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Smile by Anon

by Anon

Prompt: Dr. What (Dr. Who's lesser known brother)
prompted by: Edward Cammarota, during Sketch Fest #15 (June, 2011)



Edward Cammarota says: That was my first Doctor, and my mom knitted me his scarf from a pattern I found in a fan book. :-) :-) :-) :-) ~ Reply?

     Lisa Cree replied to this: Fantastic! I think he was the best :)

Kate says: More love than I can say!! This was MY Doctor. :D ~ Reply?

     Lisa Cree replied to this: No he's mine ALL mine! ;)

Janet Chui says: This is brilliant! ~ Reply?

Chris Christian says: Love this! Tom Baker ain't got nothin' on this lesset known brother ;) (( He's my favorite Doctor as well *Thumbs Up* )) ~ Reply?

Noreen says: Eeee! Soo jiggly and sloshy and cool! I love that you crossed him with a jelly baby! Inspired! ~ Reply?

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