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Sketch Fest #98 will run May 18-20! (Today's date: 2018-06-20 06:34:00)

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Khal Drogo GAME OF THRONES by katerina Koukiotis

by katerina Koukiotis

Prompt: Game of Thrones
prompted by: Miss Harm, during Sketch Fest #24 (February, 2012)

This artist has posted at least one finished version of this piece!

This is from my own sketch book, i had started a game of thrones character illustrations but kinda lost inspiration when i read how artists illustrating the characters are being treated by the creators of HBO , so i kinda lost interest and only finished Daenerys Targaryen reading Thrivis prompts and many other GOT ones decided to work on it a bit , and added shading quickly with charcoal residue on a q-tip, this is 7 x 5 , should i finish him ?? Khal Drogo character of GOT played by actor Jason Momoa , he kinda looked beastly looking on the show..lol..but in the end he was better and loved Daenerys i wanted to illustrate him in a gentler way i was working from a screen shot when he gives Daenerys the white horse :)


Christine G says: yes finish him! :) ~ Reply?

     katerina Koukiotis replied to this: i will promise thanks Christine so much xoxo

Carol Moore says: I think you should finish him. The eyes are just amazing :) ~ Reply?

     katerina Koukiotis replied to this: thank you dear carol so much i will promise :) and fix so many flaws i'm seeing right now..lol..

Heather Kilgore says: Oh Kat! What a lovely effect on him! I see what you meant about adding softness...you can just see him thinking about her! He is beautiful! ~ Reply?

     katerina Koukiotis replied to this: aww thank you heather so much *hugs* was going for that look glad it comes across xoxo

Lindsay Nucera says: Wow. Wow. Wow. ~ I don't know much about 'Game of Thrones,' but this sketch is STUNNING, Kit*Kat. Love it! Finish him, for sure. ~ .xox. ~ Reply?

     katerina Koukiotis replied to this: lol..looks like it's a unanimous decision to finish him :) game of thrones is a series on HBO and it based on author George R. R. Martin fantasy books, it reminds me a lot of lord of the rings and got into it :) this character is from season one :)

Coriander Shea says: That guy is SO friggin hot....I need to fan myself! ~ Reply?

     katerina Koukiotis replied to this: LOL.....lol. thanks corie hope i did him justice, without all the makeup he does look really different , i liked him in conan barbarian too :)

Patty O. says: You HAVE to finish him!! His eyes are amazing! ~ Reply?

     katerina Koukiotis replied to this: thank you patty so much xoxo

Joanna Bromley says: Amazing...how detailed this portrait is! In just ONE hour?! *faint* I am in awe...:-D ~ Reply?

     katerina Koukiotis replied to this: *hugs* thanks joanna so much xoxo

Kate says: You've captured his likeness beautifully, Katerina! ~ Reply?

     katerina Koukiotis replied to this: thank you kate so much xoxo i really tried to hopefully i will have more likeness when i finish him :)

Teresa Rodriguez says: My boy, KD! (Squee!) Yes, you totally got the eyes. The whole sketch is lovely. ~ Reply?

     katerina Koukiotis replied to this: thank you so much Teresa xoxo

Miss Harm says: Beautiful! I would really like to see when you finish!! :D What's goign on with HBO and fanartists? I know Mad Men fanartists were getting crap but mostly for selling fanart... Is it sort of the same thing? ~ Reply?

     katerina Koukiotis replied to this: thank you erika so much xoxo i read the same thing and that even a contract was involved for permission reproduction granted from rgp companies but still HBO wont have it, i think a lot artists illustrating the characters make the show more popular and even get more fans for the show and find out about it, a lot of people who dont have HBO or never read the books dont know much about it.

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