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Sketch Fest #98 will run May 18-20! (Today's date: 2018-05-22 04:54:53)

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Highly Negotiable Currency by mikka

Highly Negotiable Currency
by mikka

Prompt: pay attention to me!
prompted by: N. Robertson, during Sketch Fest #16 (July, 2011)

This artist has posted at least one finished version of this piece!

Stoneware clay. I'm not sure I can glaze the lettering and leave it legible, but I'll see what I can get away with.


Tam says: That. Is so AWESOME! I couldn't help but smile when seeing this. I would really like to see how the firing turned out. ~ Reply?

     Michelle Goldberg replied to this: Thank you! It will be a bit before they are fired and glazed, but I will definitely post a picture when they're done.

Deirdre Murphy says: Aren't there glazes with little nodules of color, that might collect and melt into the letters? Hard not to have too much of them, I bet, and obscure the letters rather than bring them out... ~ Reply?

     Michelle Goldberg replied to this: Quite probably, but I only have ready access to the ones the studio stocks, of which I think none meet that description (except inasmuch as all of them do, being mixes of powders in suspension, but I doubt that's what you meant). Some possibilities include using a translucent glaze that the lettering should show through (we have three reduction glazes I can think of that might work for that, and a few more oxidation glazes but I have no experience with those); rubbing an oxide or dark glaze into the lettering and then putting a translucent glaze or a light-colored glaze on thin over it; and figuring out whether any of the glazes that break well would show lines of this weight, and if so with what glaze thickness. Part of my concern is that I usually (use a different tool and) cut my linework thicker and deeper, but these pieces were too small for that. I have almost no experience glazing linework at this scale, and what little I do have says it's very easy to totally swamp the tiny lines. (Also, my linework isn't very good using this tool, as I keep trying to hold it like a pencil, which is okay for verticals but bad for horizontals. Need more practice!)

N. Robertson says: This is a GREAT idea! Such an awesome interpretation of the prompt. I'd also love to see photos once these are fired. :) ~ Reply?

     Michelle Goldberg replied to this: Thank you! It will take a while to get through the firing and glazing cycle, especially with the intersession break at studio in August, but I will post a picture when they're done.

Sue Rundle-Hughes says: Oh, I love these! ~ Reply?

     Michelle Goldberg replied to this: Thank you!

Elizabeth Barrette says: Yeah, I'd look for a texture-responsive glaze to bring out the lettering. Either that, or glaze around that part. I bet these would sell! ~ Reply?

     Michelle Goldberg replied to this: The studio has several glazes that either break over edges, or are different colors at different thicknesses, but these lines are very tiny, and I'm not sure any of them will pick that up -- my very few experiences glazing things with linework this fine tell me that many glazes will completely swamp lines this small. (That's often a feature, as they'll cover all the tiny scratches and surface imperfections in a piece.) The fired piece with vegas red that you commented on earlier is a decent example -- the background on that piece is lightly textured, but that's visible only barely where the glaze is translucent, and not at all where it's red. (Some additional thoughts on glazing possibilities in the replly to Deirdre, above.)

Alisha Christian says: One of the coolest interpretations of a prompt that I've seen! Awesome! ~ Reply?

     Michelle Goldberg replied to this: Thank you! (I thought I was being overly literal, m'self, but they were fun to make.)

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