, I love the fact that she's biting the tentacle when any other witch in their right mind would run...you go girl! Mangle that tentacle!! ~ Reply?

Anon says: LOL Corrie! But it's the cycle, the tentacle is made by blood alchemy out of her own blood, so she then drinks from the tentacle to have more blood and therefore more tentacle... or something like that. I totally loved splashing red paint over the paper though, think I'll go there a lot more in future, it's good for the spirit ;) mwahahaha ~ Reply?

Selina Fenech says: EEWW! In a good way!! ~ Reply?

Jenny Heidewald says: Yikes! That is a scary looking ritual! ~ Reply?

Carole Graham says: Eeeek! Scarily great. Brilliant concept - like something from a Rob Zombie movie that my darling daughter and her friends would watch (I'm too much of a wimp lol!). As for the paint splashing, I agree it's good for the soul hehe! (tho' in the case of Jackson Pollock some might say it was an expression of an unbalanced personality lol!) ~ Reply?

Noreen says: I agree with the applause for this side of your alchemical nature! Eeky ewwy, bloody good job.. ~ Reply?

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