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The Collected Faeries of Victoria Griffin

20 faeries and sprites and fae critters from the pen of Victoria Griffin. Lots of details, flowers, moths, and plants for hours of coloring enjoyment. This book collects images from her two long out-of-print coloring books - and includes four never-printed images!

Difficulty level: Pretty Darn Challenging

List price: $11.50
Buy Here: $10.00

Features work by: Victoria Griffin ~

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There is not one picture in this book that I dislike. 90% of the pictured are framed and the framing is beautiful. Although the book has 25 [ed note: there are 20 pages!] pictured, they all beautiful and instead of only liking a few, I love them all. The pages are one sided. The paper I would guess is of medium stock. I am actually trying to use my pencils in the framing to see how the different pencils compare. Definitely a 5++++ ~Eva Roach (on Amazon)

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